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Priest : The Killing Machine – Season 1 Episode 11


? ? {He Was Once A Human} ? ?
? ? CHAPTER 11

John’s POV
” FATHER” she shouted with her eyes bulging out seeing him with a gun.

” Oh please don’t call me that…..this is just a disguise” Desmond said.

” Please you need to let me go…..I don’t have any idea of what you’re talking about…. I’m innocent” she said.

” Is there another way out of here?” Desmond asked and she pointed to the direction.

” Now lead the way” he said.
” Please don’t kill me, I’m innocent” she said.

” We won’t if you do as we say, now lead the way” he said then ran away and the men ran after them.

They ran and people were wondering what was happening, the men after them started shooting at them.

” Aaaahhh” the Nun screamed.

” Take her to the car” Desmond said then turned to the men and shoot back at them.

They continue exchanging fire at each other until they were all killed by Desmond, the car drove beside him then he entered.

” Lord please forgive me” Desmond prayed making a cross sign then John drove away.

” How did they find us anyway?” Desmond asked.

” I don’t know…….. I’m surprised as well” John replied.

” Do you have anything that belongs to them With you?” Desmond asked.

” I think so…..they gave me this phone to contact them” John said bringing out the phone.

” Give it to me, they are tracking the phone” Desmond said collecting it and was about to throw it away.

” Wait….. that’s the only way I get in contact with them” John said then Desmond copied the number to his phone and throw the phone away.

” Please let me go, I don’t have any idea of what you’re talking, I’m just a nun and I stayed at the church all day” she said.

” So you’re not Sophie Adams huh” Desmond said grinning.

” I’m telling you the truth, I’m not and I don’t know who that is….my name is Daborah Margaret” she said.

” So you expect me to believe that?…. there’s a group of bad people also looking for you and now you’re telling me you’re not” Desmond said.

” I know who you’re looking for” she said reluctantly..

” Oh really?….who?” Desmond asked.
” Her name Rebecca” she said.

” And how do you know she’s the one and how come you’re certain of it?” Desmond asked.

” Because her name is Rebecca Margaret, my twin sister” she said.

” Whaaaat?” Desmond said.
” Twin sister?” John said in surprise.

” Are you messing with us right now?” Desmond asked.

” I’m not, we were both orphans and we’re brought up and raised in the orphanage, when we come of age I decided to dedicated my life to God”

” While she on the other hand went into the world drawn by the things of this world” she said.

” Why didn’t you say this before?…..why now?” Desmond asked.

” I was only trying to protect her…….She’s my sister and I do love her, this is not the first time she will bring problem to me”

” Because of our identical appearance people got us confused” she added.

” Let’s say I believe you……now tell me where is your sister?” Desmond asked.

” i don’t know, i don’t know where she is” she said and desmond scoffed.

” and you expect me to believe that?” desmnd asked.

” please you have to, i don’t know….I haven’t seen her in a year…….. she don’t tell me where she is” she said.

” when was the last time you spoke with her?” desmond asked.

” two weeks ago, she called me two weeks ago, and with the way she spoke she seems troubled” she said.

” she has the tendency of getting herself into trouble, she has been arrested a couple of times” she added.

” did she tell you where she is?” desmond asked.

” she doesn’t, she never did” she replied.
” what do we do desmond?” John asked.

” we stick to the plan” desmond replied.

” can you get in contact with your sister?” desmond asked.

” yes….she left a line I could call her on” she replied.

” good, i promise to protect you and nothing will happen to you” desmond said.

” can’t you just let me go?” she asked.

” nah, we can’t do that…not yet” he said then John pulled the car into the hotel.

They all get down from the car and went into the hotel room, They entered the room and the lady refused to entered.

” i shouldn’t be here with you people, please just let me go…….I promise I’ll never utter a word to anyone” she said.

” look, i hate doing this but you need to entered right now before I lose it” desmond said then she entered reluctantly.

” The room by your right is yours, you can stay there for now” desmond said pointing to a room and she went inside.

” what now?….we can’t let anything happen to this girl……she remind me alot about myself” john asked.

” calm down, let’s not jump into conclusion here….we still don’t know much about them” desmond said.
” We don’t know if they are working together, we don’t know if all this is part of the plan” Desmond said.

” Let’s not get carried away cause we don’t know if she’s saying all that to Garner our sympathy” Desmond said.

” Understood” John said.
The three of them gathered together then desmond gave deborah a phone to call her sister.

She dialled her number while desmond stay connected to trace the line back to her.

? ” hello rebecca” she said.

? ” daborah, we can’t talk right now” rebecca said.

? ” why?, you’ve been avoiding me?” daborah said.

? ” i’m sorry, i’m just too busy” rebecca replied.

? ” when are we going to meet?, i miss you sister” she asked.

? ” we can’t right now, and actually i really have to go” she said then ended the call.
” she hunged up on me” daborah said.
” were you able to get her location?” john asked.

” No, she’s smart….i couldn’t pinpoint her location, she hung up before it could be successful” desmond said.

” so what do we do now?” John asked.
” Plan B” he replied.

” what’s plan B?” John asked.
” we call her back” desmond said.

He collected the phone and dialled the number back and this time around she didn’t pick.

He called back few more times more and the number got barred.

” Great, she restricted me from calling back” desmond said.

” what do we now?….we don’t have much time” john said.

” we go to plan C” desmond said.
” There’s plan C?” John asked.

” Of course, there’s D,E,F….. you know how the alphabet goes” Desmond said.

” so what’s plan C?” john asked.

” Point a gun at her head” he said and their eyes bulged out.

” Whaat!” they both shouted.
” what are you talking about?” John asked.

” You said you wouldn’t hurt me…. please I’m begging you……I did everything you asked” daborah said frightened.

” calm down everyone, we are not hurting anyone, just want to send a message” desmond said giving him gun.

” What kind of message will that be?” John asked as Daborah was shaking.

” Please be calm, no one will hurt you” John said to her.

” Actually I need her reaction like that…..for her sister to believe we mean business” Desmond said.

John collected the gun from him then pointed it right on her head as tears drip down from her eyes.

” now what?” John asked then desmond switch his phone to video.

” Daborah….i need you to face the camera send a message to your sister to call back immediately” desmond said then he hit the record button.

” Now”

?️” Rebecca, this men got to me at the church and they have me captured, you have to listen to them before they kill me” she said with tears then desmond stopped the recording.

” You did good, let’s hope she call back” Desmond said then sent the video to her.

Just immediately desmond sent the video and about five minutes later his phone started ringing and Desmond answered it.

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? ” So nice of you to call back” Desmond said immediately.

? ” Please I beg you don’t hurt her…… I’ll do anything you want….just don’t hurt her she knows nothing” she said.

? ” You should’ve think about her before getting yourself into trouble that you can’t fix” Desmond said.

? ” Please I’ll do anything you want…..just don’t hurt her” she begged.

? ” Good, now that I have your attention get on with it”

? ” Look, I’m not from the facility so you can rest assured that nothing will happen to your sister” desmond said.

? ” Alright what do you want?” She asked.

? ” I’ll send you an address be here in one hour….. don’t try to be smart okay, for the sake of your sister” Desmond said.

? ” Okay I’ll be there… promise” she said then Desmond ended the call.

” what did she say?” John asked.
” Well She said she’s coming” he answered.

” So we wait for her now?” John asked.

” Yeah, I knew something was wrong cause getting to Daborah here seem so easy……a hacker would never do that……. especially the one on the run” Desmond said.

” Now that you’ve confirmed now……can you please let me go……I don’t want to get tied up in all this” Daborah said.

” Sorry sister, I can’t do that…….your sister needs to be here first” Desmond said.

” What if she didn’t show up?” John asked.

” Let’s hope she did and if she didn’t, that’s when plan D will take place, and plan D is very risky, I wouldn’t recommend it” Desmond replied.
An Hour Later, A knock came on the door then Desmond stood up carrying his gun and went to the door.

He looked into the door hole and saw another pair of the lady in the room then he opened the door.

” Rebecca, I presume” Desmond said and she nodded affirmative.

” Come in” he ushered her in.

Rebecca entered frightened and walked into the room, then she saw John sitting on the couch and her sister on another.

” Daborah” she called then ran to meet her.

Immediately she got closer Daborah pushed her away and slapped her on the face which shocked everyone.

” Get away from me” Daborah said.
” Why did you do that?” Rebecca asked.

” Really?… asked me that?,….I haven’t seen you in a year despite my plea to see you”

” I can’t believe I had to have a gun pointed at me before I can see my sister, and now you’re here like you care” she said angrily.

” I’m really sorry Daborah, I never wanted it things to turn out like that” Rebecca said with teary eyes.

” Well guess what it did…..and I’m in this mess because of you Rebecca, and this is not the first time” Daborah said.

” Daborah I…….”

” Hey Heyy, I’m sorry to break this family drama but we are really running out of time” Desmond said.

” If you don’t mind I have to go now…… you’ve gotten who you want” Daborah said standing to leave.

” Yes you’re free to leave but for your own good I’d advise you to stay….cause bad people are out there looking for your sister and they will come for you” Desmond said.

” So you want me to stay here with you strange people?” She said.

” Your choice but if you want to be safe….. you should stay here” Desmond said.

” Please Daborah….. please don’t go, please stay for me” Rebecca pleaded then she sat back down.

” Good, now that we have all this settled…..I do have some questions for you young lady” Desmond said to Rebecca.

” What do you want?” She asked.

” Why are this people after you?…. I want to know everything” John asked.

” They recruited me six months ago and they offered me a huge amount of money for what I’m going to be doing for them”

” They told me I’ll be working on a scientific project, at first I thought it was some technology but it….”

” But what?” Desmond asked.

” I found out it wasn’t any project…..they are daring God, they are making a human robot, they called them Humandroid” she explained.

” OhmyGod Bex, what have you gotten yourself into” Daborah exclaimed.

” I saw the body, I saw the man and how they were working on him like nothing, it was evil….I didn’t know that’s what I’m signed up for”

” When I realised what I’ve done….I tried to pull out but they wouldn’t let me, I was threatened so I had no choice but to do what they want” she narrated.

” And you don’t look for a way to expose them?…. or shut them down forever?” Desmond said.

” They put me in solitary for six months to work on some of their other project”

” But few weeks ago I manage to escape from them cause I don’t want to be part of them” she narrated.

” I can’t meet with you Daborah cause I’ll be drawing problem to you, I love you sister but I’ll never let any harm come to you” she said.

” Have you tried the police?” Desmond asked.

” I can’t go to the police cause they work together, they are powerful people and they won’t stop until I’m captured” she said.

” And Now they want you back to finish what they started” Desmond said.

” They must not have me, you can’t let them get me……they are dangerous” she warned.

” I’m sorry…. it’s a little bit too late for that” Desmond said.

” Wait….. she just explained to you everything and you still want to do this?…. you’re making her into a evil person” Daborah intervene.

” You don’t understand…..we don’t have any choice” Desmond said.

” What do you mean?” Rebecca asked.

” Do you recognize the man you saw in the laboratory…. the man you worked on?” John asked.

” I don’t think so…..cause he was a mess, I couldn’t get to see his face” she replied.

” That man is me”

” What!…. that’s impossible, this isn’t the body I worked on” she said.

” You’re right it’s not……but I made some upgrade to myself” John said.

” Then why are you doing this?” She asked.

” Because they have my kids, they want me to surrender in other for them to take control of me again” John said.

” I’m so sorry about that” Rebecca apologized.

” so you want to trade her for you kids?” Daborah said and John nodded.

” No please you can’t do that… don’t know what will happen…… according to what you all said……they might kill her” Daborah said.

” It’s okay sister, they are right………this is my doing anyway” she said.

” I’m sorry we have to do this but I promise to do everything in my power to keep you safe” Desmond said.

” Okay… now what?” She asked.

” Let’s call them” Desmond said signalling to John and he dialled the number.

? ” Who is this?” Diana said immediately she answered.

? ” I have who you want” John said.

? ” Priest, you act stupidly putting your kids in grave danger” Diana said.

? ” There’s someone who likes to speak to you” John said giving the phone to Desmond.

? ” Hello, Hello,….. what’s the meaning of this?” Daina said angrily.

? ” And hello to you too” Desmond answered.

? ” Who the hell are you?” Diana asked.

? ” You shouldn’t worry about that….but I’m the one you will be dealing with from now on”

? ” I can’t believe priest will allow this at the expense of his kids” Diana said.

? ” You have what I want and I have what you want……how about we talk about trade by barter” Desmond said.

? ” Fine…. let’s meet at the old……”

? ” Nah nah nah….. you’ve been calling the shot all this time….not anymore, I’m calling the shot now” Desmond said.

? ” Fine”

? ” I’ll text you the address…..don’t be late and bring the kids with you” Desmond said.

? ” We have a deal” she said.

? ” Good, now listen to me…….if anything happens to those kids or anything at all, I promise you will meet an end so cruel”

? ” Even the Devil will weep”

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