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Prince Triton – Season 1 – Episode 12

Episode 12
Abrecan’s pov
I got to Chantell’s house, and saw her plucking out some leaves around the house. I moved closer to her and called her.
“Chantell, good morning ” I greeted.
“Abry!! you are here. That’s good, am coming let me pluck this leaves out ” She answered and turned back to her work.
Few minutes, she was done, we dating a big stone. Her mother had gone out.
“How’s your mom Abry? ” she asked.
“She’s fine, and am sure your mom too is fine”
“Of course, so what bring you here? cause I never expect this sudden visit ”
“Uhm.. Chantell.. I want to… confess my… ” I stuttered but she interrupted.
“Confess your feelings right? ” She said, finishing the sentence for me.
My mouth opened in surprise “You know I have feelings for you? ” I asked.
“She nodded her head and replied “I do know and guess what? ”
“What? ” I asked, curiously.
She bought her face closer to mine and kissed me on the lips “I love you Abrecan ” she said and chuckled.
“I love you too Chantell, you are my life ” I said and kissed her back.
“Why don’t you guys wait till the wedding day ” I broke the kiss immediately I saw her mother.
I felt embarrassed suddenly, “ma’am I would be going now ” I said, and stood up.
“Chantell, we will see later ” I added, and turned to go.
“Abry greet your mother for me and tell her not to forget today’s meeting ” Chantell’s mother said.
“Okay ma’am I will do that ” Arly least I get to confess my feelings to Chantell. I giggled on my way home.
🐚 m0ana’s pov 🐚
After Axenus death, another royal member had become king. He was far more better than him.
Both Triton’s parents and mine parents had began the preparation for our marriage. Too fast right?
I stepped out of my shell and met Melissa on the way. she’s my eldest sister.
“m0ana, you are awake? come I need to show you something ” she dragged me along.
Aunt Melissa is married to a sea warrior with three mer children. They are cute and lovely.
While Aunt Nerissa isn’t but she has a fiance.
I followed her reluctantly to her shell, she bought out a metal box and opened it.
My eyes glittered when I saw a silver chain inside, it was so beautiful.
“It one of the wedding gifts I will be giving you. You gonna wear this on your wedding day ” She answered, grinning hard.
I pulled her into a hug and mumbled “Thanks aunt, I love you more ”
“You welcome darling, anything for my kid sister “She answered and I pouted my mouth.
“Aunt am not a kid anymore, am a big girl now ” I said, forming with anger.
“Okay, okay, okay, so let’s go back to your shell ” I nodded and swam out with my gift with me.
👑 Prince Triton’s pov 👑
I walked to the throne room majestically and greeted my dad then mom. They were discussing.
“Oh son you are here, we are just talking about your wedding ” My mother said facing me with a smile.
“Yes Triton, we want to give you the best ” My father followed.
“So son, what color code do you want? Pepper white? orange cream? or… ” I cut her off.
“Mom, where on earth have you seen pepper white not to talk of orange cream? ” I chuckled.
“Oops! am sorry maybe it because am too excited about the wedding ” She said Correcting herself.
She dragged me out of throne room to discuss more about the wedding.
urrgh mother!
Oya… What color code do you want for our
igbeyawo? Mine is twinkle pink 😂

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