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Prince Triton – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 13]

Prince Triton

Prince Triton

🦈Prince Triton 🦈
(Merman in love)
Have you ever heard of a merman in love with a human?
Here is Triton a prince for that matter. He fell in love with a diver who loves going to the sea both day and night.
Princess moana was one of the daughters of Neifion a sea god and wanwisa a sea goddess from the Aegean Sea .
She was sent away from the sea for three years as a punishment for breaking one of the greatest rules.
After three years, she was expected to come back but she didn’t.
Arianna is a crazy diver who loves the sea so much, she lives by the sea shore but no one knew a house was there.
She goes in to the sea to take pearls and all sorts of jewels to sell. she’s a silent billionaire.
But do you know she has a secret?
let find out what rule moana broke and Arianna’s secret.
🦈Prince Triton 🦈
(merman in love)
written by uche Lawrence
Episode 1 💧
“m0ana, you shouldn’t have gone there, now see what you’ve bought upon yourself ” wanwisa said, tears strolling down from her eyes.
“Mom, it okay, I just wanted to take a glimpse of the sky and how the humans look like. I heard they were nice people ” m0ana replied, she didn’t care.
“Sometimes you talk as if you are brainless, don’t you know you are risking your life? The humans are wicked, they aren’t nice at all ”
“Mom, don’t worry nothing is gonna happen to me or this kingdom ” m0ana responded, cleaning off her mother’s tears which were turning to pearls.
“I will be going, tell dad am gone and see me after three years, I love you mom” she added, and went out of her massive shell before her mother could say a word.
The sea warriors escorted her out and made sure she’s completely out of the kingdom.
m0ana’s pov
“where will I go from here? ” I asked my self the fifth time.
I sighed. I kept swimming into different directions.
I just lost my position as a princess. my father Neifion had thrown me out of his kingdom all because I broke a silly rule.
“Do not pass your boundary to the seashore ”
Too bad I did that and now am serving the weirdest punishment ever. I don’t need to introduce myself but you will get to know me bit by bit.
I stopped and looked at the environment I am, everywhere was silent and only the Pisces here are around.
I sighted a dolphin afar, it seems it was struggling with something. I swam quickly to the dolphin and saw it was trying to jerk its tail out of the fallen rock.
‘Damn! it’s heavy! I just need to use my power ‘
Every mermaids and mermen in every sea has powers, different ones. Am the only one with multi powers that is every third daughter of the royal queen must inherit this powers.
I forwarded my hands towards the rock and began pulling it up with my super strength.
The dolphin came out gently and I threw the rock away.
“Whiss.. whissss… ” The dolphin whistled, and swan round me happily.
The dolphin was a female, “I think have done my best, I need to leave here ” I turned to go, and for like 15 minutes I had noticed something following me.
‘The dolphin! why is she following me? ‘
“You have been following me for like 15 minutes, hope all is well? or do you want to come with me? ” I asked, surprisingly she nodded her head.
But you don’t know where am heading to, okay you can come, I really need a companion, you might help ” she shook her head positively.
And we continued our journey to nowhere.
“Yippee!! ” I squeaked suddenly, I think I have a plan.
Arianna’s pov
“Are you sure this pearls here aren’t fake? cause I don’t want fraudsters who will bring fake jewels and gems to us ” The so called manager said.
“Of course, its real or can’t you see it shinning? you can use your machine or whatever you call it to check ” I replied, impatiently.
I just need to get my money, that’s all.
Am Arianna Henry, am just twenty-two. Am a diver and am not only that I sell real jewels and gems.
I love anything that do with seas and oceans and I can’t do without diving into sea a day.
Am a billionaire but am not famous which I love it that way and I have my reasons.
“OK ma’am, we will give you 2 million dollars for this ” he responded, looking closely at the pearls.
“OK, give me the money and let me get out of here I have somewhere to go ” He bought out the money cash on the table.
“Take, this is the money ” he responded, and I took the money without saying a word.
I got to the orphanage homes and donated money to them till it was left with 3 thousand dollars.
I do that every time . I got to my bamboo home, went to my room to drop the money into my wardrobe.
I wore my diving cloth and walked towards the seashore, I packed my hair in a ponytail and dive into the sea.
I felt the warmth of the sea as I dive in. I sighted a shinning substance, and I swam to it.
it looks like a stone with an aquamarine color, I was still staring at it when I noticed a presence behind me and I turned.
“Holy fish!! ”
What do you think Arianna saw?

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