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Prince Triton – Season 1 – Episode 6

Episode 6
“Human? ” I turned and saw my father.
“God of Triton!!”😂
“Uhmm… father I was trying to tell Abry, how you hate humans so much with passion ” I lied, feeling nervous.
‘What if he had been standing there eavesdropping our discussion ‘
“Good you know that, but what made you bring up the discussion? ” he asked.
“Nothing, we just feel kinda bored so we decided to bring up the discussion ” I stated.
“Okay, just wanna check on you ” He responded and left.
I sighed, relieved. “He almost caught us triton ” Abry’s tone sounds like a whisper.
“Yeah…. he almost did, but that won’t change my plan ” His face was disfigured with a frown quickly.
“You are just too stubborn, when you land yourself into trouble, don’t come looking for me to beg your father ” He warned and went out.
‘Thanks for the warning, but that won’t stop me’ I thought with a smirk.
unknown’ pov
“Just to get the gems in her house, you came back disfigured like this? ” I asked with anger.
They nodded and I scoffed “A lady beat you up like this, just…… ” I couldn’t complete my sentence when I took the flower vase beside me and threw it towards them.
But they dodged it. “We are sorry sir, bit it doesn’t look like there are gems in that house ” John, the one with grey hair said.
“Just shut your fu***king mouth up fool, just a common job you can’t do ”
I sent them out and sat madly on my chair.
‘I know am greedy and desperate, yeah I am, I told her to show us where she do take those gems of hers in the sea but she wouldn’t.
I know it her source of income but she doesn’t look like someone who needs money, all the money I kept giving her, I don’t know where she kept them.
She still wore old fashioned clothes, living in a bamboo home and all that.
I don’t want to waste my money which I don’t really like, she’s a billionaire but am silent one.
I will be the one to go there myself, let’s see what she can do to me. She will be surprise to see me.
Arianna’s pov
I opened my eyes and saw that the sky was dark. ‘Gosh I slept this late! ‘
I stood up and went inside, cooked my dinner then slept in my room again.
Next morning….
I woke up when I heard knocks on my door
” Who is this again? I hope is not them again? ”
Delfina is still sleeping, I stood up and ran to the kitchen to take a knife. I took a deep breath, holding the knife firmly and opened the door.
My jaw dropped “You?? what are you doing here? your tail is gone and you are naked ” I stuttered feeling shocked.
I closed my eyes with my palms, moved back and closed the door. I smiled and ran back to my room, then to my wardrobe.
I bought out a baggy trouser out which am sure will be his size. I went back and gave him the trouser, while I closed my eyes as he wore it.
‘I don’t want to look down ‘ he was through and I stared at his well-built masculine body, the droplets in his wet hair kept dripping.
His plump lips were pink 💋.
‘Did he come all the way from the sea to come see me or what? ‘
“Why are you here? ” I asked.
He stared at me and moved back his white hair but it fell back covering his left eye.
“I came to visit you ” He answered, smiling.
“Huh? you came to visit me? How did you know I was living here? ”
“Him… I decided to follow a clear footpath which eventually lead to your house ” He said, licking his lower lip.
I blushed immediately, he had come from the sea to visit me, I just wish he stays long.
“When are you going back? ” I asked, nervously.
“In one hour time, aren’t you going to offer me anything? ” He sat down, and looked round the room.
“Nice house you got ” he muttered.
I nodded and ran to the kitchen, and came back with two cups of tea. He took it and drank a little.
“Why not show me round your environment “He blurted.
“OK, let’s go, just a second ” I said immediately, and returned the cups back to the kitchen.
👑 Prince Triton’s pov 👑
I held her hand, as we stepped out. ‘I felt happy I made it, I told abry to use his power whenever my father is calling me, just pray it work out.
I kept staring her as she speaks, I had fallen in love with her which was forbidden to our kind.
We stopped exactly at the seashore and we sat down facing each other.
“Why do you love swimming, I mean been a diver? ” I asked suddenly, and I saw her gulped.
“I just love it, yeah” I could tell she’s scared or maybe nervous.
‘Why is she like that? ‘
“Where are your parents? ” I asked again, but she was itching her nape.
“I do have but they are not in this country ” She answered, staring calmly at me.
“Oh! okay” I didn’t want to ask further again.
Suddenly, the wave began rising up coming towards the shore repeatedly.
‘Gosh, I need to go. Abry’s power was to cause a wave ‘
“I need to go now ” I said, but I see she was sad.
“When are you coming back? ”
“Anytime, I forgot to ask your name ”
“Arianna, that’s my name, next time you come I might introduce you to my pet delfina” She answered.
‘Nice name but delfina? that name …’ I thought.
“Okay, next time. I need to go now else my dad won’t take it lightly with me ” I gave her a peck on her cheek and turned to go.
She drew me back and stood on her toes and kissed me on my lips and I reciprocated.
“I love you triton ” The words exploded my head.
But I didn’t wait to give her an answer as I ran towards the sea. ‘ I love you triton!! ‘ was the only thing echoing in my eyes till I got home.
Only the legend will understand this episode 😂😇👑

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