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Pregnant For a strange – Season 1 Episode 6

Episode Six





It’s getting dark, my shift is over for the day.

I was arranging my desk then suddenly an older woman walked over tossing a huge pile of papers on my desk.

My eyes went wide in terror.

“Scan each one to Mr Gray and stamp today’s date on them.”

” Once that is complete, create files for them and sort them in chronological order.”

” This must be done today, and put it on the C.E.O’s desk before sunrise.”

I sighed, so much for a first day.

I watch everyone leave one after the other. The place is empty just the night shift security.

I cracked my fingers and got right to work.

There were so many papers.

I started scanning the sheet, one after the order.

After hours of that, l started making copies, just a handful left.

Suddenly, my printer ran out of ink .

I had no idea were they kept the ink cartridges.

I got up and look around for another printer.

Everyone’s office was locked l started wandering around searching for a printer.

It’s getting dark, l need to get home before it’s too late.

I got to Mr Gray’s office and it wasn’t locked.

Am kinda surprised.

I switch on the light and walk slowly to the printer.

I started the copier.

It started moving and I heard a deep voice nearly startled me to death.

” Why are you here?”

I turn to the direction of the voice.

I squinted my eyes to get a better view.

There he was sitting on the sofa across from me.

” The almighty Gray Mensah.”

How did l walk right past him and not notice his presence?

It was dark so l assumed he already gone home.

He held a glass cup in his hand with an empty bottle beside him.

He look messy with an unbuttoned loose collar and his tie hug around his neck.

” Why are you here?” he repeats.

” Am sorry, l was just making copies my printer ran out of ink.”

He doesn’t respond, he rest his head against the sofa closing his eyes.

I felt bad that he has lnsomnia.

What a way to suffer.

I held they hypontize him to sleep.

Why is he awake?

I made the copies hurriedly.

It was awkward having him seat here.

I arrange the files on his desk and made to Leave.

“Come here” he called.

I walk closer to him, for no reason l seem afraid.

What is he up to?

I know why you are here b—h.

Make your move.


” How do you mean.”

He stood up and started walking closer to me.

I stepped back, the more l step backwards the more he came closer.

What’s he doing?

I use my back to hit the wall.

I shrink in pain.

He smirks and use his both hands in trapping me.

I was feeling his breathe on my face.

“Isn’t this what you want?”

He said and kiss me on my neck.

His kisses sent shiver down my spine.

I wanted to stop him but my body said otherwise.

He started placing kisses on my neck down to my collar bone and his hands cupped my breast.

” Phoebe are you this cheap?” My subconsciousness yells at me.

He smack my butt and started to unzip my dress.

” Stop it please.”

” Stop it “l half yell faintly not recognizing my voice.




Hmmmm🙈🙈🙈 Gray Mensah.

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