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Priest : The Killing Machine – Season 1 Episode 14 [Completed]

? ? {He Was Once A Human} ? ?

Unknow POV
John keeps fighting with the three Humandroid as one of them grabbed him and throw him against the wall.

” Uggh” he growled then stand back on his feet.

” I was really hoping there’s a way to save you but with what I’m seeing they’ve done quite a number on you” John said.

One of the charged at him but he dodged it then hit him very hard which sent him hitting the wall hard.

The two other charged at him together and he skillfully dodged their advances then grabbed hold of one of them.

He punched him several times then ripped out the right arm and throw it away.

” Arrrrgg” the man screamed.

Another one charged at him and he skillfully slide to his leg and ripped it out as well then grab one of the hand and ripped it off.

The last one also charged at him but John was fast enough to dodge him, then he unplug all the wires attached to him.

The man started crashing as he unplug all the wires one by one then fell down to the ground shut dead.

” I’m sorry but I promise you all…..I will avenge for you” John said then left them to look for Mr George.
Mr George was pacing in the Lab as he was unable to get any reply from any of his bodyguards.

” Diana, Diana come in …. Diana” Mr George said.

” I’m sorry but your Lady guard won’t be of any help to you, cause even if she’s crawling she would’ve reach hell by now” Desmond said and he was startled.

” Oh God” Dr Jenny screamed.

Mr George quickly click a button which locked the entrance to the Lab preventing Desmond from entering.

Desmond stepped back then shoot at door but it’s not bulging, he wasted his bullets on it not it didn’t open.

” MIA” Mr George called.
” Hello to you too” Desmond replied.

” You’re indeed a cockroach you don’t die easily” Mr George said.

” Thanks for the compliment, how about you let me in and find out what you are” Desmond replied.

John also arrive and both Mr George and the doctor were surprised to see him in new form.

” Doctor did you see that?….you see that body?” He said pointing to John.

” OhmyGod, how did you find that body?……that should be a synthetic body….where did you get that?” Dr Jenny said.

” How about you opened this door and find out?” John said.

” Doctor Jenny, get the all documents and meet me at the chopper in two minutes” Mr George said.

” Oh-oh okay….okay” she muttered as she started grabbing what she could and he left.

” I’ll find you….. you’re going nowhere, I promise to make you pay” John shouted as he left.

Desmond waited at the entrance looking for a way in then Rebecca grabbed an iron and hit the doctor on the head.

Immediately the doctor fell down she went to lever and pulled it down and the door opened and they entered.

John quickly ran after him while Desmond checked on the doctor and dragged her up.

” Ple…. please, don’t kill me……they threatened my family, they threatened my life” she begged.

” Is she telling the truth?” Desmond asked Rebecca.
” I don’t think so” she replied.

” Yeah me too, so I’m going to ask you a question…….do your best to answer truthfully then I won’t kill you” Desmond said.

” Ye..yes…yes” she replied.

” How many years have you been working for Mr George?” He asked.

” Uhm..i.i…we…ugh” she stuttered.

” Do you hear anything she’s saying?” He asked Rebecca.

” No….I heard nothing” she replied.

” Yeah me too” Desmond saying then changed the cartridge in the gun and pointed it at her.

” 20 years,…..20 years, please” she said.

” Wow….20 years, that’s alot…..20 years is quite a long time doing his evil bidding” Desmond said.

” He threatened my family…..he threatened to kill me too” she begged.

” I think you’re lying cause you will say anything to get out of this situation, you’ve been working for him for 20 years under the guise of threat”

” You killed people just to fulfil your crazy dreams, to reach your crazy potential, you spent 20 years Killing innocent people because of your crazy project”

” Please….. it’s not my fault” she pleaded.

” Don’t worry your family will be safe now cause that man will die today, and so will you” Desmond said then shoot her in the head.
John reached the top of the building and saw Mr George in the helicopter and it was just leaving the ground.

John ran as fast as he could and as the chopper was about to turn, John jumped very high and pulling at it.

The pilot tried to control the chopper as he was about to lose control, he tried to get away from him but John isn’t having any of that.

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” Take us out of here” Mr George shouted.
” I can’t, he’s pulling us down” the pilot said.

” How is he doing that?” He asked.

” I don’t know” the pilot replied then the chopper started malfunctioning.

” What’s happening?” He asked.

” I don’t know….. I’ve lost control, it’s not responding….. I’ve lost control” the pilot said.

” Then get it back” he said.
” I can’t” the pilot replied.

Mr George manage to jumped out of chopper, John released his grip on it and it went to the bush to explode.

John went to him and grabbed him by the neck and punch him hard on the face which draw blood immediately.

” You killed my wife, she was innocent and you took her from me, you deny my kids the love of their mother”

” If you had kill me that would’ve been better but went after my wife, YOU KILLED HER” he shouted then threw him against the wall.

” I think of what to do with you when I finally gotten to avenge her and I decided on one thing” he said moving closer to him.

” Please don’t do this” he begged then John grabbed his right arm and broke it.

” Aaahhhh” he screamed loudly then broke the left as well causing him to scream more.

” Please don’t, not anymore” he pleaded as he grabbed his left leg.

” I want you to feel every pain” John said then broke his two legs.

” THIS IS FOR MY WIFE” John said then punched his hand hard right into his chest and ripped out his heart.

” May you burn in Hell” he said then left him.

The three of them left the Lab and burn it to the ground and they went back to the hotel.

{Few Hours Later}
Back at the hotel Rebecca and her sister were ready to leave since the mission is complete.

” Thank you for saving my sister” Daborah said.

” You’re welcome, and I’m sorry for dragging you away from the church” Desmond replied.

” It’s okay….I understand” she replied.

” Thank you for everything” Rebecca said hugging him then John as well.

” Your sister is a good person, don’t trouble her….. it’s clear you both love each other, don’t ruin that because of greed” John said.

” I won’t….. I’ve learned my lesson” she replied.

” I’m glad you did being a hacker doesn’t mean you have to let your greed get the better part of you” Desmond said.

” but just for you to know if I find out you went back and get yourself involve in a mess such as this again” he added.

” I promise you I’ll find and when I do rest assured that I won’t kill you but I’ll make sure you spend the rest of your life in exquisite agony wishing for a merciful death” Desmond concluded and their face went pale.

” Hahaha…… c’mon girl no need to have that reaction, he’s definitely joking” John said laughing.

” For a second there I wasn’t joking….I do mean it, but all I’m saying is……don’t mess us again” Desmond said.

” I promise…..I won’t” she replied.
” Then we are good, be safe” he replied and they left.
” So I guess this is where we part ways” Desmond said grabbing his things.

” I don’t know how else to thank you…. you’ve been of great help to me” John said.

” It’s okay man, I’m glad I could help” Desmond replied.

” You may be a human being with human muscle but you’re definitely not alone, you’re not an ordinary human” John said.

” I think you’re exaggerating….. and I’m just an ordinary guy” Desmond replied.

” Thank you”

” So what now?” Desmond asked and he sighed.

” Find a place to stay….look for a good job and take care of my kids” John said.

” I forward some funds into your account and help you stand back up, I’ll do that immediately I get home” Desmond said.

” Oh please don’t, you’ve done enough already” John said.

” Oh no I’m not doing this for you…. I’m doing it for the twins beside I’m a philanthropist, I’m running a charity program” Desmond said.

” So please I’m happy doing this, I love helping people it’s what I was born for” he added.

” Thank you so much” John said hugging him.

” You’re welcome buddy” he replied and they disengaged.

” If you want to get in contact with with use the card I gave you, it’s my personal card….only few people have it” Desmond said.

” Thank you” John said as he entered the car.

” Take care of the twins and take care of yourself” he said.

” I will…..Bye” John said then Desmond drove off.

{Few weeks later}

John bought a new house with the help of Desmond, the house is well furnished and he live in there with his kids.

He begin his life anew having a decent Job and returned to the house of God to resume his duties.

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