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Prince Triton – Season 1 – Episode 10

Episode 10
👑 Prince Triton’s pov 👑
My jaw dropped!
Arianna is moana! or am I hallucinating?
I rubbed my eyes with my hands to check if I was dreaming but no she’s still Arianna.
‘Am still not sure about this ‘
The black sea men couldn’t move seeing their king dead, Axenus has turned back to his normal merman form.
I took Arianna… I mean moana to her father. Some men took her from me and they turned to leave.
“Son, you did well ” My father said, smiling .
“Thanks father, but moana did well most ” I replied, and nodded.
“That’s true son ”
“Poseidon, we will be going, now that Axenus is dead, triton thanks for giving moana a helping hand.
I appreciate. you guys look like couple when facing that fool ” King Neifion said as he patted me and gave my father a brotherly hug and turned to leave.
I turned back and saw Axenus warriors carrying his body and turned to go, they didn’t even look back, not even a glance.
The blue sea.. 🌊
We got to the kingdom back happily, we saw everyone in the palace with fear all over their faces.
I came down from my dolphin so did my father.
“Axenus is dead mom ” I announced.
“Yeah!! long live the king! long live the prince! ” They chorused.
We went inside the throne room.
🔱 King Neifion’s pov 🔱
We got home and the guards took moana to her shell, wanwisa ran to me checking if I was hurt but I told her I was okay.
She nodded and went towards m0ana’s shell. I sighed and sat on my throne tired.
For five years I got to see my daughter again, this is the happiest day of my life.
🌊 Wanwisa’s pov 🌊
I swam to my daughter’s she’ll smiling wearily, my daughter is back.
She was sleeping peacefully after the herbs, she’s now more beautiful than before.
I wonder where she had gone to, I will ask her when she’s awake. I ordered the maids to bring her food when she’s awake and call me too.
Few hours later….
I was called by one of the maids that moana is awake. I jumped out of my giant clam and swam to her room.
“m0ana!! ” I shrieked in excitement seeing my daughter munching her food.
Her eyes crawl up to to me, and I saw surprises in her eyes.
“Mother!! I missed you so much ” She dropped her food and came hugging me ” m0ana, where did you go for five years? ”
I asked, patiently for an answer. “Mom… I went to the human world ” She answered and I saw a dolphin wiggling its tail in before I could react.
“Delfina, come meet my mom ” m0ana said, gesturing the dolphin in. I touched it and it clicks happily.
“You went to the human world, isn’t that risky? ” I fired.
“No mom, the human world was beautiful but I promise you mom, am not going back there again ” She pouted her mouth .
“Okay, let’s just forget about it ” I replied, and ask her sit which she did.
“m0ana, I think it high time you get married and am not sure if you’ve seen someone you love yet ” She giggled.
“Have seen mom” She answered staring into my eyes.
“Who is the lucky merman? ” I asked smiling.
“It triton mom ” I gasped in shock.
“How did… you guys meet? I mean.. ” But she interrupt.
“Mom, calm down am gonna explain everything to you ”
👑 Prince Triton’s pov 👑
“Father, mother I think Arianna is moana cause they look alike so much ”
I had been thinking about this since we came back from the war. Am still confused.
“Oh! we will go to the Aegean Sea tomorrow to confirm that ” My father said, and walked out.
My heart beat increased ,what if moana is truly Arianna. I pray she is.
Hmm.. 😏😏..hmm

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