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Prince Triton – Season 1 – Episode 7

Episode 7
I got home, and saw Abry swimming towards me. He got to me panting heavily.
‘What’s wrong? ‘
“What’s it? what happened? ” I asked.
“Triton, we are in trouble. Your father sent spies to us. He’s very angry hearing that you went to the human world ” Abry said, as we got to the palace.
I became scared suddenly, I saw my father and mother looking angry.
“Triton, you disappoint me. How dare you go to the human world? ” my father yelled.
“Dad, am sorry I there, is.. is just that.. I found my.. partner there ”
My parents eyes widen “Partner? which partner? A woman or a man? ” My mom asked, restless.
“A woman mom and.. I love her, I know it’s forbidden but I feel connected with her ” I answered, a bit happy that I said that.
Abry whispered. “Did you know what you are saying? I mean the secret you’ve been keeping for days ”
I smiled but it disappeared so soon” I know that abry, I can’t keep it for long cause I know it gonna be exposed soon. ”
“Okay.. okay, triton! like seriously, you are in love with a human, what happened to the young girls in the kingdom and even if you don’t like any of them what of the Aegean Sea. ” My mom replied.
“Mom, I don’t like any of them, I love Arianna ” I protested.
‘How I wish she was a mermaid too, all this won’t be happening ‘ My father had been quiet all this while.
“Father, you aren’t saying anything for a while now ” I said remarkably.
“I don’t have anything to say son than to leave that girl cause you can’t marry her. She’s human! ” My father said, calmly.
‘Can’t believe my father is talking to me in this state, I was expecting him to talk to me in an angry manner ‘
“Father, I wish she’s like us too maybe that will be better but she’s a human and I love her ” I retorted, going into my shell.
👑 Amphitrite’s pov 👑
“I don’t think this my son, I don’t want him to get hurt ” I cried, holding tight to my husband.
‘I don’t know but I kinda have a feeling about her even without knowing her ‘
“Don’t worry dear, we will see to that ” He assured and I nodded while we went inside.
“My king! my king!! There’s war ” we turned to see the sea warriors which were assigned to watch over the kingdom.
“Which war? what happened? ” Poseidon asked, getting interested in the matter.
“It king Axenus, he’s bringing his men.. I mean war, they are here to cause war” Murphy said, looking a bit scared.
“What!! Get the men to get ready now, darling please tell triton about this cause he’s coming with me and gather everyone to the palace now!! ” Poseidon yelled, and went out with murphy.
‘God! Double problems! My son is in love with a human and now there’s war in the kingdom ‘
🔱 King Neifion’s pov 🔱
“Huh? Axenus is coming to cause war? ” I asked, feeling agitated.
“Yes, he’s even on his way to the blue sea to do the same ” Aegaeus replied, pacing up and down.
“Okay, get the warriors, we have to meet him halfway ” I said, standing on my royal throne.
‘How can he fight two kingdoms at once, I felt like strangling him with my bare hands ‘
“m0ana, where are you? we really need your help. You are the only one who can save us all ” I said, talking to the thin air as a tear dropped from my eye.
🐚 m0ana’s pov 🐚
I woke up suddenly and began to shivers, when I hear people crying for help.
I recite some words with my eyes closed, then I saw my father and his men looking brave as they climbed the seahorses ,dolphins and sharks heading towards somewhere.
I opened my eyes and closed it back again and saw “Axenus!! “I yelled.
‘Oh God! this is the replica of devil, I so much hate him and now he’s going to have a battle with my father?’
I saw another set of people, It was then I saw king Poseidon and prince Triton looking angrily as they sighted Axenus and shocked when they saw my father and his men.
‘They were friends even before I was born ‘
I need to go back there and stop Axenus no matter what!
I took my companion (the dolphin) ‘Am going back to my kingdom ‘ I thought as I quickly did a face mask with my power and put it on my face.
‘I don’t want to be recognized so quickly but I don’t think it gonna work, at least for sometime ‘
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