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Priest : The Killing Machine – Season 1 Episode 2

? ? {He Was Once A Human} ? ?

John’s POV

Not very long after, some set of cars drove into the premises which I believed to be that of the president.

His bodyguards were the ones that got out of the three cars remaining just one, one of them opened the door for him.

He came down from the car and I get to see his face clearly, he’s a handsome man and he should be in his early Forties.

I left where I was standing and went over to meet him.

“Good morning Mr George, welcome to Roxxon, My name is John ThankGod second to the head of security” I introduced and he smiled.

” You said that as if it’s my first time being here……or have you forgotten it’s my company” he said and I smiled.

” I’m sorry, it’s just that it’s my first time of meeting you….. I’m just trying to make it less awkward” I said.

” well Mr ThankGod, nice to meet you too” he replied.

” Thank you sir” I replied.

” Where is Harry?” He asked referring to my boss.

” He’s attending to some other issues which is why he wanted me here” I replied.

” Oh alright then, I hope you know what to do ” he said.

” Yes sir” I replied.

” Good, need you to secure every exit and any strange faces, I don’t want to be followed by those annoying paparazzi” he said.

” Yes sir” I replied.

” Alright let me not keep you to it” he said then he left along with his bodyguards and I went back to position.

Like I said earlier the company is a scientist facility, they invent lots of electronic and machinery.

They are very good in what they do which makes them popular, but they aren’t the only one.

According to what my boss Mr Harry said the company has a lot of competitors, Roxxon is the first choice which makes every other company jealous and want then down.

So he’s been trying to increase the security at the facility and make sure they don’t have the chance.

” Ryan, take three men and secure the south gate” I ordered.

” Yes Sir” he replied then he left then I saw an unknown man making way to the company and I stopped him.

” Excuse me……who are you?” I asked.

” My name is Dare Adams and I have an appointment with the manager, we already agreed over the phone” he said.

” What’s that in your hand?” I asked referring to then nylon he’s holding.

” It’s part of business” he said.

” Fine, hope you know your way around here?” I asked.

” Of course I do…..thank you” he replied then he left.
{Few Hours Later}
Unknown POV
Mr George entered the facility and took the elevator to the private laboratory which only him and some others know about.

The laboratory is underground and only few people in the facility knew about it, Mr George got to the Lab and met the doctor’s working.

” Mr George, welcome” a lady said as he entered with his bodyguards.

” Doctor Jenny, please tell me you have good news” Mr George said.

” I believe so” she replied.

” I hope so cause you assured me you could do this, and your past results only shows your failures” he said.

” We are close sir……check this out” she said then signalled to the other female doctor.

The other Doctor uncovered the body they are working on, it’s the body of a man who is experimented on.

” This is subject 119….his body is corresponding with the machine and his mind his strong enough to hold” she explained.

” Alright go on” he urge on.

” From the last subject 118, we realised that the heart and brain has to be strong enough to hold or else everything will collapse”

” They all need to synchronise together to be in perfect mode and he will bend to your will, with this we can change the world” the doctor concluded.

” It’s perfect doctor Jenny, now show me what I’ve been spending my billion on” Mr George requested.

” Absolutely Sir, Doctor Mira… activate subject 119″ she said then the lady activated it.

Immediately the body and it system were activated, the man opened his eyes like every other robot trying to recognize his surrounding.

” Is it done?” He asked.

” Yes Sir….. he’s ready to follow your command” she said.

” How do I control it?” He asked.

” Please stand right in front of him, he needs to recognize you as the maker” she said and he did exactly.

Mr George and the man stood right in front of each other looking staight into their eyes.

” It’s done sir…. he’s all yours” the doctor said.
” Okay, what’s his name?” He asked.

” For now…… none, he’s registered as subject 119″ she replied.

” 119, stand up” Mr George commanded and the man stood up and Mr George smiled.

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” Perform a stunt” he said and the man did a stunt then suddenly he started acting strange
” Doctor, what’s happening?” Mr George asked backing away from him.

” Hold on sir….. I’ll check” the doctor replied.

” Where am i?….. what’s happening to me?…. where am I?” The man said anxiously.

” Sir, He’s gaining consciousness” Dr. Jenny said.

” What!…..I thought you said everything is perfect” Mr George said.

” Sir it was…..I think now I know what went wrong and I know how to fix him” Dr. Jenny said.

” You better do” he said.

” Where am I?…. what’s happening to me?….why am I like this?” The man said unstably.

” But first we need to restrain him” Dr Jenny said.

” Restrain him boys” Mr George said to his bodyguards and three of his men went to hold him down.

” Get away from me” the man shouted pushing them away and kicking then as well.

” I need to get out of here” the man said then tried to run away.

” Don’t let him get away” Mr George commanded and his bodyguards went after him.

They hold him down but with the machinery in him, he was stronger then he fight them off.

” Do something doctor…..he must not get out to the outside world” Mr George said.

” I’m trying sir…… he’s not responding” the doctor said as she typing on the tech in her hand.

” Damn it” Mr George said angrily then he bring out a gun and shoot him in the head and the man fell down dead.

Just as he killed the man he heard a sound from a corner.

” What that?….who was that?” Mr George asked.

” There’s no one here” Dr Jenny said.

” I said I heard someone from that direction……. checks it out Boyd” he said to one of his bodyguards.

Boyd went over to the direction and started looking around then he saw someone running away.

” Sir…. you’re right, the man is running away” Boyd announced.

” Get him……I want him caught, don’t let him get away, kill him if you have to” Mr George said then five of the bodyguards ran after him.

” Doctor, this is a mess” Mr George said.

” I’m sorry Sir, but now I know what to do” she said.

” You can’t do anything Dr Jenny, you’re a failure……..I can’t entertain anymore of your failures” he said.

” Sir we are very close, so close and you see it for yourself, but this time around I know exactly what I need to do”

” I am 100 percent sure, so sure and if we do this it’s going to the biggest invention and you will never regret it” Dr Jenny said.

” What are you insinuating?, I’ve spent billions on this project and I’m making no zero profit due to your failures…… you’ve cost me billions Dr Jenny” he said.

” All I’m saying sir, is for you to give me one last chance, with this I promise you it will be a success” she assured.

” That’s one hell of an assurance Dr Jenny, you want another chance?, Fine I’ll give you another chance but don’t you dare fail” he said.

” I won’t Sir, I promise” she replied.
John’s POV
In the evening when i was scouting the area before to make sure the facility is safe and secure before I could head back home.

As I went to the last part of the building i saw someone running towards my direction.

” STOP RIGHT NOW” i shouted and as the man got closer I realized he’s the same man i allowed in earlier in the morning.

” What are you still doing here?” I asked confused as he keeps breathing heavily.

” There’s something very bad going on in this company, you need to expose them, they shouldn’t get away with it” he said and I was like what’s he talking about.

” What are you talking about?…..I think you should go now….. this act alone should make me arrest you” i said.

” Take this…… please expose them….. You have to” the guy said giving me a memory card and before I could stop him he ran away.

I was still confused and perplexed with what just happened right now then i saw some other men running as well.

Immediately i recognized them to be the bodyguards of Mr George and was surprised to see them around by the evening.

” Did you see any man running towards here?” One of them asked and I believe they are referring to the man that left just now.

” Yes….he just left” i replied directing them to the same direction the man went and they ran after him.

” What could be inside this thing?” I asked staring at the memory card.

” What is happening?….is Mr George still here?….. what’s going on?” I asked myself then when I’m through with my work.

I rearranged my things and went over to my car and drove off.

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