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Priest : The Killing Machine – Season 1 Episode 8

? ? {He Was Once A Human} ? ?

Unknown POV
John went to the door and opened it then he went out without anyone noticing him, he looked for where there’s switch then he took out the power.

” What’s happening?…..what happened?” One of the bidder asked.

” Please let us be calm….we will check it out” Dr Mira said then they all switched on their flashlight.
John was able to see in the dark due to his abilities then he thought of going after Mr George.

Then he thought against it when he remembered that they possessed a device to turn him off.

He thought of another idea then he went to where there are Lots of gas cylinders then he released all the gas in the air.

He waited for a while for the gas to fill everywhere and fortunately, all the exit have been closed.

” Wait I smelled something” a Lady said.
” Is that gas?” A man said.

” Yes people and you’re all going to die, right here” John said bring out a lighter.

” Oh my God, it’s a Gas….. everyone get out” someone shouted and they all pick to their race.

They reached the entrance and found it locked and they were looking upstairs at Mr George.
” How is this happening?….. someone should stop him” Mr George shouted.

” Use the F*****g device” he shouted to Dr Jenny.

” We have to get close to him for it to work” Dr Jenny replied.

” Diane…… get me a way out of here” Mr George said.

” Come with me” Diane said and they followed her.

When John realized that the Gas had filled every every he lighted it and the place went Kabo0om.
John’s POV
After the explosion i was able to get out of the warehouse but my face was burned, the prosthetic skin covering my body has been burnt.

My thoughts was to die along with them but unfortunately it’s seems that’s even impossible.

Maybe it’s because my work is not done yet, a feeling is telling Mr George is still alive and he won’t stop until he get hold of me.

My robotics arms and legs could be seen now, i ran away from the place and while doing that i was able to find some clothing to wear.

I found a big cloak to cover myself completely not to raise any further suspicion or draw any attention.

I have to disappear cause it’s the only way I can stop them, but before I do that I need to have a look at my kids.
It took me some hours before I got to the church then went to Pastor Reynolds apartment and knocked.

A while later Mrs Reynolds came out and I can see a look of surprise on her probably because she doesn’t recognize me.

” Who are you?” She asked.

” It’s me Mrs Reynolds, it’s John” I said showing her my face and her eyes bulged out in shock.

” OhmyGod JOHN” she shouted moving back in shock.

” Please don’t be frighten Mrs Reynolds” I said.

” John?……what happened to you?, Why are you like this?” She said with teary eyes.

” It’s very complicated” I replied.

” John?” I heard from inside then the pastor came out and was also surprised to see me.

” OhmyGod, what have they done to you?” He said.

” I don’t have much time Sir, but before I leave I just want to have a glimpse of my kids” I said.

” Dear, bring out the boys” the pastor said to his wife and she went back in.

” John, what have you got yourself into son?, What is all this?” He asked.

” There are bad people out there, evil people who have no other agenda than to do evil things” I said.

” Is there anything I can do?” He asked.

” You’ve done so much for me already but I have to handle the rest on my own…..all I asked is for you to take care of my kids” I said.

Just immediately Mrs Reynolds came out with my kids, and when I saw them I smiled warmly.

” Aren’t you two a sight for sore eyes” I said with tears all over my face.

” They have their mother’s face and their father’s smile” Mrs Reynolds said.

” Yes they do…… I’m so sorry kids, I’m sorry for all that I caused you, it’s all my fault” I said.

” Would you like to hold them?” She asked.

” I have no hands to hold them, I can’t carry them with this robotic arms of mine, I can’t” I replied.

” What name have you given them?” I asked.
” Peter and Paul” the pastor answered.

” Peter and Paul ThankGod, thank you Pastor, thank you for everything but I have to go now” I said.

” Where will you go?” He asked.

” I don’t know but I can’t stay around as well cause it’s very dangerous……please take care of them” I said then turned to leave.

” I’ll be praying for you John, God never forsake you” he said.

” Thank you” I replied then ran off.

With my recent condition and everything happening I can’t stay around them or anywhere from here.

Even being around them makes them a Target and I won’t allow anything to happen to them cause of me.

They are better off without me maybe it’s time I go far away from them, a place where no one can find me.
I ran as fast as I could until I saw a Catholic Church which reminds me alot about my days in the orphanage.

There was a service going on and since it’s a church, no one cares about who enters since we are all here to pray.

I entered and fellowship with them till the service ended so I decided to stick around more to have some alone time with God.

” I know you love me Lord, I know whatever happen happens for a reason but what I don’t understand is why you had to let her die”

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” She is innocent, she’s pure, we both devoted our lives to you and we are going to consecrate our whole family to you”

” Why did this have to happen? You word says in psalm 91…..

” He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty”

” Surely you shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence;He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler”.

” Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday” he concluded.

” I believe in all your word Lord, why allow this to befall us, it’s should’ve been me not her, she doesn’t deserve this” I said then bow my head as I weep.
A while after a strange man came and sat beside me and he’s not someone I’ve seen before.

” Good morning Mr ThankGod” he said I looked at him in surprise wondering how he knew me.

” Who are you?” I asked then looked around to see if he’s one of Mr George’s men.

” My name is Seunnzzy and I have a preposition for you” he said.

” How did you find me? Where are others?” I asked again looking around.

” Be rest assured that I mean no harm……I come in peace” he said calmly.

” No, Nothing come in peace as long as it’s from the agency……now you go back to your organisation and tell them to leave me ALONE” I said.

” Perhaps if you give yourself a break you will realized that I’m not from the organization” he said.

I used my x-ray vision which confirms he’s not human but something else entirely.

” You see….. I’m not” he said.

” What do you want?……you all want something” I said.

” That’s right……I also want something but it’s more like what we can do for each other” he said and I scoffed.

” really, what can you possibly do for me?” I said.

” Look Mr ThankGod, I know what you’ve been through, I know all that has happened over the past years”

” I know you will do anything for your kids which is why you should know, there’s a war coming……if we don’t act fast everyone will be caught up in it” he said then I looked at him.

” What are you talking?” I said.

” There are some creatures who are very adamant to destroy the Earth, they are getting closer and If they successfully get to earth…… it’s game over” he said.

” Why do you need me for this?” I asked.

” We could really use your help cause humans stand no chance against them, with someone of your caliber our chances are up” I said.

” I don’t think I can” i said.
” Why do you say that?” He asked.

” You came to the wrong person, you got the wrong man, I can’t even protect my family how do you expect me to save the world” I said.

” Look at me, I’m a lost cause, a piece of thrash, a garbage……what do you expect from someone like me?” I said showing him my robotic body.

” I can’t even hold my kids, I can’t even show myself to anyone cause I scare them…I have to stay far away…….see, you wasted your time coming for me” i said.

” I understand what you’re going through Mr Thank God, and like I said earlier there’s something I could do for you as well” he said.

” I don’t know where you’re driving at but you should go to someone else…….. I’ve given up” I said.

” You know you will never be safe cause they will keep coming after you, they won’t stop….is that the life you want to live” I said.

” Let them come……none of them will return” i replied.

” What if I tell you I’m not a human” he said then I looked at him cause he confirmed what I saw.

” If you’re not then what are you?… angel, an alien?” I asked.

” I’m neither but let’s just say I’m scientifically like you in a weird way, and yet who will take me for a semi-robotic being” he said.

” So you’re also created by the organization” i said.

” No” he replied.

” So how’s that supposed to make me feel any better?” I asked.

” I’m telling you that I can give you an indestructible body, a synthetic body like mine” he said.

” You don’t have to hide anymore, I’m giving you a chance to hold your kids as long as you want”

” You don’t need this robotic hands and leg anymore…….. I’m offering you a chance to become like human again” he said.

He’s very serious which make wondered if he’s telling the truth, his offer is indeed mouth watering.

” Are you messing with me right now cause if you’re I’m so gonna separate your head from your neck” I said sternly.

” I’m not messing with you, I’m offering you a deal……so what’s it going be?” He asked then I think about the offer and realized I have no choice.

” If it is exactly as you say then I’m in” I said then he smiled.

” I’m glad you made the right choice, so shall we go now or there’s something you need to do first” he said.

” Nah, there’s nothing……I don’t even have a home, but first I need to pray” I said then kneel to pray.

I prayed for a while putting all my trust in God to protect me, after I’m done I stood up and turned to him.

” Let’s go” I said then we left the church.

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