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Prisoner Princess – Season 1 – Episode 3

🔥 🔥 Hell 🔥 🔥

Lucifer stood up angrily from his throne….

“It’s been 15 good years since we haven’t found black angel Sarafina’s mortal daughter.. And I am not happy with it, you must find that girl as soon as possible” He said as his voice thundered

“But my lord…. We don’t know where her father has hidden her” One of the black angels Lucina said

“And my lord I have been roaming around the earth for many years yet no sign of the disobedient black angel’s daughter” The other black angel said.

“No! She must be found before she falls in love with a mortal… She must be chained in the pit of shackles together with her disobedient mother” Lucifer roared angrily.

“As you wish King Lucifer!” The black angels said

“All hail King Lucifer…” They said

“Angel Lucina…. You shall go into the earth 🌍, you must find Sarafina’s daughter” Lucifer said as fire filled his eyes.

“Yes my lord!” Black angel Lucina said as Lucifer handed a sharp sword to her.

She took the sword and flew away.

As they roared in laughter…

🌍 Earth 🌍

Janella’s Pov:

I sat on the dinning as assorted food surrounded the table.

Nanny Keisha dished out some chicken salad Into my plate.

I couldn’t eat.

Tears rushed down my cheeks as I looked away in sadness.

“Janella! Baby eat your food…” Nanny Keisha said

“I want to leave this house nanny! I wanna get outta here…” I said

“Janella you don’t understand my little baby” Dad’s voice echoed as he walked down the stairs.

He sat on the dinning too.

“Daddy! Please let me out of here…. Even just for few hours, you don’t understand how I feel daddy” I cried

“I wish you could understand Janella but you can’t…. Let me ask you a question” Dad said

“Am all ears dad!” I said

“Do you know why your mom died?” He asked

“But daddy you never wanted to talk about mommy?” I furrowed my eyebrows

“That’s right but am asking now… Do you know why your mom died?” Dad asked

“I can’t say for sure.. You said it was due to an accident” I said

“You know what Janella? When you come of age, you will understand everything” Dad said

“I want to leave this place!” I yelled

“Do you know what it means to fall in love?” Dad asked

“Gosh! Will that make me get out of here” I rolled my eyes.

“Yes Janella! That’s why I want you to be close to Nick… That is the only remedy” Dad said

“You are making things difficult for me to understand daddy….” I sighed

“Janella you are my only daughter… My very own flesh and blood… I love you so much daughter and I don’t want you to suffer so whatever am doing is for your own good” Dad said as he stood up and walked away.

“If you really love me like you claimed then you are gonna get me out of here” I screamed.


Nanny Keisha opened the door and I quickly lay on my bed.

“She’s fast asleep” She said as she pushed the door closed.

I quickly got up…..

“I have to leave this house no matter what” I smiled as I brought out a long rope.

I tied the rope on the window.

“I will use the robe to get out of the room and then I will sneak out” I smiled.

I climbed the window…..



Janella is getting into trouble 😱

What will happen if the black angel finds her😭

But what’s the full story? 🤔

Who can guess? 😄

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