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Prince Triton – Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode 4
👑 Amphitrite’s pov 👑
I saw my son coming from wherever he’s coming from, I got to him and stared into his calm eyes.
“where are you coming from Triton? ” my eyes piercing fiercely into his.
“Mom, am just with Abry in his house, isn’t it?” he replied, facing Abrecan.
“Yes MA, he was with me ”
“Oh! well your father is looking for you, you need to go now “He nodded, and went towards the throne room.
“Abry, is it true that Triton was in your house?” I asked.
“Yes my queen, even yesterday before we went to Mrs Erwyn’s library, he’d come to my house ”
I sighed relieved by what Abry said ‘I don’t want my son to get captured by those evil humans ‘ I thought as I went back to my shell.
Abrecan’s pov
God! I had to lie to Triton’s mother just to protect him from his father’s wrath and mother’s weeping.
he’s just too stubborn. I met him kissing that human today, just two days he had totally fallen in love with her.
King Poseidon mustn’t catch him else , only God knows what will happen.
I got home and saw my mum with chantell, they were laughing and talking and didn’t notice when I entered.
‘Chantell has been my crush ‘
I have feelings for chantell but I don’t think she do. “Abrecan, you are at home? when did you arrive? ” I recognized the voice immediately.
‘Chantell’s voice!’
“Uhmm… not quite long, you are going home now? ” I asked, staring at her emerald green eyes while she nodded.
“Yes, am going, I just came to take the seaweed your mother asked me to take before going ” she answered.
“OK… Maybe another day ” I mumbled.
Gosh! am too nervous!
she watched suspiciously, “Are you alright? ”
“Yeah, am fine don’t worry. Go take what mom sent you ” I muttered.
She nodded and went out, I banged my self on the bed with a whistle escaping from my lips.
🐚 m0ana’s pov 🐚
I know you guys must be wondering where I am. Don’t worry am safe, just waiting for the right time to show myself.
👑 Prince Triton’s pov 👑
“Triton! where are you coming from? ” my father yelled angrily.
“Uhmm.. uhmm..i was actually coming from Abry’s house ” I was scared to death.
“Really? or you went to the seashore to take a look at the humans ” my father asked, pointing his trident towards me 🔱.
My heart stopped beating for a second. if my father get to know I went out to see a human and a woman to be precise.
He’s not gonna take it lightly with me and the human.
“of course not father, I can’t do that, I don’t want to get caught or killed by the humans”
“Good of you son, now I called you here cause Axenus is still demanding for the throne, and he’s ready to take it by force said his guards which he sent ” my father uttered.
I felt anger running through my veins immediately, I felt like killing that beast and feed him to the sea monsters.
“You don’t have to be worried, that fool isn’t going to take this throne ” I assured.
Arianna’s pov
I took a fresh bath after having fun in the sea and wore my clothe. I heard footsteps at my door.
Fear gripped me! ‘ I thought no one knows am living here ‘
Then I heard voices ” I think she’s inside, come on let’s go in ” The voice wasn’t familiar at all.
“We need to do this fast! collect the gems and kill her ” Another voice said.
‘Kill me? what have I done? all because of gems? ‘
“No, we don’t have to kill her, we keep robbing her since no one is living around here ”
Arianna, I think it time you let out your craziness. I tiptoed to my kitchen cause I guess they are still at the door.
I searched everywhere to see what I can use as a self defense. I took a substance which you will know soon, a rope then a bucket filled with soap.
oops! I think am missing something! Hot water!
I ran quickly to the door, ‘ I don’t know why they haven’t come in, they are too slow in robbing.
I stood at the door, tied the rope on the bucket’s handle and placed the bucket on a very high stool which I do sit on whenever I want to take a view at the mountains.
Once the door is opened boom! screaming!
I ran back to the kitchen to get hot water.
What did Arianna want to do with hot water now 😂🙆

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