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Prince Triton – Season 1 – Episode 5

Episode 5
Arianna’s pov
I ran to the kitchen to get hot water. Very hot one! I had prepared it for cooking my lunch.
I took it though it was hot and placed it on the table then poured the substance inside. All this I was doing it fast when I heard screams.
I smirked, and took the mixed hot water, peeped into the small living room only to see them struggling. Two males.
Even the rope was having fun with their necks.
“Next time you see me, run for your dear life ” I said, and poured the hot liquid.
“Aaahh! Hot chilli!! Hot chill pepper!! “They cried out loud.
I burst into laughter and saw my dog opening its eyes ‘ unlucky them ‘
Delfina jumped up, barking at the sight of the criminals. They were still screaming with their eyes shut.
“You will surely pay for this ” A boy with a grey hair barked.
“Really? I forgot to ask this, who sent you ?”
“How is that your business? just give us the gems in this house and we leave in peace ” Said the other one, using his clothes to clean off the pepper but it seems to be getting worst.
“Leave in peace? oh no! not until my dog here shows her talent before you leave in pieces ” I said.
Their eyes went into confusion “Arianna or whatever your name is, just give us the gems and we will leave you or we kill you ” He was trying to act calm.
I scoffed, and stared at them for a while then whistled.
“Delfina!!! ” I screamed.
Immediately, delfina jumped on the one with grey hair, his second try removing delfina from him but I held his legs and kicked him hard making him lie flat on his back.
This guys doesn’t have stamina at all. I kicked his d***k hard as he let out an ‘O’
I went and removed delfina from the moron, his left arm has been disfigured and his clothes tattered.
I let out a small laugh ” I give you three minutes to leave this place or I give you a hot bath again ”
They struggled to stand on their feet, one was holding his hand with the support of the other hand, while the other was still holding his d***k whimpering.
Is that even a d***k or a corn ?🌽
“You will surely pay for this ” The corn d***k growled.
“And that’s if you want me to come to your burial ” I uttered.
I waved them bye as I pushed them outside. I closed my door tightly and fell on the ground.
“Aaahh! thank God, they want to kill me with no weapons. oh! Have forgotten they can kill with their bare hands.
Too bad I gave them mine ” I said, rubbing delfina’s fur.
“You did well delfina ” I complemented her and she wriggled her tail.
I stood up and went outside, sat down on the sand as the water kept wetting my legs.
🔱 King Neifion’s pov 🔱
“Don’t tell me that!! “I growled angrily at the guards.
“Am sorry my lord ” They apologized.
‘My daughter haven’t come back and now that devil that called himself Axenus wants to take my position, he wants to take the throne. ‘
“Just get out of my sight and tell that stupid king of yours that he can’t have this throne ”
‘ He won’t rule over Aegean Sea ‘ They bowed and swam out.
I sighed. “I pray my daughter come back here in peace ” I said within.
“Father, I heard you shouting at the visitors. I hope no problem?” Aegaeus my first son asked.
I named him Aegaeus from Aegean. “He’s son, Axenus wants the throne ”
“What!! you know it not possible right? I heard he wants to rule over blue sea too ” he half yelled.
I arched my brow “Seriously? that’s fool needs suffering, how I wish my daughter was here. if only she didn’t break the rule ”
“I sometimes father, she’s going to come back soon. I need to go check on mom ” he stood up and went to the exit.
👑 Prince Triton’s pov 👑
“Am sorry to say this but I think you are crazy, how can you tell me you want to turn into a human cause of that girl ” Abry screamed.
“Hey stop shouting, it just one day and am going to be back in just one hour ” I replied, with smiles all over my face.
“You are risking your life triton, you know your father too well. what if she’s evil? ”
“She’s not evil Abry, not all human are evil ” I protested.
“Human?” I turned and saw my father.
“God of Triton!! “😂

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