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Priest : The Killing Machine – Season 1 Episode 5

? ? {He Was Once A Human} ? ?

Unknown POV
Few days Later, John has been making use of his abilities in the lab under the supervision of Dr Jenny.

John was exercising when Mr George entered with his bodyguards, John stopped his exercise and went to him.

” Heyy Boss, I’ve been learning some few tricks of my own and I can’t wait to start the mission already” John said enthusiastically.

” Oh I’m glad to hear that cause right now, I do have a job for you, will you do it?” Mr George asked.

” You’re my maker and I’ll do anything you ask of me” he replied.

” Very good, now gear up…… you’re going on your first assignment” he said then John went away.

” Mr George, are you sure you want to do this?” Dr Jenny asked.

” Yes I am….this is time to strike, before I can unveil him, I need to take out our competitors… know this” he said.

” Yeah, so who is the first?” She asked.

” Floxy Technology” he replied then John returned all dressed up.

” Nice, come with me” Mr George said heading towards the elevator and John followed him.

The got into the elevator and went to another floor then to a small room and opened a cupboard which is filled with ammunitions.

” All of this is yours….take anything you want” Mr George said referring to the guns.

John draw closer then he picked the ones he will be needing and he concealed it in the body holster.

After he was done Mr George took him to another room with computers and a guy operating it.

” Jordan, please bring it up” Mr George requested and the screen shows the image of the company.

” That’s Floxy Technology…..I need you to go over and burn it to the ground, make sure you avoid the cameras”

” Make sure no one sees your face that’s why I want you to go at night, kill anyone you see, take no prisoner…..kill them all and burn down the place” he added.

” One last thing….. immediately you entered the building you have fifteen minutes to get it done” he concluded.

” Yes Boss” John replied.

” There’s a bike in the parking lot, Now get to work” he commanded and he left immediately.

Just as commanded John reached the parking lot and he saw the bike, he mounted it and ride off to place.

Few minutes later he arrived at the company then he parked his car at a corner then proceed towards the company.

As he draw closer to the entrance he was stopped by the four security guards.

” Who are you?” One of the asked then he looked around for any cameras and he found one just at the entrance.

Due to the darkness his face can’t recognize Then he pulled out a gun and shot all the guards.

He pointed his gun at the camera and shoot at it then he moved to the gate and kick it open.

He advance towards the company and continue shooting at the cameras until he entered the building.

More guards came out hurriedly when they heard the shooting, another four guards appeared before him and shoot at him.

Due to his robotic side the bullet was impenetrable then he skillfully jumped closer to them and killed them all.

He went to the company’s control room and destroy everything, while at it three more guards appeared and shoot at him.

He wasted no time in shooting back at them until they are all dead, he looked for where they keep their fuel.

The covered the whole building with gasoline and light it up with his gun and the whole place started burning.

He went back to his bike and ride back to the laboratory as the building keeps burning.

He got back to the laboratory and met with Mr George jubilating.

” Priest, you did a great job and I’m proud of you” Mr George said with enthusiasm.

” I’m glad you’re pleased Sir” John replied.

” Oh yes I very am, don’t worry you have another assignment tomorrow night, be prepared” Mr George said.

” Yes sir” John replied then he left.

” I think we should slow down before people notice him” Dr Jenny said.

” There’s nothing to worry about Doctor, no one will see him…….you did a great job creating him” he said.

” But Sir, what I’m saying is that we should slow down and take it one after the other before people started suspecting us” she said.

” They won’t have any evidence to proof themselves, listen doctor……we are going to lunch him at the black market very soon and people are going to be bidding for him”

” I can’t have my competitors watching me everywhere I go, I won’t wait till they take me down…… I’ll strike first” he said.

” I know it’s just that people will start spreading rumors and before you know it some people will start snooping around”

” Remember the last person who did, we are almost caught, he almost slipped through our grasp”

” What I’m saying is that let’s slow down and improvise before people like MIA started clinging on our tail” she concluded.

” Fortunately for us MIA is dead and I’m so happy that there aren’t any more psychopath like him”

” I’m deeply grateful to whoever kill him cause that gives us the freedom to work at great lengths”

” No Local authorities will dare to come after us, we already took care of the police, as long as they have their share they look the other way…. and we are cool” he concluded.

” But Sir…..”

” STOP, I’ve waited for this day for a very long time and I’m gonna take any chances, let me worry about people know about us” he said.

” Yes sir”

” Run a test on him to make sure he’s stable, he needs to continue tomorrow” he instructed.

” Yes sir” she replied then he left.
The next day in the evening, John was sent to another Technology company Magnus Industries.

He arrived the place on his bike and did to it exactly what he did with Floxy Technology only that he killed more men before burning the place to the ground.

” That was fantastic Priest, that was incredible” Mr George commended immediately he returned.

” Thank you sir” John replied.

” Yeah, but the night is not quite over, there’s one more assignment I really want you to carry out” Mr George said.

” Anything you asked of me, I shall carry it out with pleasure” John replied and he smiled.

” Isn’t that great, My Killing machine” he said grinning widely.

” Jordan, would you be so kind to pull out the next assignment” Mr George said to computer operative and a picture shows on the screen.

” Who is that?” John asked.

” That my friend, is that my mortal enemy Frank Floxy the president of Floxy technology the one you burn to the ground yesterday”

” He and I hated each other and he’s been trying to put me down for a very long time and I think it’s time I return the favor”

” I know him very well and I know he won’t stand still or keep calm with what happened to his company” he concluded.

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” What do you want me to do about it?” John asked.

” I need you to eleminate along with anyone you find in that house, keep no prisoner, delete them all”said Mr George.

” Yes sir” John replied then he left.
Like an obedient child John mounted his bike then ignited the engine and ride to the address given to him.

Few minutes later he arrived at the lonely estate, sneaked in without being seen by the estate security.

He got to the address given to him then he climbed his way into the mansion, he went to the window and break the glass.

He entered through the window and by this time Mr Floxy was awake due to the break in.

” What was that?” His wife asked.

” Stay here” he said then went to his cupboard and bring out his gun.

Mr Floxy came out of his room with a gun in his hand and walk stealthily on the stairs looking for the Intruder.

He saw John coming out of the kitchen then he pointed his gun at him.

” Stop right there or I’ll shoot you” he said and John stand still.

” Who are you?” He asked but John said then John turned swiftly and shoot him on the chest.

Mr Floxy rolled down the stairs to the ground then John went close to him and shoot him right in the head.

He left the man and climbed the stairs and searched the room one after the other looking for any eyewitness.

Then he got to a room which is locked from the inside, John burst it open and see Mrs Floxy shivering on the ground.

” Please, please don’t kill me, I’ve done nothing wrong” the woman pleaded.

” I have my orders” John said then shoot the woman as well and she died immediately.

John went out of the room and he made sure he checked all the rooms in the house Making sure no one else is there.

When he confirmed the house is empty then he went out of the Mansion, he noticed people are starting to come out.

He hurried out of the estate and went to his bike and Ride off.
{Next Day}
?️REPORTER: It’s been such a cruel day to experience as the owner and president of Floxy Technology Mr Frank Floxy and his wife were murdered in the house”

?️” No one know who the culprit is or the reason why this is happening, Two days ago his company was burnt to the ground along with the death of the guards”

?️” According to the police authorities the Case is being investigated and very soon the culprit will be apprehended”

?️” Mabel Floxy the daughter of Frank Floxy was seems to be present in the house when this incident happened”

?️” According to her she was in the bathroom when she heard the shooting and when she came out she found her parents dead”

?️” The police are quite certain it won’t be long before they found the culprit behind this, and for justice to be served”
” Priest…. Priest….Get me the Priest now” Mr George shouted as he got to the Lab.

” Is everything alright Mr George?” Dr Jenny asked.

” Get me priest Now” he said then John came out to him.

” Sir” John called.

” I gave you an order to eliminate everyone in the house, why the hell did you spare the daughter?” He asked.

” Sir, I did exactly like you ordered, eliminate everyone in the house” John replied.

” Well you didn’t eliminate everyone, the daughter is there in the house and it’s possible she saw you” Mr George said.

” Are you sure about that cause Priest will never make a mistake like that” Dr Jenny said.

” I got a call that the girl hid herself in the bathroom and he missed her, That is why you have your bloody x-ray vision, to inspect the place before leaving” He said angrily.

” You need to finish the job tonight, I can’t have her spilling anything to the wrong people” he added.

” The police told me she’s staying at one of her father’s apartment and there are police officers guarding the place”

” Kill them all and kill the girl this time around” he commanded.

” Yes sir” John replied.

” Go get prepared” Mr George said then he left.
” So when is the Auction?” Dr Jenny asked.

” In two weeks time, I’ve got some contacts who will be interested in subject 2020, if we can make more robot like him and sell the……”

” I’m going to be the richest man on Earth and you are going to be the most famous scientist in the universe” Mr George said said excitedly.

” Which is why we must not over worked him?” Dr Jenny advised.

” Yeah I know, after this he will stop, I can’t have anyone recognizing him before the Auction…… it’s a bad market” he said.

” Fine…… Whatever we need to do” she replied.
Later in the evening John head out to the house and after a while he got there and found police officers guarding the place.

He counted them to be seven police officers then he dismounted the bike and proceed towards the house.

There are light pole in the street which will make it easy for anyone to see his face, then he brought out his gun and shoot at the pole.

The gunshots alerted the police officers and they saw a movement in the street, they started firing at him.

John wasted no time in shooting back at them Killing two of them instantly. The others continue firing as John got closer.

John ran away towards them and skillfully kick one of them to the ground then use the opportunity to shoot at others.

Immediately he killed all the police officers and proceed to the house, he used his x-ray vision to detect where the girl is but didn’t see her.

He went to the only room in the house and found the window opened, he looked out of the window and saw the girl on the run.

He went out after her and started pursuing her, he pursued her till her saw her entering the a church.

John hid the Gun and entered the church and he found alot of people in the church which make it hard for him to find her.

He used his x-ray vision to find her using her heartbeat, then he found her at a far corner with her heart beating rapidly.

As he made to go after then he stopped when he heard everyone saying in chorus.

” May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us forever more”

Immediately he heard them saying that his brain was alerted and was in a cognitive stage.

” Surely goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives; and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever”


Immediately his brain snapped back into reality and he looked around wondering what was happening.

” Where am I?”

” How did I get here?”

” What happened to me?”

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