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Priest : The Killing Machine – Season 1 Episode 7

? ? {He Was Once A Human} ? ?
Unknown POV
?️REPORTER: As the days goes by a lot of mystery keeps unraveling, In the cause of the midnight Roxxon scientific facility was attacked”

?️” It seems the same killer is still at large and it came for Roxxon facility, a lot of dead Bodies are all over there place”

?️” The company was almost destroyed and right now as we speak he’s still at Large, No one has any clue of what’s happening not even the police”

?️” Ever since the attack on the other company the police have been trying to find the connection between all the incident”

?️” Let’s call on Mr George the president of Roxxon facility to enlighten us about the incident” the reporter said then Mr George came into the camera.

?️” Alright Mr George, would you like to explain to us exactly what happened in here?” The reporter asked.

?️” No one knows who this man is or what he want or why he’s doing all of this” he said.

?️” This assassins came in the midnight killed my security guards then destroyed my company” Mr George concluded.

?️” Mr George do you happen to see his face?, I mean the CCTV should cover all of that?” The reporter asked.

?️” The man knew that then he destroyed it for him not to be seen, he destroyed every database” he answered.

?️” Why do you think he’s doing all this?” The reporter asked.

?️” I don’t know….but whoever he is, I’ll make sure he is apprehended, but for now the company will remain closed” Mr George said then left.

?️” Thank you Mr George, I’m very sure you all wondering the connection to all this…. something tell me we will find out very soon”

Mr George returned back to the Lab using a secret passage and he saw Dr Jenny working on John.

” Doctor, do you care to explain to me what just happened?” He asked.

” I don’t know” she replied.

” That’s not enough, don’t tell me this is one of your failures, cause this man here almost cost me a fortune” he said angrily.

” I think something snapped him back to his consciousness” she replied.

” You told me nothing can snap him back, you said he was perfect, Lemme ask, do you know something like this is going to happen?” he said.

” I never expected things to get to this stage, I knew there’s a chance for him to snap, but it a very tiny chance” she said.

” You knew?….and you go ahead with it?” He asked.

” It’s the fastest way, if we want him to do what we want, which is why he has an electronic heart” she said.

” I never said I want a fast Job, I want a perfect job, I almost died cause of your fast Job” he said.

” You didn’t give me much of a choice, you are on my neck about this project, you didn’t give me time” she said.

” If you’re to make a perfect job, how much time do you need?” He asked.

” Listen sir, a perfect job will take five years” she said.

” Five years?” He said in surprise.

” Yes, cause if we are to bred a perfect one, he will be just like an infant, we will have to be teaching him everything”

” Everything will be knew and won’t be able to detect from left to right, we will have to build him up like a child”

” but we don’t have that much time which is why I installed the electronic heart, it will copy all the data from him which will we use to create others in less than three months” she concluded.

” Why didn’t you tell me all of this before?” He asked.

” Because you don’t even want to hear what I have to say, all you want is for the Job to be done” she said.

” So you’re saying with him you can make perfect ones within three months?” He asked.

” Yes, but for now we need to run things low before subject 2021 will be complete” she said.

” what about him?, The auction is in five days I can’t have him snapping out of consciousness” he said.

” He won’t and even if he does, I’ve made something to keep him at Bay” she replied bring out some devices.

” What are these?” He asked.

” They are EMPs, I reverse engineered it and make it work on him alone, it will shut him down if you’re close enough”

” So I suggest you have one on you always” she added giving him one the EMPs.

” Sorry for the way I acted earlier, if I had listen to you to rest him maybe all of these wouldn’t be happening” he said.

” Well I’m glad we are on the same page now” she replied.

” Alright, you guys should continue working on it…I have to tend to some things” he said then he left.
On his way out of the lab he dialled a number on his phone which was answered immediately.

? ” Hello Boss”

? ” Diane, it’s time” he said.

? ” What do you need boss?” The lady replied.

? ” I know you must have heard the news, my first line of securities are dead, I need you, I need the best” he said.

? ” You got it Boss” she replied.

? ” And this time around, I need capable ones with you, the last one are too easy” he said.

? ” You have nothing to worry about” she replied.

? ” Alright, I’ll be expecting you very soon” he said then ended the call.
{Few Days Later}
Mr George and his new bodyguards arrived at the hall which is where the auction is going to take place.

Doctor Jenny is also there as well with John walking beside her like a dog.
An Hour Later, all the buyers are all seated in the hall with John standing on the podium like a statue.

Mr George and Dr Jenny along with the bodyguards are upstairs looking down the podium to see how it turns out.

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” Dr Mira, you can begin now” Dr Jenny ordered.

” Yes ma’am” she replied then left.

” Diane, Make sure all exit are locked…..I don’t want any spy in our midst, no one must know what goes on here” Mr George said.

” Yes Boss” she replied then left.
Dr Mira went to the podium beside John then she called the attention of a bidders.

” Good day Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you all to this auction and without wasting much of our time, let’s get it over with” she said.

” Over the years, science has took so many turns to make this world a very comfortable one”

” And over the years there are alot of invention, great invention and right now I’m proud to tell you that My Employer and my team have also made a successfully creation”

” I’m proud to let you know that beside me is our creation, this man beside me is not just any man but a Humandroid” she said pointing to John.

Immediately she said that there were murmuring among them.

” This man was created by my team and he’s capable of alot of things, from cooking to cleaning and other house chores”

” That’s not all, he’s also been installed alots of martial art to protect the owner at all cost, His left eye is engineered to be an x-ray to detect things easily”

” As he is right now, After he’s being fully configured he could do whatever it is you want him to…….he obeys a direct order” she concluded.

” Any questions?” She asked.

” We need demonstration” one of the men asked.

” Alright what do you want to know?” She asked.

” You said he’s installed with x-ray vision, so tell him to explain to me how big my brain tumour is” the man asked.

” Answer him” Dr Mira said to John then he x-rayed him.

” You don’t have any brain tumour but you have a heart disease and if it’s not treated in four months you will die” John said to the amazement of everyone.

” Did he answer answer your question?” Dr Mira asked.

” Yes he’s correct, even though he gave too much details” the man replied.

” He is only and the original prototype, we are working on a way to make more like him, but we decided to put the original on sale” Dr Mira explained.

” So my fellow businessman, let’s start with the bidding………….100 million bid for him” she stated.

” So Who is going to be the lucky man or woman?” She asked.

A woman raised her sign and the woman was not the friendly looking kind and wore black lipstick.

“Oh I see #100 million.” Dr Mira said. Another man, regal with a somewhat old complexion raised his sign.

” ₦200 million!” Dr Mira said again as the woman with the black lipstick mouthed a profanity at the gentlemen.

“Can I get ₦300 million?” Dr Mira said

“I’ll bid ₦300 million.” Another man from the stands said.

The woman turned around in shock. The gentlemen strolled onto the stage in his nice looking suit.

“Do you bid ₦500 million?” Dr Mira asked as he looked towards the woman in black lipstick who was completely stunned.

The gentleman gave her a stern look as he walked by her.

“₦ 1 billion anyone? Anyone at all, this is still an open auction!” Dr Mira asked then another rich man raised up his sign.

” Oh we have ₦10 billion, can I get ₦20b?” Dr Mira asked.

” ₦50billion” another woman said which cause everyone to look at her directly at her.

” ₦50billion, Anyone else? Going once! Going Twice!” Dr Mira said then the man from before raised his sign.

” Oh God, we have a ₦70billion” Dr Mira exclaimed in shock.

” Anyone else? Going once! Going twice! Sold!”

“Sold to the fine gentlemen for ₦100billion!” Dr Mira exclaimed as the trainer handed the gentlemen the leash.

” You can take him to that room over there to check him out” Dr Mira said to the man and he took John with him.

” As for the rest of you, be calm…..very soon you will have another just like him but you will wait for some time” she said then left the podium.
Pastor Reynolds was in from of the alter on his knees praying on behalf of John.

” Holy Father, You are perfect and just, but we are sinful and unworthy. We intend the best in how we live our lives, Yet sin remains in us.

Through Your Son, we are able to have redemption and a reconnection with you.

Through Your Son, we are redeemed and reconnected with You. Though we continue to sin, You offer your Amazing Grace.

” I pray you show Mercy on your child John, he’s passed through alot in this cruel world, make him understand your love for him, Lord make him not go off your way… him father”

” Thank you for doing this, We rejoice in this Good News. In Christ’s Name we pray, Amen”.
The man who bought John took him to the room to confirm what they say is true and also to check out more of his features.

” I want you to examine me and tell me of any illness I may have” the man said.

” You don’t have any illness, you’re 100 percent healthy” John replied then he snapped back into consciousness.

He looked around to know where he is then all that happened in the hall few minutes ago.

” Is everything alright?” The man asked when he noticed his weird behavior.

” You are here to buy me” John said in surprise.

” Actually, I already bought you….. I’m just checking out the merchandise I paid a 70billion for” the man replied.

” Then you’re just as bad as Mr George himself” John said then he snapped his neck and he fell down dead.

” Looks like it’s going to be a mass murder”


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