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Priest : The Killing Machine – Season 1 Episode 6

? ? {He Was Once A Human} ? ?

John’s POV
I was confused of what just happened, I looked around the place and didn’t know how I got here or what exactly I’m doing here.

I was still confused until I see everyone in the church standing up and heading outside.

” What happened to me?… did I get here?” I asked myself.

I tried to remember exactly what happened, the last thing I remembered was receiving a call from my wife about her being in labour.

” OhmyGod Angela, I need to see her” I said then keep running then suddenly I stopped cause I really don’t know exactly where I am.

It’s very dark already only few people are lurking around, I had to asked some few people I see around who direct me.

About few minutes later, I arrived at the my house and it’s exactly as I left it, there’s light in the house which means she’s inside.

I moved to the door and clicked the door bell, I waited for a while but got to response then clicked it again.

Few seconds Later the door opened and a strange man came out.

” Yes, who are you?” The man asked.

” I should be the one asking you that question, what are you doing in my house? And where is my wife?” I asked raising my voice.

” Pardon?…..I think you’re mistaken whoever you are cause this is our house” the man said.

” Don’t you play any games with me, this is my house….I built this house with my money” I said getting angry.

” Look man, My wife and I have been staying here for over six months now and……..”

” Wait….wait… wait, six months?” I asked interrupting him.

” Yes, six months” he confirmed.

” No, no there must be a mistake somewhere… can’t be…..which month are we?” I asked.

” November 2020″ he answered making my heart to jump.

What, what happened to me?….how did I miss nine months of my life, how is any of this happening to me.

Perhaps there’s someone who can explain everything to me, I’m very sure my wife should be able to do that.

” Uhmm….what about the previous occupants of this house?, Do you know where they are?” I asked.

” Umm no I don’t, look if you have any other question you can asked the man who rented this house to us” he said.

” Who is the man?” I asked.

” Pastor Reynolds” he said and heaved a deep breath.

” Pastor Reynolds rented the place to you?” I asked.

” Yes… if you don’t mind I’d like to go back inside, it’s late” he said.

” I’m sorry for disturbing you….. please forgive me” I said.

” Whatever” he replied then he went back inside.

If pastor Reynolds rented the apartmet out then he must know where my family is.

I left the place and head towards our church cause that’s where pastor Reynolds is living.

On my way to his house I tried to remember the last thing that happened, I remember leaving the president office and drove out of the company.

Then I remembered being in an accident, but if I was involved in an accident how am I not feeling anything.

I stopped walking when I noticed something is wrong, I feel different, I can’t feel anything, I can’t feel any physical sensation on my body.

I can’t explain but I know something is different, my hands, legs, even my eyes it’s not the same, this is not me.

As I was checking myself out I found a gun on my body and I was more confused.

‘ what am I doing with a gun?’

‘ what’s going on here?, What’s happening to me?’

I manage to get it off my mind then throw the gun away and run towards the church to meet with pastor Reynolds.

Few minutes later I arrived at the church, everywhere is silent and no one could be seen then I knocked on the gate.

I knocked for a while until I saw someone coming with a touch in his hand.

” Who is that?” The voice said as he got closer.

” I need to see the pastor, I need to see pastor Reynolds” I requested.

” Who are you?” The voice said getting closer then I realized it’s pastor Reynolds and I heaved a deep sighed.

” John?…..John is that you?” He said.
” Yes sir….. it’s me” I replied smiling.

” Oh my God John, where have you been?…..what happened?” He said opening the gate for me to enter.

” Come in, come in” he replied then I followed him into the church.

” John…..where have you been?” He asked.

” Pastor I also don’t know what happened to me, I just found myself on the road with no memory of why I was there”

” I ran back to my house to meet my wife and found out someone is living there, then I got the shock of my life that it’s been six months”

” I came here to find out where my wife is and to explain to me what’s going on, pastor I need to see my wife” I narrated then noticed the pastor shedding tears.

” Pastor Reynolds?……is everything alright?, Why the tears?” I asked confused.

” Son, it’s not six months……… it’s nine months” he announced and my heart skipped.
” Whattt!, Nine months?” I shouted.

” How is that possible?, How come I didn’t even remember anything?…where have I been all this while?” I asked.

” Pastor Reynolds, what’s going on?… haven’t answered my question…..”

“……..where is my wife?… I’m sure she must’ve given birth now” I asked curiously which only bring more tears.

” I’m sorry Son…. but your wife died nine months ago” the pastor said then my heart stopped for some seconds.

My brain couldn’t register what he just said and my heart race in ways I’ve never felt Before.

” Uhm…uh …. I’m I’m sorry pastor, I’m not sure I heard you right” I said trying not to believe what I just heard.

” I’m sorry Son, I’m really sorry” he replied which only confirmed it.

” No no…NO…it can’t be, IT CAN’T BE…..she can’t be dead” I cried out.

” NNOOOO, Ahhhhhhhhh”
” I’m so sorry John”

” Why did this had to happen to me?… it’s like I’m cursed”

” I’m cursed never to be with those I loved and Cherish” I said amidst tears.

” Please don’t say that John” the pastor said.
” But it’s the truth Pastor, First it’s with my parents Now my wife” I Said.
” Ever since the incident My wife and I have been taking care of the boys, I had to put the house on rent” pastor Reynolds said a while after I’m a lil bit calmed.

” Thank you sir” I thanked.

” Would you like to see them now?” He asked.
” No sir, not yet….. but I do have a question” I said.

” What question?” He replied.

” Tell me pastor, how did my wife died?” I asked.

” I brought her to the hospital when she was in labour and she gave birth to your sons, she was so worried about you when you didn’t show up”

” I left her in the hospital in other to look for you and when I got back the doctor told me she’s dead”

” I couldn’t believe it cause when I left her she was absolutely okay, I was so devastated when I heard the news” he narrated.

” The cause of her death is not natural, it’s definitely murder” I stated.

” Are you suggesting that someone killed your wife?” He said.

” I’m not suggesting Sir, I know for sure” I said.

I know it’s definitely Mr George cause we see exactly what we shouldn’t have seen, I remember telling him I watched the video with my wife.

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Then orchestrated the accident with me and have some people kill my wife to protect his evil secret.

” Who?….and why would anyone want her dead?” He asked.

” Because we know what we shouldn’t know and now I’m going to correct it” I said standing to my feet.

” What?…. John, please don’t do this, please don’t take justice in your hands, God totally forbid it, Vengeance is of the Lord” he said.

” God?, God?…… there’s no God Pastor, There’s no God” I replied.

” Please John, please don’t say that….God loves you….. please remember that” he said.

” God has forsaken me, God left me to die, God handed me over to my enemies” I said angrily.

” All my life I’ve love God, I devoted my whole Life, my time, my work, my family, everything I devoted it all and yet God allow this evil to befall my family” I said.

” Please John, Don’t do this” he pleaded.

” I’ll be back……take care of my kids” I replied then ran out of the church ignoring him as he called me.
Unknown POV
? ” Don’t worry I promise to be home early tomorrow” Mr George said to his wife.

? ” You’ve been distant lately and you don’t have time for your family anymore” his wife said.

? ” C’mon it’s not like that, I’ve been working on a project, I told you that already” he said.

? ” I understand but you should spend some time with your family too, Don’t devote all your time to work” she said.

? ” Alright, I promise I’ll fix us a date so we can all go on a vacation” he said.

? ” Alright… safe” she said.

? ” I will, kiss the kids for me” he said.

? ” Will do, bye” she said then the call ended.

Mr George is still at the company in his office waiting for the report from the doctor about John.

He put a call through to doctor Jenny as he grow more impatient.

? ” Yes sir” Dr Jenny said as she answered.

? ” Where is he?…..why is he not back?” He asked.

? ” I don’t know Sir, that’s what I’ve been trying to find out” she said.

? ” Don’t tell me he’s finding it hard to kill one girl” he said.

? ” Actually Sir, I don’t think that’s the problem” she said.

? ” What do you mean?” I asked.

? ” I’m detecting some signs in his vitals and it’s not good” she said.

? ” What do you mean not good?” He asked.

? ” I mean there’s a chance that he has regain consciousness, I mean he’s back to himself” she said.

? ” How is that possible?……you said there’s no way he can go back to himself” He asked.

? ” That’s what I thought as well but I don’t know how this happened” she said.

? ” Let’s leave that for now……is there a way to fix him?” He asked.

? ” Yes but we need to bring him in” she said.

? ” Fine……I will send some men to bring him back, you can track him right?” he said.

? ” Yeah, I can see his location on the tracker, I will send it to you” she replied.

? ” Good”

? ” And I’ll also try some things here to snap him back” she said.

? ” Fine, do that immediately” he said then ended the call.
” Hey, is anyone out there?” He called then Boyd entered.

” Yes Boss” Ryder replied.
” Where’s Boyd?” He asked.

” He’s in the lobby” Ryder replied.

” I need you to gather some men and look for the priest, the location will be sent to your phone….. bring him back” he ordered.

” Yes Boss” Ryder replied then he left.
John’s POV
On my way running to the company I stopped when I noticed something, I can’t explain it but i know something is wrong.

Then I started having glitches in my body causing me to be recalling some fragments of memory.

At first I don’t know what it was until I see myself killing people, burning down buildings, I see myself before Mr George and act like we were friends.

I keep having this memory which I thought were side effects of whatever is happening to me.

Then everything became clear to me, they turned me to the same thing they turned the man in the video.

Oh God, I killed someone; I killed all those people in cold Blood.

They turned me to a robot and they were controlling me like some toy, they are using me to play God.

Now I remember everything, I remember everything they did and what I am and what I’m capable of.

I ran faster with immense determination to ruin everything the man holds dear, the thought of what he did to my family want me to destroy everything he has.

As I was a few meters away from the company I saw few of Mr George’s bodyguards heading towards me.

” Priest, the Boss is expecting you” the guy leading them said as he alighted from the vehicle.

” So do I” I replied then ran towards them in anger.

” Brace yourself” the man shouted then they started shooting and I was surprised cause none of the bullets penetrated.

This urge me grab of them then snapped his neck, I collected the gun from him and shoot at others.

In a minute they all end up dead on the ground except one which I think his name is Ryder.

” In your next life you will choose your work wisely” I said then shoot him dead.

I went back to the vehicle and ignited the engine and drove to the company.

As I got to the entrance of the company I hit the acceleration and drove through the gate gate bursting the gate open.
Unknown POV
John parked the car in front of the company then he came down and went straight into the company.

He entered the company then started destroying everything on his path, making sure he demolish everything.

He took the elevator then press the button to Mr George’s office and after a while the bell dings.

He came out of the lift and saw his bodyguards all out in front of his office ready to attack.

Mr George is in his office holding a gun along with two more guards.

” Get the doctor on the phone now” he said then Boyd dialled the doctor’s number.
John was able to kill all the bodyguards then he opened the door to Mr George’s office then he saw him.

Boyd and the other guy shoot at him but he skillfully dodged all the bullets then he turned swiftly and shoot them both.

They went down instantly then he turned to Mr George.

” You killed my wife” John said.

” You’re wrong priest……I didn’t” Mr George replied.

” LIAR, I’m the one you should’ve killed, not her……she didn’t deserve to die, she was innocent and you killed her” John said with tears on his face.

” Priest let’s solve this amicably” Mr George said.

” There’s nothing to solve” John replied.

As he was about to shoot him Dr Jenny came out then she pressed a button in her hand which cause John to fell Down.

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