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Priest : The Killing Machine – Season 1 Episode 12

? ? {He Was Once A Human} ? ?
? ? CHAPTER 12 {$£M!-FÎŊĀLẸ́}

John’s POV
I watched as Desmond speak with the lady and I’m very glad I have someone like him helping me.

He worked with so much confidence and with that I draw strength that I’ll be holding my kids very soon.

A Girl which one of the best scientist facility was looking for more than two weeks, he found her in less than 24 hours.

The way he works and the tactics he used amused me, if it were up to me I wouldn’t know what to do.

I have no skills whatsoever, no tactical intelligence and no technology skills either if not for the scientific body.

Few months ago I was just an ordinary man who put all his hope in God but now I’m a man that kills around.

Desmond finished talking with the lady then he ended the call, I watched as he grabbed a small bag.

” So how did it go?” I asked.

” She will bring the kids…..I just sent her the address for the meeting” he replied.

” So are we going now?” I asked.

” Nah…..not yet, I need to make some preparation first……now listen to me this is the plan” he said and I listened.

He told me the plan and explained to me what I need to do and how to carry out the plan.

As he was saying this I find wisdom in his plan and it’s perfect.

” So that’s it” he said.

” Alright…. thanks for doing this” I said.
” You’re welcome….. don’t let the girl escape” he said.

” They won’t” I replied then he left.
Unknow POV
Immediately Diane ended the call she went over to Mr George in his office to relay the message.

” Sir….we have a problem” she said as she entered.

” What are you talking about?…..What problem?” He asked.

” John have the hacker and he wants to make an exchange for his kids” she said.

” What?….how can he find her faster than your men?” He said angrily.

” I’m sorry Sir” she replied.

” Play along and take the EMP with you, when you get closer to him shut him down” Mr George said.

” Sir, I don’t think that’s possible cause things are more complicated than that” she said.

” How?” He asked.

” Someone is helping him and now he sent me an address to meet for the exchange” she said.

” Who is this man?” He asked.
” I don’t know, I haven’t seen him” she replied.

” Whoever he is just play along, kill the man then shut down the priest……bring both of them back to me” he said.

” Yes Sir”

” Remember, play smart” he said.
” I will” she replied then left.
John’s POV
I went over to where the sisters are sitting and sat with them, I can barely tell the difference between them.

They are too identical but the only way I can tell the difference is the hairstyle on Rebecca’s.

” Where is he going?” Daborah asked.
” To prepare for the exchange” I replied.

” He’s so Peremptory and he looks dangerous, he has a gentle face but his actions are scary” Daborah said and I smiled.

” Well, that’s him for you…..he likes to take control of everything and he’s quite confident to get the job done” I said.

” So are you two like brothers?” Rebecca asked and I smiled.

” Nah we are not, I think the appropriate word is friends even though we met five days ago” I said.

” Seriously….you met five days ago?” He said in disbelief.

” Yeah”

” What! And he’s putting his Life on the line for you?” Daborah said.

” That’s just the kind of person he is and I’m glad I met him cause it was at the right moment” I said.

” So you’re saying we can trust him to keep my sister safe……he can save her?” Daborah said.

” I trust him and I believe he can do that, he always has a plan” I said.

” well if you say so”

” You know you girls and I have alot in common” I said and furrow their brow.

” How?” Daborah asked.

” I’m an orphan too and was raised at the orphanage as well”

” Really?” They said in surprise.

” Yeah, when I left the orphanage I set out to make a living for myself and to be a better person” I said.

” Do you mind if I ask you a question?” Rebecca said.

” what do you want to know?” I asked.

” The reason I get tide up with this people was because of my greed but what about you?….how did you end up here?” She asked.

” I was working at Roxxon facility and I saw what I shouldn’t see and they punished me for it, they killed my wife and they turned me to this” I explained.

” OhmyGod” Daborah exclaimed.

” I’m so sorry you had to go through that” Rebecca said.

” Just like you Rebecca, this won’t stop until they have me too and I can’t allow that, I need to make them pay” I said.

” You shouldn’t let vengeance cloud your judgement” Daborah advised.

” If there’s another way to stop them I will take it….but just like your sister said the government authorities are working with him” I said.

” But what do you say about………..” She was saying then my phone started ringing which I answered immediately.

? ” Yeah” I said.

? ” It’s time” Desmond said.

? ” Okay what about the weapons?” I asked.

? ” Why do we need weapons, we are going for exchange not war…..we don’t need weapons” Desmond said.

? ” Are you sure?” I asked.

? ” Just follow my lead” he said.

? ” Alright…. I’ll be there” I replied then ended the call.

” Time to go, here put this on your wrist” I said giving her the wristwatch according to Desmond.

” Right now” Daborah said.

” Yes……if you want to leave this is the time for you to leave” I said to daborah.

” Please let her stay here, I don’t want them to know I have a sister cause they might come for her” Rebecca said.

” No problem” I said and they embraced themselves.

” I’m so sorry sis, for the trouble I caused you…..I’m truly sorry” Rebecca said.

” It’s okay……I know you will never do anything to harm me…..please be safe” she replied.

” I love you sis” Rebecca said as they disengaged.

” It’s time……we need to go, if you decide to stay keep the door locked ” I said then we left.
Unknown POV
Desmond sat down at the location he gave Diane which is a school restaurant and was waiting for her appear.

The place was a crowded with students and others which is the perfect cover he needed.

He waiter for a while and just a moment after a car drove in and he saw a lady coming out of the car.

He knew immediately that she’s the person he spoke with on the phone, then the lady came to the restaurant.

The was looking around then Desmond waved at her, she saw him and her reactions shows that she was surprised.

She shooked her head then draw closer and sat down before him still staring at him.

” Hi, I believe you’re the one I spoke with earlier on the phone” Desmond said.

” I’ll be damned, who do we have here?” She said then the realisation hit him.

” Oh I see you know me” Desmond said.

” Who doesn’t know the legendary MIA?” She asked rhetorically.

” Oh I guess I don’t need an introduction after all cause my reputation precedes me” he said grinning.

” Hmm, what are you doing here MIA?…. why are you here?” She asked.

” well You know me, one way or the other I just get myself into trouble……I don’t know I just can’t help it” he replied.

” Rumour has it that you died, I guess the other rumour are true as well” she said.

” What other rumour?” He asked.

” The ones that says you have a thousand lives” she said and Desmond burst into Laughter.

” That’s ridiculous, no human has two lives let alone a thousand, looks like you believe every rumour about me” he said.

” You know my boss was very happy when he heard that you died, he believes that no one can stop him when you are dead” she said.

” He always keen on making you he didn’t draw your attention and also prayed that you were never transfer to Lagos”

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” And now just like a magic, you somehow found out about it……the great MIA” she added.

” Oh please, you’re giving me too much credit and yes every evil people are always on the lookout for me” he said.

” How about we make a deal, my boss is ready to pay you 100 million just for you to drop this” she offered.

” I’m disappointed, looks like you don’t know me that well”

” But why do………..”

” Wait wait wait, you’re stalling me, you think I wouldn’t find out, my guess is that you’re orchestrating something underneath” Desmond said.

” Fine, let’s start this tedious business, shall we?” She said.

” Oh no you’re wrong, this is not where the exchange is taking place” he said.

” What?”

” Oh c’mon, don’t look so surprise, you think I don’t see your men lurking around this place, my guess is that you’re looking for the girl….”

” and do you also think I wouldn’t notice the sniper at my 3 o’clock and the one at 7 o’clock” Desmond said.

” Oh please, you should know better and just in case your men tries anything stupid…..

“……, there’s a bomb under this table” he added and her eyes bulged out.

She quickly looked under the table and saw a bomb attached to the table.

” Are you crazy?” She asked.
” Maybe”

” You’re going to kill yourself along with everyone else here” she said.

” Oh no, c’mon I’m not that evil, this bomb is just for you and me, no one else will get hurt” Desmond said.

” So what now?” She asked.
” Visual confirmation of the kids” he asked.

” What about the girl?” She asked.
” Show me the boys first” he demanded.

” bring out the kids” she said through her comms then the car she came with opened and someone bring out the kids.

” Now you see them” she said.

” John…..Have you make confirmation?” Desmond said to John through the comms.

” Yeah…… confirmed those are my kids” he replied.

” Good, show them the girl” Desmond said then John came out of hiding with the girl.

” So how do we do this?” Diana asked.

” There is a museum of antiquities just a mile away from the school….. let’s meet there” he said.

” Why?”

” Because that’s where the exchange will take place” he said.

” You’re overthinking things, I’ve seen it too many times before. The first plan goes to hell and then you start hip-dancing”

” You have ten minutes….and you can help me dispose the bomb….see ya” he said then he left.
Diana also left the restaurant and went back inside the car angry that her plan failed.

” Alright everyone pack up, the exchange is not taking place here” she said then the driver drove to the museum.

The five cars parked in front of the museum and they all get out and made their way to the museum.

As they head to the museum Diana saw the entrance and she stopped.

” Damn….metal detectors which mean we can’t bring guns” she growled then her phone rang.

? ” Metal detectors, that’s clever” she said.

? ” Thanks for the compliment” he replied.

? ” And here I thought we were building a circle of trust” she said.

? ” Ridiculous, Come to the southwest corner of the second floor” he said.

? ” Fine, but that’s it, no more stops on your guided tour, if I don’t walk out of here with the girl something bad will happen to one of the kids”

? “…..and yes I can do it” she added then the line ended.
” Alright boys, Jericho and I are going in alone we will be armless, so the rest of you cover every exit…..I guess you know what to do” she said.

” Yes Miss” they replied and they all scattered while Diana and the guy entered the museum with the kids.
They got to the place and met MIA,John and Rebecca and they join them.

” John?….wow, you look different, what have you done to yourself?” Diana said surprised.

” Enough talk….. let’s get on with this business” John said.

” Fine” she replied.

” As soon as you give us the kids then you can have the girl” John said.

Jericho handed the kids to John and then they gave Rebecca to them.

” You cost us a lot girl, if not for you we wouldn’t be in this predicament” Diana said.

” You people gave me no choice, you can’t make me a bad person” Rebecca said then turned to Desmond.

” And what are you still doing here?…. aren’t you supposed to be gone?” Diana asked.

” Yeah, I could ask you the same thing” desmond said.

” It’s none of your business” she snapped at him.

” If I were you and I couldn’t bring weapon inside, I’d have my men at every exit ready to shoot as soon as we stepped outside” Desmond said.

” Well, then it really doesn’t matter what exit you take, does it?, I’m going out that door, may you should take this door” she said pointing to the exit.

” Actually, that will be lock in the event of an emergency” desmond said.

” What emergency?” She asked.

” This one” Desmond said then he hit the fire alarm on the wall and the alarm blares out.

” Now we are all walking out of here, together” Desmond said grinning.

Everyone started running out of the place and they joined them.

” This isn’t over” she said angrily.

” You’re damn right it isn’t” Desmond said as they walked out of the museum and they went their separate ways.
John’s POV
I am very happy that I could hold my boys again and I’m not letting them out of my sight again.

” Thank you so much Desmond, I owe you everything” I said to him as he drive.

” Oh please, cut the crap….. I’m doing what I would’ve done for any other person” he said.

” I don’t know what would have happened if I don’t get back the kids” I said.

” I need you to get out of town with your kids and have a good life together, I’ll take care of this bastard” Desmond said.

” No no no….. you’re not doing that, not this time around, I’m not letting you do this,…..I planned on having my revenge on them” I said.

” What about your kids?….what do you think will happen to them?” He said.

” I will be fine, I have an indestructible body remember… should be you who should be worried” I said.

” Nonsense, you have any idea how many people want me dead and they failed, I’ve been doing this for a very long time” he said.

” Look, I get why you’re doing this…..but I also have to do this” I said.

” Fine then” he said as he parked right in front of the hotel.
Unknow POV
They entered and took the lift to their floor and knocked on the door, Daborah opened the door and they entered.

” Where is my sister?” She asked.

” They have her but don’t worry, we are going after her” Desmond said.

” We will save her but you need to look after the kids when we are gone” John said.

” Okayy” she said then collected the kids from them.

” Alright let’s do this,….Did she have the wristwatch with her?” Desmond asked bringing out his laptop.

” Yes”

” Wait, something is wrong” desmond said.
” What’s wrong?”

” The watch is showing no vitals and there’s no connection to it” he replied.

” What does that mean?” John asked.

” It means it has been destroyed…… they must’ve know about the watch” Desmond said.

” Please tell me you have plan B” John said and Desmond smiled.

” You’re starting to know me……..of course I made plan B” he replied.

” So what is it?” John asked.

” When the lady and I met earlier I put a very tiny micro chip on the chair she sat on, she chip is installed with tracker…… that’s how we find them” Desmond said.

Then started typing on his computer for some minutes then he stopped.

” Found them…….they are smart, using a place where no one will ever suggest” Desmond said.

” So what now?” John asked.
” Get ready…..we are going for war”


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