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Priest : The Killing Machine – Season 1 Episode 13

? ? {He Was Once A Human} ? ?
? ? CHAPTER 13 {FÎŊĀLẸ́- A }

Unknown POV
Mr George was waiting patiently in the laboratory with doctor Jenny when Diane entered with Rebecca.

” Boss” Diane called as she entered.
” Oh you’re here….and where is the priest?” Mr George asked.

” Sir, we were t………..”
” You failed” he said interrupting her.

” You f*****g failed” he shouted.

” I’m sorry about that…..we were bested by the other man” Diane said.

” Exactly….you are bested by some man, I expected you to be the best, I thought you’re the best” Mr judge said.

” You don’t understand sir….the man I…….”

” Of course I don’t understand, I’ve wasted so much time, effort, my money….everything and I’m about to lose it” he said.

” We don’t have any other choice but to bring her like that cause that’s the best thing I could think of…..”

” Besides I was taken by shock cause the person is no other than MIA” she said.

” Whaaat?” He and the doctor said immediately.

” What are you talking?….. he’s supposed to be dead, are you sure it’s him?” he asked.

” Absolutely, I’m definitely sure it’s him and I spoke with him, he played us too good” Diane said.

” Oh God, ohmyGod….we are dead, we are all going to die….. he’s coming for us, he’s coming to kill” Dr Jenny said in fear.

” Will you just shut up doctor, No one here is dying… shut up and get back to work” Mr snapped at her.

” Do you know where he is?” He asked facing Diane.

” This is MIA sir, according to rumours no one find him unless he wants to be found” Diane said.

” You speak of him like he’s some god” Mr George said.

” To some people he’s their God” she replied.

” What about you?….where is he?, Where did he keep you” Mr George asked Rebecca.

” I don’t know, I was kidnapped and blindfolded so I couldn’t see anything” Rebecca replied.

” You know you cost me a lot and you’re supposed to be killed for that” Mr said grabbing her neck.

” Please don’t make me do this anymore, I don’t want to do this…….please don’t force me” Rebecca pleaded.

” The only way you’re going to stop doing this is unless you’re dead, cause the only reason you’re still alive is because of this project” Mr George.

” Sir, I’m afraid Dr Jenny is right….. MIA will come looking for us” Diane said.

” Let him try, this laboratory has never being discovered for decades, what makes you think he will find it” Mr George said.

” I’m just saying we should be careful” she said.

” I think we should go into hiding for some days till all of this settled down, that way we will be safe” Dr Jenny said.

” shut up Jenny and get on with the project” he snapped at him.

” I think you’re giving him too much credit, he’s a Man……a human being and you don’t need to be scared of him” Mr George said.

” I’m not afraid of him sir” Diane said.
” Well then this is settled” he replied.

” There’s something else you should know about” she said.

” What?” He asked.

” Priest has done something to himself, he’s different now…..the body he possessed now is different” she said.

” What do you mean?” He asked.

” I mean he’s different everything about him different, I got so close to him then pressed the EMP device but nothing happened” she said.

” Are you sure about this?” Dr Jenny asked.

” Yes I am… can asked Sophie here, she saw him as well” she said pointing to Rebecca.

” Is that true?” Mr George asked facing Rebecca and she nodded affirmative.

” How is that possible?… and where did he do this?” Dr Jenny said.

” Let’s put that aside, take Sophie with you and begin the project immediately and I want result” Mr George said.

” Yes sir” she replied then left with Rebecca.

” Fortify the facility, call on all your men I don’t want any more surprises” he said.

” Yes boss” she replied then left.
{ An Hour Later }
Desmond and John are almost at the location when they had to parked the car cause they have to go on foot.

” This people are clever” Desmond said as they alighted from the car.

” Yeah I can see that, we have to go on foot and we will be in the open from attack using trees for cover” John said.

” Yeah, but let’s hope they don’t find out on time” Desmond said pulling a bag from the trunk.

He opened the bag pulling out a rifle and handed one to John and pulled out another and cocked it.

He fasten the cartridge belt to himself and John did so as well, they grabbed all they need then closed the trunk.

” This is your last chance to back out……so choose wisely” Desmond said faced the trees.

” Let’s do this” John replied and they head on.
They walked stealthily making sure they are not detected, they walked for almost thirty minutes before they found the facility.

” That’s the palace of evil” desmond said.
” Let’s burn it to the ground” John said.

” To do that let’s find a way in” Desmond said and they advance to the facility then they saw men coming out of the Lab to secure it.

” Do you think they know we are coming” John asked.

” I don’t know but if they do then there’s no need for us to be discreet” Desmond said then pointed guns at them.

” What are you doing?” John asked.

” Telling them we are here” Desmond said then he started firing at them and John joined him.

The men were taken by surprise as bullets from unknown direction started hitting them, they end up dead before they could grab their gun.

” Now let’s go” Desmond said and they head over to the entrance, Desmond waved and smiled at the camera then he entered.
Mr George was with the doctor when they heard the gunshots and his mind skipped.

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” Oh God, what was that?….OhmyGod what’s that?” Dr Jenny said frightened.

” Be calm doc, it’s probably nothing” Mr George said then diana rushed into Lab to meet her boss.

” Diana….what was that?” He asked her.

” Sir……they are here, both of them” she informed.

” What?…. how did they find this place?” He asked.

” I don’t know Sir……I was surprised myself” she replied then Mr George turned to Rebecca.

” Did you tell them about this place?” He asked.

” NO, I haven’t touch a computer yet….maybe there’s a mole in your midst” Rebecca replied.

” None of my men will betray us” Diana said.

” Stop them, Don’t let them anywhere around here.. and 100 Million for whoever kill MIA……I want them stopped” he said.

” Yes Sir” she replied then left.
” Dr Jenny, how much left?” He asked.

” Just a few minutes but you should know……they will last only for 24 hours” Dr Jenny said.

” Can they take on the Priest?” He asked.

” Yes sir…..they are infused with quite a huge amount of power, so they should be more than enough” Dr Jenny said.

” Good, hurry up cause I don’t think this people can take on them alone, MIA alongside the Priest is very bad combination”
Desmond and John have killed quite a number of Mr George’s men and they keep on coming.

” This people never learn their lesson” John said as they reload their guns.

” Then let’s keep teaching them” Desmond said and they continue shooting them.

In a while Later all the men were all killed by both of them then Diana came out.

” So we meet again” Desmond said.
” I told you this isn’t over” Diana replied.

” Then let’s end it now” Desmond said.
” Bring it on” she replied pulling out a dagger.

Desmond also dropped his gun and pulled out his dagger then ran towards her.

As he got closer someone came right in front of him and punch him hard on the chest which sent back.

” Desmond” John shouted then went to meet him.

” Who the hell is that?” Desmond said spurting out blood from his mouth.

They both look up and saw a man with robotic arm and legs just like how John was before.

” Whatt the hell?” Desmond muttered.
” Surprise surprise” Diana said grinning.

John stood up and charged to the man to attack but before he could get closer two more men came out.

The three of them rushed punches at him then carried him throw him against the wall.

” Courtesy of Mr George” Diana said then Desmond stood up and went to John.

” I don’t have my watch so I can’t take them down remotely” Desmond said.

” Don’t worry, I can handle them go after her and Mr George” John said pointing to Diana.

” Are you sure about this?” Desmond asked.

” Yeah, just go” John said then went to the three Humandroid.

” You three and I are gonna have some fun” John said and they charged at him.
Desmond also went after Diana and caught up with her.

” You know when I heard about you…..I was really hoping to know you, I mean a single man that causes fear in others” Diana said.

” The only people that are scared are the evil ones cause theirs no rest for the wicked, no mercy for the wicked” Desmond said.

” Well, the only mistake you made is coming here cause this is where you die….and this time around it’s going to be official” she said.

” We will see that” Desmond said then charged at her.

She dodged all of Desmond’s advances and when she noticed an open spot she punched him on the face.

” You caught me” Desmond said holding his jaw.

” I’m not afraid of you” she said holding out her dagger.

” Congratulations” Desmond replied then charge back at her.

Desmond made to stab her but she was fast enough to grab hold of his hand then head-butted him.

She jumped skillfully then kicked him on the chest and he fell to the ground.

” You should have take the 100 million offer, we wouldn’t have resulted to this”

” Don’t worry, I’ll make sure I tell the world about your death, and how you are killed by a woman” she said.

” Really that’s very nice of you, do you really think you have what it takes to kill me?” Desmond said.

” I’ll show you” she said then attacked again this time around it’s aggressively, she successfully kicked the knife away from his hand.

She attacked him again Desmond dodged all her advances then grabbed her and several punches on the face.

She managed to pull herself away from him and spurt out blood then charge again to stab him.

” I don’t really hit girls but when I find an evil one, I really do make sure they pay” Desmond said.

Desmond was able to Dodge her move then punch her right in the face, grabbed her by the neck then hit her to the wall.

She charged again then Desmond grab her hand again then twisted it backwards and broke it causing her scream in pain.

” Please, please don’t kill…..please have mercy” she pleaded then Desmond’s stopped.

” Fine, you can go and never come back” Desmond said the turn to leave.

She quickly went for her and pointed at Desmond, Desmond turned swiftly and caught her hand before she could shoot.

He grabbed her hand then broke it as well causing her to scream louder in pain and agony.

She fell to the ground then Desmond took the gun and pointed it at her.

” Please, don’t kill me…..please, I have a family” she pleaded again.

” You know now I understand the quote that says ‘ if you continually show Mercy to a recurrent provoker; your mercy will continue to less and less till you become Merciless’

Immediately he finished the statement he shot her on the head then went after Mr George.


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