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Priest : The Killing Machine – Season 1 Episode 10

? ? {He Was Once A Human} ? ?
? ? CHAPTER 10
John’s POV
{Next Day}
It’s 6am in the morning and I just can’t wait to see Desmond cause I’m extremely restless.

I don’t have anywhere to go cause I don’t have anything, I’m totally helpless so I had to laid down on the pavement of a shop.

I can’t even sleep cause all I think of is how to save my kids from those monsters before they did anything bad.

I know the kind of people they are and I can’t allow my kids stay any longer with them before they get a crazy idea to experiment on him.

Then it occur to me that I didn’t give Desmond my location when we talked, I tried to contact him again I saw someone parked a car beside me.

My first thought was that it’s from the company cause I sprang up immediately then the glass rolled down and I saw Desmond.

” Desmond?” I said surprised.
” Hey man, what are you doing there?” He asked.

” How did you find me?” I asked ignoring his question.

” The wristwatch has a tracker in it, come in” he answered then I opened the door then entered.

” Did you sleep here all night?” He asked.

” I have no where to go, I realized where ever I go…..people always end up dead or injured” I said.

” Oh God, let’s just get out of here first…. let’s find a place to stay” he said.

” No don’t worry about me, but we need to find my kids” I said.

” Calm down John, nothing will happen to them but first I need to know everything to know where to start” he said.

” Okay” I replied then he drove off.

A while later he parked right in front of a hotel then we get down and went straight into the hotel.

He meet with the receptionist and booked for a room then we lodge in and we settle down.

” Alright John, before we go ahead I need to know more about this people, let me Know what we are dealing with” he said.

” The company is a scientist company run by a man called Greg George, they made everyone believe the company invent new technology”

” But in underground they are monsters, they are playing God with human being, turning them to some kind of machine”

” This people have no conscience, they are heartless, they killed my wife and turned me to this” I narrated.

” See Desmond, we need to get my kids away from them as soon as possible, please we need to act fast” I pleaded.

” Alright, you said you’re looking for someone…..who?” He asked.

” Her name is Sophie Adams, she’s a hacker…… they are also looking for her as we speak… I need to find her first and exchange her for my kids” I said.

” How do you know about this?” He asked.

” A doctor who works for them told me” I answered.

” And where is this doctor? Maybe she can give us more insight” he asked.

” I killed her” I answered.

” Pheew, okay…. uhm, this might be harder than I thought cause a lot of people goes by the name Sophie Adams” he said.

” I have her picture with me……will this help?” I said bringing out the picture of the girl.

” Still, it’s not enough…….you said she’s a hacker on the run which means she’s going to be very careful with all of her move”

” So finding her will be very difficult, assuming you didn’t kill the doctor she might give us more clue” he added.

” So what do we do now?” I asked.

” I’d say we go after them and kill them all but we will be gambling with the life of the kids which is not good” he said.

” So Let’s search for her, let’s see if she’s a smart hacker or an idiot” he said bringing out a laptop from his bag.

He collected the picture from me and snapped it with his phone then he started working on it.

” What are you doing?” I asked.

” With the use of facial recognition, I’ll run her face throughout every database, including social media to see if we can find her” he said.

” How long will it take?” I asked.

” Let’s hope we find it on time, and in the meantime you need to take a shower and eat something” he said.

” Please, I told you not to worry about me…..I’ll be fine, all my worry right now is the kids” I said.

” Look I understand, but you should know you will need your strength for what’s to come” he insisted.

” Fine” I replied then went to the bathroom.
A while later I came out with towel on my waist then found a cloth on the bed courtesy of Desmond.

I put it on and went out to meet him then I saw a food covered on the table.

” That’s your food on the table” he said still working on laptop.

” Thanks,…you got anything?” I asked heading to the table.

” Nothing yet” he replied then I sat on the chair and manage to eat.

” There’s one more thing you should know, they want me to surrender myself and I think they want to shut me down” I said.

” We can’t allow them to have the chronicom body… is exactly what Seunnzzy died for” he said.

” That’s what I thought as well” I replied.
” When and where?” He asked.

” They told me they will call me today….I still haven’t heard from them” I replied.

” Okay….. let’s hope they don’t call any sooner” he replied then I continue eating.

” FOUND HER” he called out then I jumped up and went to him.

” Really?….where?” I asked as I got to her.

” I don’t know but according to her dressing I think she’s staying in the church behind her” he said.

” She’s a Nun, I think the doctor lied to me…..why would a Nun have anything to do with this?” I asked.

” Don’t trust anyone, you have no idea what this people are capable of doing…..all of this are disguise” he said.

” So are we going to meet her now ?” I asked.
” Yeah, we are going to St Ann’s Catholic Church” he said.

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” Alright let’s go” I said.

” Calm down finish your food, I need to get some things ready” he said then I went back to eat while he went out.
Unknow POV
” Boss should we call him now?” Diane asked.

” Not yet, we have to find the hacker, she’s the key to everything” Mr George said.

” Priest, might grow impatient remember what he did last night……you know that was him right?” Diane said.

” Yeah…I know” he replied.

” We can’t let him caught us off guard, we don’t know what he’s planning, who know what Dr Mira must have told him” Diane said.

” He can’t find us…. this is a remote location, only the people in this place knows here….no one else….not even my wife” Mr George said.

” Okay…… I’ll have some men follow him to know what he’s up to” Diane said.

” Good, do that…… let’s hope they found this hacker on time”
John’s POV
A while Later we are in the car on our way to the church dressed like a Priest.

” Do you really think this is necessary?” I asked.

” C’mon we are going to a church, we need to blend in perfectly without drawing much attention…….beside it’s been a while I went undercover” he replied.

” Whatever you say” I replied.

” Tho, I think something is missing….. something just doesn’t add up” he said and I furrowed my brow.

” What do mean?” I asked.

” I mean it’s too easy, if she’s indeed a hacker on the run, none of her pictures will be on internet” he said.

” Or maybe she’s an idiot just like you said earlier” I said.

” Maybe she is” he replied then got to the church and he drove past the church and parked the car.

” Why are you parking here?…..why are we not entering the church?” I asked.

” Because I have a feeling this girl won’t come with us easily…. let’s go and follow my lead” he said then we alighted from the car.

We entered the compound and saw some nuns all heading to the church then we went to them.

” Peace be with you sisters” he said to them.
” And to your spirit Father” they replied.

” I’m Father Kieran and this is Father Kiersten, and we are from a nearby church” he said and I wondered how he was so good at this.

” Oh……is there anything you need?” One of them asked.

” We are looking for a nun called Sophie Adams” he said and they all furrowed their brow.

” No one bears that name here” another one answered.

” Are you certain?” I asked.
” Yes father” she replied.

” What about this picture” Desmond said showing then the picture and there is a glint in their eyes that shows they recognize her.

” Oh that’s Sister Daborah” another one answered.

” Where do you suppose we might find her?” Desmond asked.

” Is everything alright?” She asked.

” Everything is perfectly okay, we just want to ask her some questions…. that’s all” Desmond said.

” Okay, take the corner to your left… will find her in the garden” she said.

” Thank you sister, May the Lord bless you abundantly” he said.

” Amen” she replied.

” Peace be with you all” he said.

” And with you father” they said and they left.

” Are you a Catholic?” I asked as we went to the garden according to their description.

” Nah, I don’t really remember the last time I went to church”

” You’re really a hard man to understand Desmond” I said then we reached the garden and see the lady then we went to her.
Unknown POV
Mr George four men arrived the church and they started looking for John and they saw him with Desmond talking to a lady.

They stopped when they see the face of the lady as it turns out it’s the same lady they are looking for.

” She’s here” one of the guys said then pulled out his phone and called Diane.

? ” What do you got?” Diane answered immediately.

? ” We found him” the guy said.

? ” Great, stay on him and see what he’s up to” she said.

? ” You don’t get it….not only him, he’s here with the hacker and they are talking to him” he said.

? ” Whaat!, The hacker is there?” She asked in surprise.

? ” Yeah”

? ” Oh, stay on them and followed them…… I’ll be there with you, don’t you lose them I’m coming” she shouted.

? ” Yes I understand” he said then ended the call.
” Sister Daborah…..isn’t it” Desmond asked as they reached the lady.

” Good day to you father” the lady greeted.

” So you have nowhere to hide and you come to the church, that’s very callous of you” Desmond said and the lady was confused.

” I’m Sorry Father, I don’t understand what you meant” the lady said.

” Oh please cut the petty charade, cause whether you like it or not….. you’re coming with us” Desmond said.

” I think something is and if you don’t mind I’d like to go to pray” she said standing to her feet.

” Don’t you dare take a step away…….”

” Calm down Desmond……let me talk to her” John said to him silently.

” Fine, do what you got to do but we are running out of time” desmond replied then left them to talk.

Desmond stepped away from them to give him chance to convince her, then he noticed some men lurking around the corner.

Desmond stay a while to confirm before he went back to join the two.

” Something is wrong…..we need to leave right now” Desmond said.

” Why…. what happened?” John asked.

” My Guess, the company is here so we need to leave right away, listen Sophie or Daborah whatever you call yourself….we need to go right now” Desmond said then pulled out a gun.

” FATHER!” The lady called out in shock.


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