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Priest : The Killing Machine – Season 1 Episode 4

? ? {He Was Once A Human} ? ?

Unknown POV

John returned to the office to grab his things before heading out, he grabbed his car keys then went to his car.

He entered the car then ignited the engine and he drove off.

On his way to his house his phone ring again and he picked immediately.

? ” Where are you John?” She wailed immediately he answered.

? ” I’m on my way dear…….. I’ll be home soon….. I’m coming” he replied.

? ” Please hurry up” she said.

? ” Yeah… I’ll be there soon” he replied and he ended the call.

Just immediately after he ended the call a trailer came out of nowhere then hit his car really hard.

The container didn’t stop but keeps pushing the car until it hit the wall wrecking the car completely.

The driver jumped down from the truck and ran away before people started gathering around at the scene.

Some few people around quickly called ambulance and few minutes later an ambulance arrived.

The emergency physicians came down from the vehicle and went to check on him.

When they got there they saw how ruined his car his and also blood plashed everywhere as they get closer.

They have the trailer move back in order to get to his unconscious body, after the trailer was move, one of them check his pulse and realised he still have a pulse.

” He’s still alive, bring the stretcher” he announced and they brought the stretcher.

John was pulled out of the car and layed on the stretcher then over to the ambulance and they drove off.

” Damn…….. he’s a mess, are you he can still be use?” one them said.

” Let’s hope so” the female among them said then pulled out her phone and dialled a number.

? ” Doctor Jenny, we have him” the lady said immediately she picked.

? ” Oh great, bring him in” Dr Jenny said.

? ” But Doctor, he’s really messed up…if you’re going to patch this is it’s going to be one hell of a Job” the lady said.

? ” How bad?” Dr Jenny asked.

? ” Too bad, like totally crushed hands and leg, scratched head, and others” the lady explained.

? ” let me worry about that…..Is he still alive?” Dr Jenny asked.

? ” Barely but I think he can survive it” the lady said.

? ” Good, do everything you can to keep him alive…..and make sure you aren’t followed” Dr Jenny said.

? ” Yeah…..we will be there soon” the lady said then ended the call.

Angela was in the living room still waiting for John to be back but she didn’t see him then she picked up her phone and dialled his number.

Immediately, the call was disconnected and she dialled it two more time and got the same response which only trouble her more.

She was so worried and as she was about to dialled it again she heard a knock on the door.

At first she thought it was her husband but then the knock came the second time.

” Come in” she invited then she was surprised at who she saw.

” Pastor Reynolds” she said.
” How are you child?” The pastor asked.

” I’m so glad you’re here, Please pastor you need to take me to the hospital, it’s time” she said quickly and the pastor was alerted.

” Really?….. alright alright…. let’s go” the pastor said helping her up to her feet.

The pastor helped her out of the house to his car then he ignited the car and drove off.

” I was coming to inform you about the premonition I had this morning not knowing I came at the right time……God is indeed marvelous” the pastor said.

” Have you informed your husband?” The pastor asked.

” Yes….I was waiting for him but he’s not showing up” she replied.

” Please my child, be at rest for your sake and your kids…….be calm we will be there soon” the pastor said.

” I’ll call your husband immediately the doctor attend to you” he added as he drove towards the hospital.
The two men sent to kill John’s wife arrived at the apartment, they arrived at the same moment to see the pastor driving out with the lady.

They knew if they kill the girl right there, they will have to kill the pastor as well cause they were ordered not to draw attention.

They both went back their car and followed them cautiously.

They brought John to the laboratory and set him on the bed for necessary treatment.

Immediately doctor Jenny saw him she was surprised at how wreck he is.

” Damn, they really did a bad Job on this one” Dr Jenny said.

” I told you, do you still think we can do this?” The lady asked.

” We have to…..this is our last chance to prove ourselves……so let’s get to work” Dr Jenny said then they started working on him.

Just a while later Mr George entered and met them Working on his wounds.

” Your boys go too far on this one” Dr Jenny informed as he got closer to them.

” Dumb boy, I told him to cause an accident not a severe one as this…… sure he’s gonna be able to handle the experiment?” Mr George asked.

” He should be, he’s strong…. he’s a fighter” Dr Jenny said.

” I hope so cause this is your last experiment doctor Jenny, you can’t afford to fail again” Mr George cautioned.

” I won’t” Dr Jenny assured.

” Good” he said then move away from their position then put a call to the other team.

? ” Hello boss” one of them said.

? ” Ryder, what’s happening?…..I haven’t heard any updates from you, what’s going on?” He asked.

? ” Boss, the girl is at the hospital as we speak, she’s in labour room” Ryder replied.

? ” Don’t ruin the plan….. stay on course, I want it executed at all cost, if she finds out about her husband missing….she will know we have to do about it” he said.

? ” Understood Boss, we will get it done” Ryder assured.

? ” Good, call me when you’re done” he said.

? ” Yes boss”
{Two Hours Later}
Angela gave birth to twins both boys and she was more worried when she didn’t see her husband.

She earlier told the Pastor to get in touch with him but since then she haven’t seen him which got her more troubled.

A while later the Pastor entered and he saw her worried face.

” Heyy, why is your face like this?” The pastor asked.

” Pastor, where is my husband?…..he should be here by now” she asked worriedly.

” Is that why you’re worried?….be calm, don’t stress yourself…you just gave birth…. you’re still weak” the pastor admonished.

” I’ve also tried reaching him but it was unreachable, I’m very sure he was help up in traffic…… please don’t worry yourself” he added.

” Please Sir…… help me check on him, this is so unlike him….please check on him” she pleaded.

” Alright…. I’ll do that right away, I’ll send someone to take care of you and the babies” the pastor said standing to his feet.

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” Thank you sir” she thanked.

” I’m coming and try to get some rest” the pastor said then he left.
It wasn’t long after the pastor left then Ryder and the other guy entered Angela’s room dressed as one of the doctor.

” Doctor how are my babies?” She asked.

” They are fine, the nurse are attending to the as we speak” Ryder said moving closer to her.

The other guy is at the entrance keeping watch then Angela suspected something was wrong.

” You’re not a doctor, are you?” She asked frightened.

” Nope we are not” Ryder replied as he reached her bed.

” But wha……..” She couldn’t complete her statement before Ryder strangled her neck tightly.

Angela struggled to fight him off but she’s not strong enough as Ryder was successful and she died.
When Ryder noticed that he signalled to the other guy and they left the hospital.

? ” Boss” Ryder called as he dialled Mr George’s number.

? ” Tell me it’s done” Mr George said.

? ” It’s done Boss” he replied.

? ” Good, weldone’
{Nine Months Later}

Mr George entered the laboratory along with his bodyguards looking impatient.

” Doctor Jenny” he called and the doctor came out.

” Mr George…. you’re here” she said as she went to meet him.

” Yes I’m here, I’ve been expecting a report from you but I got nothing” he said.

” Please be calm Sir, we are almost through” she replied.

” It’s been nine months and I’ve got nothing, I think you’re covering the fact that you’ve failed again” Mr George said.

” Of course not sir…..the project is still intact, I just need a few more weeks” she said.

” I’m not spending anymore dime unless I see what I’ve been spending my billions on……I won’t take this lightly” he said.

” Fine, come with me” she said leading him to another Lab and when he got there what he saw put a smile on his face.

John was there on the bed patched up, his arms and legs were replaced with robotics and his left eye is replaced as well.

” I present to you subject 2020″ Dr Jenny said.
” Woww… he ready?” Mr George asked.

” Not completely but in matter of weeks it will be done” Dr Jenny assured.

” Alright…..just hurry up with it, I’m loosing my patience” he said.

” Would you like to see it features?” She asked.

” I thought you said he’s not ready, what if what happened with the last one happened again” he asked.

” Yeah, then we need to pull this to shut him down” Dr Jenny said holding a small device.

” Is that…….”

” An EMP?….yeah, it will shut down his system” she completed.

” That’s great Dr Jenny…….please proceed” he approved.

” Okay, activating subject 2020″ she said typing on the device on her hand and John opened his eyes.

” Subject 2020 stand on your feet” she ordered and he did exactly.

She commanded him to do lots of things and he did exactly and Mr George was very Happy with it.

” All he needs now is configuration” she said.

” So what’s needed for him to be completely confugured?” He asked.

” For now he’s just like a robot but what we want is not a robot but a Humandroid” she said.

” Is heart alone can’t control all the features we are going to install in him cause he might crash so we are going to insert an electronic heart”

” This will enable him to carry out all the features we want him to, and with that we are going to be number one” she concluded.

” Fine… everything you can, whatever you need I’m ready to spend, just make him perfect” he said.

” To do that…..we are going to invite an outsider” she said.

” What do you mean?….what for?” He asked.

” We need a hacker, a very good one to synchronise his brain, his two heart and the robotic parts together” she said.

” She need to do this and make sure he won’t remember a thing about his life, everything will be blank” she added.

” We can’t allow that…..we will be risking everything” he said.

” We have no choice Sir, that is the only way” she said.

” Fine do whatever you have to do……and make sure this hacker don’t spill everything to the world” he said.

” You have nothing to worry about” she replied.

Few weeks later, the hacker had come and did the synchronising for them, Dr Jenny has finished his project on John.

She used his prosthetic skin to cover the robotic parts for him to look more humane.

John was lying on the bed when Dr Jenny activated him and he opened his eyes and see her.

” Heyy Hi” she said smiling as he opened his eyes.

” Hi…..who are you?” He asked.

” My name is doctor Jenny, and welcome back” she replied.

” what is my name?” He asked.

” Don’t worry, you will know very soon” she said to him then he tried to grab her boobs.

” Woah, woah, woah…..I don’t think you should do that” she said preventing him.

” Where is my own?” He said checking out his chest and the doctor giggles.

” Well that’s because you’re of another gender, don’t worry you will know all about it very soon” she said then Mr George entered.

” Mr George….. you’re welcome” she said going over to him.

” I got your message, is he ready?” He asked.

” Of course, as you can see” she said pointing to John on the bed.

” Holy Crap, you finally did it…..he looks just like human” he said.

” Actually he’s part human, more like a Humandroid” she said.

” Cool, good job Dr Jenny…….you did great” he complimented.

” I told you I’ll get it done” she said.
” Tell me all about his features” he requested.

” Okay, His left eye had been removed and replaced with a bionic eyeball which gives many features of the eyes……it has x-ray as well” she explained.

” That’s cool”

” That’s not all, I’ve installed about 30 Martial arts fighting skills and some other combos, as you see him, he’s not just a robot but a killing machine” she said.

” You just keep impressing doctor,…. more bonus for you” he said.

” The only way he can be killed is by a bullet in the head ” she said.

” We will have to do something about that cause I don’t want him dead” he said.

” Okay Sir and as you’ve seen, the prosthetic skin isn’t everlasting, if if come in contact with fire then it will burn but the robotic parts will still be intact” she informed.

” That’s not a problem, we will keep changing it if something like that happens” he said.

” That’s all for Now, he’s fast, skillful, deadly and perfect, I present to you subject 2020″ she said.

” Nah, we aren’t calling him that…..he already got one name, they call him the PRIEST”

“……. and we have a long way to go”

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