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Prince Triton – Season 1 – Episode 9

Episode 9
👑 Prince Triton’s pov 👑
I can’t just let her fight the battle alone with that monster. I stood up from my dolphin and moved forward to her.
Her presence looks familiar.
I tapped her on the shoulder so she could face me which she did, she was shocked to see me.
“Let’s do this together moana ” I said smiling.
She wanted to say something but stopped cause I gave her no attention. I had took my trident out with me.
“Wow wow wow! you guys look like couple, you are just too small for me ” Axenus preached, laughing his brain out.
I winked at moana and she nodded, the rays of light coming from her two hands moving to the devil and hitting his belly.
I did mine too which went towards his long, spiked tail causing him to groan.
Everyone was silent watching the chaos, the black sea men were chanting his name when they saw him groaning in pain.
He swam towards us noisily, ” You can never kill me you little fishes ” he growled.
I screamed as he seized me tightly with his tail, I used all my strength to bring out my left hand which had the trident and stab the tail forcefully.
He screamed as he loses his grip round me.
Blood gushing out of his tail “Arggh! you can’t just kill me with one stab ” He said, grinning hard.
🐚 m0ana’s pov 🐚
I closed my eyes immediately Axenus said those words with my hands joined together as a large trident appeared in my hands.
My whole body was surrounded with beams of light.
I could see everyone in agape even my father.
I summoned prince Triton to let out his trident, and I did mine too.
Axenus was scared which I could see in his face but the fool was pretending to be brave.
‘Two tridents! He can’t survive it ‘
The tridents was pointed to Axenus leaving him staggered, I didn’t know losing his balance had sent his long, spiked tail hitting me on my head.
My head began spinning, a flash of light coming from my trident to his stomach, making him land on a large rock.
I fell in to Triton’s arms.
I felt unconscious suddenly and I remembered the face mask I put on.
‘No choice, time up ‘ And closed my eyes.
👑 Prince Triton’s pov 👑
I checked her pulse and thank God she’s still breathing, Axenus is dead now with blood gushing out of his body.
He deserved it. My hand moved towards her face mask and removed it gently from her face.
My jaw dropped!
What did triton see now 😂?

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