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Priest : The Killing Machine – Season 1 Episode 9

? ? {He Was Once A Human} ? ?

. Unknown POV
Mr George and others returned to the Lab after managing to escape the explosion.

Dr Mira alone was injured and was taken to the hospital, the rest of the bidders all died in the explosion.

” I can’t believe this is happening…how is this possible?” Mr George said anxiously.

” I don’t understand as well, or how he was able to regain control of his mind that fast” Dr Jenny said.

” What do we do now?…..cause I won’t accept defeat” Mr George said.

” We need to get him immediately and shut him down once and for all, then take out the electronic heart” Dr Jenny said.

” What about the other subjects?…..are they ready?” He asked.

“Yes they are ready…….just needed the heart” Dr Jenny said.

” Alright find his location right now…… I’ll have Diane to go procure him” Mr George said.

” Alright I’m coming” Dr Jenny said then she starting typing on her computer.

” Found him, he’s at an abandon warehouse at old crescent road, in the next City” Dr Jenny said.

” Alright, Diane you heard that have some men with you then bring him back here, use the EMP to shut him down” Mr George said.

” Yes Boss” Diane replied then she was about to leave.

” Wait….wait….wait” Dr Jenny call out and they stopped.

” What’s wrong doctor?” Mr George asked.

” Something is wrong……I can’t find him” Dr Jenny said.

” What do you mean you can’t find him?” He asked.

” I mean I saw him just now on the radar then he disappeared” she said as she continue punching on the keypad.

” Disappeared?…..what are you talking about?, How is that possible?” He asked curiously.

” I don’t know……. I’m trying to bring it back up but nothing is showing” Dr Jenny said.

” Let’s quit debating on this” he said then turned to Diane.

” Diane……check out that warehouse and find him” he said to her.

” Yes Boss” she replied then he left.

” Keep working on that computer Doctor, find him” Mr George said.

” I’m trying Sir” Dr Jenny replied.
A while later, Mr George is still waiting for Diane report while the doctor was busy working on the computer.

” What’s taking them so long?” Mr George said impatiently and immediately his phone started ringing.

? ” Hello Boss” Diane said.

? ” You took your time before calling” Mr George said.

? ” Sorry Boss……we have a hard finding the place” she replied.

? ” Whatever, tell me you have him” he said.

? ” I’m sorry but no one is here, not a single person but I could see some drop of blood on the ground” she said.

? ” Blood?” He asked.

? ” Yeah, at the look of things In this place looks like some people fought” she said.

? ” Then where the hell is he?” He asked.

? ” We are still searching for him, if we have any information I’ll inform you” she said.

? ” Make sure he’s found” he said.

? ” Yes sir, but there’s something else you should know” she said.

? ” What?”

? ” I just got a call from one of my guys at the safehouse guarding the hacker, I just got informed that they lost her” she informed.

? ” Whaat?, How can they be so careless?” He said angrily.

? ” They are looking for her as well” she replied.

? ” I can’t believe this is happening, not when I’m this close” he said.

? ” I’ll call you back Sir” she said then ended the call.

” I can’t let this happen, this can’t be happening, not now…..all this is making me go crazy”

” I’ve spent fortune on this project, I won’t allow this to happen” he said then went out of the Lab.
{Two Days Later}
” So you’re telling me that with your men, you’re unable to find him” Mr George said angrily.

” It’s been two days since we’ve been looking for him, it’s like he varnish from the face of the planet” Diane said.

” That’s nonsense, I totally disagree with you……no one varnish like that, not someone like him” Mr George said.

” No I won’t accept this, I won’t lose everything I’ve been working on for the past ten years” he said.

” Sir perhaps we can try something else” Diane said.

” What do you suggest we do?” He asked.

” Let’s draw him out, he must’ve a family or someone he cares about” she said.

” His wife is dead but I think I know exactly what to do.

” He’s got kids…….his wife gave birth just before she was killed” he said.

” How do we find the kids?” She asked.

” Go to St Louis Hospital, ask about Mrs ThankGod and who claimed the kids” he said.

” On it sir” she replied then she left.
Few moments later a call came through Mr George’s phone which he answered immediately.

? ” How did it go?” He answered.

? ” The kids were abducted by a pastor named Samuel Reynolds” she replied.

? ” Do you have his address?” He asked.

? ” Yes sir, we are on our way there” she replied.

? ” Get the kids and bring them here” he said.

? ” Sir, I don’t think that’s a good idea” she said.

? ” Why?….what do you mean?” He asked.

? ” Because that’s exactly where he will come first and we can allow that……we need to evacuate” she said.

? ” Right…..we will get on with it” he replied then ended the call.
” Doc, it’s time to pack up……we are leaving” Mr George said.

” Leaving?…..just like that?” Doctor Jenny said.

” Yeah…just like that, we are heading to the second laboratory, we can’t be here when Priest show up” he said.

They were able to load up all their stuff in the container and they left the place together.
{Few Hours Later—-Evening}
John’s POV
The past few days has been the strangest days of my life. I saw Things I never thought was possible.

Things out of the ordinary, I thought I was weird but being with those guys made me realize some things.

I’m glad I agreed to go with Seunnzzy to save the world, I’m not the only one out there, there are others more powerful than me.

I feel bad cause we lost someone great among us in the cause but it’s all for the best and we know we succeed.

Thanks to Seunnzzy for the new chronicom body which is unlike the prosthetic body given by Mr George.

Who wouldn’t prefer a Synthetic body and also thanks to Desmond for reconfiguration of my system.

According to him, they planted a tracker in me but now it’s been removed and also for the anti EMP device they can’t shut me down as well.

In one word It’s more like I’ve been upgraded to a better version.

Since I’m the only one without a ride I had to take Seunnzzy’s bike to get back to my city.

Desmond gave me his watch for me to contact him just in case I need help but I really don’t see why I’d do that.

Since my new body is somewhat indestructible, I can handle anything and it’s time I have my revenge.

But before I do that I should see my kids first, I should have them in my arms this time around.

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I ride the bike to the church and after an hour later I arrived at the place then head to the pastor’s house.

It was there I saw some people right outside the pastor’s house including the police officers.

Which made me wondered what was going on then I went closer and see the pastor and his wife lamenting.

” Pastor?…. what’s going on here?” I asked and immediately he heard my voice he sprang up.

” John, John……they came for them…..they came for them” the pastor said.

” Wait hold on, they came for who?” I asked curiously.

” Some people came for your boys few hours ago, they took them away” he said and my heart skipped.

” Whaaat!….No no no no, this can’t be happening… NO” I shouted restlessly.

Please Lord, what have I done to deserve this…… why am I in this situation?.

Why am I the one in this predicament? Please Lord protect my kids for me, take my life in exchange for them.

” John, they told me to give you this, they said you should call them” the pastor said handling me a small phone.

” They gave you this?” I said in disbelief.

” Yes” the pastor replied then I collected the phone from him and turn to leave.

” Where are you going John?” He asked.

” To look for my kids” I replied then went out of the church.

After the leaving the church I checked the contact and found just one number then I dialled it and someone answered.

? ” Hello Priest” a female voice said.

? ” Listen….If anything happens to my kids I’ll make sure the rest of your family burn” I said angrily.

? ” Relax, if you didn’t disappear then all this wouldn’t have happened” she said.

? ” What do you want?” I asked.

? ” Actually it’s more like what did Mr George want and he wants you to surrender yourself” she said.

? ” Fine……where should I meet you?” I asked.

? ” Relax, keep the phone with you I’ll text you the address tomorrow” she said then ended the call.
I can’t wait for them I have to do something, I need to act fast…… what do I do?.

I know if I surrender myself they will succeed in whatever they planned, and they will have access to my new body.

It seems Seunnzzy is right after all, humans are so full of evil and if the tech get to their possession, they will use it for something evil.

I need to try something and I need to act fast on it, then I remembered something.

There’s one of the doctors that I knew her I knew her house before they turned me into this thing.

I think I should pay her a visit maybe I can get her to tell me what I can do or where to find them.

I went back to the bike then mounted it and ride off to her house.
A while later I arrived at the house and knocked then I heard footsteps and when it reached the door it stopped.

I looked at the doorhole and saw her peeping at me from the small hole.

” Oh God” she panted and retreated away from the door.

” You must be crazy” I said then kicked the door open then I entered.


I saw her running upstairs and I followed her immediately, she entered a room and locked the door.

I got there and kicked the door open and I see her bringing something out of her bag, I realized it’s the EMP.

She pressed it and was surprised to see nothing happened, she pressed it few more time but nothing happened.

” It won’t work……not anymore, I’ve been upgraded” I said then picked up a knife on the shelve and draw closer to her.

” Wait….wait please, I know you’re angry” she said frightened.

” Angry?…ANGRY?….No I am way past angry doctor, I am mad with rage but today is your lucky day cause I won’t kill you”

” Not until I got something from you, so instead I’m going to take solace in anticipation of ripping it out from you”

” WHERE ARE MY KIDS?” I shouted.

” I don’t know…..I swear to you I don’t, I just got released from the hospital cause of the burns I sustained from the explosion” she said.

” So you’re saying, you don’t know where they are?” I asked.

” I swear I don’t know, they evacuated from the Lab and according to protocol they we can’t tell me the location cause of my injury” she replied.

” So you’re no use to me then” I said then placed the knife on her throat.

” Please I beg of you don’t kill me…… please don’t” she cried.

” Give me one reason why i shouldn’t kill you right now?” I asked.

” I can help you get leverage…..I can help you get leverage” she said.

” How?” I asked.

” They are looking for someone, a Hacker……’s very important they find cause she hold the key to everything they are doing” she said.

” Her name is Sophie Adams, this is her picture” she said giving me a picture of a young lady.

” Where can I find this Hacker?” I asked.

” I don’t know, I heard she escaped from the place they put her……you just need to find her first” she said.

” How do I find someone they can’t even find?……I don’t have that time” I said angrily.

” Please that’s All I got” she said.

” Give me something more, where is Mr George’s family?” I asked.

” None of is family is in the country” she replied.

” What about Dr Jenny?” I asked.
” Same with her as well” she replied.

” So you have nothing useful, you survive the first explosion you won’t survive this one” I said then slit her throat.

I watched as she gush out blood then went out of the room, I went to the kitchen then released the gas.

Before I went out of the house I used my x-ray vision to make sure no one else is in house before set fire on it.

The house exploaded then I went to my bike and mounted it then ride off.

My only chance is to find that hacker cause she’s the only hope I have left but how do I find someone like that.

She’s a hacker and that means she will go through any means to hide herself from them but how do I find her.

Then someone came to my mind Desmond, if anyone can find someone like her he’s the only one.

I pressed the button he told me to press but I got no response.

” No no no…..please pickup Desmond, please I really need your help” I replied then he picked.

? ” Hey, wassup man….. I’m home right now what about you?” He asked.

? ” They have them…..they have my kids” I said hurriedly.

? ” What!…when?” He asked.

? ” I-i don’t know…….I just got back and found out they’ve been abducted” I replied with tears on my face.

? ” I can’t lose them Desmond, I can’t lose them too….. Those people are heartless” I added.

? ” Calm down Okay…. please be calm, it’s late right now but I’ll meet you very early tomorrow…..What do you need? ” I asked.

? ” I’m looking for a lady…..a hacker, she’s nowhere to be found and she’s my key, and I could use some firearms” I said.

? ” I got you covered…….be calm, I’ll see you tomorrow okay…….be safe…… I’ll be there”

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