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Priest : The Killing Machine – Season 1 Episode 3

? ? {He Was Once A Human} ? ?
John’s POV

Few minutes later I arrived home then I parked my car at the garage and inside my house.

” Hey darling” I said as I entered.

” Hi…. welcome back” she replied then we kissed.

I went straight on my knees and pray to God for today and after I’m through I went straight to my room.

I showered then came to sitting room to have dinner.

” How is your day?” Angela asked.

” It was good, I finally meet with the owner” I said.
” Really?… that’s great” she said smiling.

” Yeah….he was actually a very cool man” I said.

” That’s nice” she replied as she dished my food.

” But something weird happened this evening at work” I said.
” What happened?” She asked.

” I was just doing my final duty then a strange guy gave me a memory card and said something strange is happening in the company” I narrated.

” Something strange?….what does he mean by that?” She asked.
” I don’t know” I replied.

” You said he gave you a memory card right?…. what’s in it?” She asked.

” I don’t know……I haven’t check it, it’s probably nothing to worry about” I said.

” We don’t know that…..we need to be sure” she said.

” I’ll check it later when I’m done” I replied then i started eating my food.
A while later when we are Both in our bedroom ready to sleep, I took my laptop then inserted the memory card with the use of card reader.

I opened the folder and there’s just one file in there and it’s a video then I clicked on it and it opened.

The Video opened and it shows a place I’ve never seen before though I know the people over there.

” What is that place?” My wife asked.

” I also don’t know…… I’ve never seen that place before but I do know those people” I replied.

” Is that the owner?” She said pointing to Mr George.

” Yes but I still don’t know what’s happening” I said.

We watched as they talk then saw as one of the doctors uncovered the someone with machine all over his body.

” OhmyGod….what is that?” My wife asked.

” I don’t know but what are they doing to him?” I asked staring as the video.

We continue watching until the man woke up and started doing exactly as Mr George commanded.

” They are creating a human robot?, This is evil” My wife said.

Then the man starting acting strange and everyone started worrying, then we saw Mr George pulled out gun and shot the man on the head.

” OhmyGod” My wife exclaimed then cover her mouth.

” Did he just kill that man?” My wife Said nervously.

” What’s going on?” I said to myself.

” Dear, you have to stop that Job…. please you need to” she said.

” Of course I will, not after what I just saw” I replied then I cuddled with her.

I think about what I just saw and it prevented me from sleeping but after some time I drove to sleep.
{Next Day}
I woke up the next day then dressed up and ready for work with intention to quit my job, I believe God will provide the one that’s best for me.

” Please dear, be careful” my wife said as I was about to leave.

” I will…..I will see you soon” I replied then grabbed my car keys.

I went out of the house, ignited the car then drove to work and few minutes later I drove to the car park.

I went straight to the security post, I greeted the people I saw then went to our boss’s office.

My plan was to inform him about my resignation but he’s not in the office.

” Hey Sam, where’s the boss?” I asked.

” The president sent for him few minutes ago” he replied.
” Okay” I said then went out.

On my way I saw My boss with two of Mr George’s bodyguards and I wondered what was going on.

” Good morning sir” I greeted.

” Morning Priest” he replied in a strange way.
” Is everything alright sir?” I asked.

” The president will like to see you Priest” he said.

” What happened?…..did I do anything wrong?” I asked.

” Let’s go” he said then I followed them into the company then we took a lift to the president office.

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We entered and i see him sitting on his seat and the event from yesterday keep playing in my head.

” Good morning Sir” I greeted.
” Mr ThankGod, isn’t it?” He said.

” Yes Sir” I replied.

” Please be seated” he said then u sat down before him.

” You messed up John, you failed to do your job properly” he said.

” Sir I don’t understand what you meant” I said.

” Yesterday I gave you a clear warning that I want no paparazzi but you get sloppy and let one in” he said and I furrow my brow.

” I’ll never do that Sir….I always do my job very well” I said.

” Alright, check this out” he said then showed me a video of me talking to the man of yesterday.

” Sir, he said he has appointment with the manager that’s why I let him go, I didn’t know he came to spy” I said.

” Really, you didn’t even search him” he said.

” But..I..”

” This man infiltrated the company, discovered a very important project and you helped him” he said.

” What!….No….I didn’t….I would never do that” I defended.

” Really cause you’re the only one he spoke to, you’re the first person to be seen with and also the last person” he said.

” You know If your boss didn’t vouch for you I’d say you and the man planned it together” he said.

” Sir, this is just a weird coincidence……I have nothing to do with him, I don’t know him…. you have to believe me” I said.

” Fine, now tell me where is it?” He asked.

” Where is what?” I asked then he clicked another button which shows the man giving me a memory card.

” Where is the memory card?” He asked then I dipped my hands in my pocket and hand it to him.

” I swear sir….you have to believe me, I don’t know the man…… I’ve never see him before” I said.

He inserted the card into his phone and watched the scene.

” You’ve seen this right?” He asked showing me the event of yesterday.

” Sir you ha……”

” Just answer the question” he said interrupting me.

” Yes” I answered.
” Who else have seen this?” He asked.

” Sir, I swear I’ll never discuss this with anyone……. I’ll pretend I Never see it” I said.

” Did you watch it with anyone?….. don’t lie cause I heard people call you the priest and I’m very sure you know lying isn’t a good thing” He said.

” No one else, just my wife and that’s all” I answered.

” Are you sure?” He asked.
” Yes Sir…. I’m very sure” I replied.

” Did you make any copy of this?” He asked.

” No sir….I have no reason to, I have no ulterior motive to do that” I replied.

” Good, then there shouldn’t be any problem” he said.

” Thank you sir…. thank y……” I was saying then my phone started ringing.

I checked the caller and it turned out to be my wife.

” Sir can I?….. it’s my wife” I requested.
” Of course, by all means” he said.

” Thanks” I replied then I stood up to answer the call.

? ” Hey dear” I said immediately I picked.

? ” JOHN…. please come home it’s time” she said in distress.

? ” Hey what’s happening?….is everything alright?” I asked.

? ” My water just broke…..please come quickly” she said.

? ” OhmyGod….. I’m on my way right now,…. I’ll be there” I said then ended the call then turned to Mr George.
” Sir, that’s my wife….. she’s in labour and I need to get her to the hospital” I explained.

” Oh really?…..then I shouldn’t keep you waiting?….you are free to go” he said.

” Thank you very much sir….. thank you” I said then rushed out of his office.
Unknown POV
” Boyd, you know what to do” Mr George said to his bodyguard immediately John went out.

” Yes boss” he replied and was about to leave.

” And Boyd, make it look like an accident, I have plans and have some people go after his wife” Mr George said.

” …….and leave no eye witness” he added.

” Yes boss” he said then he left.

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