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Pregnant – Episode 25


” Pervert ” I muttered and he chuckled..

” I’m a pervert only for you babes ” he replied smiling at me still holding me firmly.

” Let’s go inside or should I carry you?” He asked and I shook my head

” You can’t carry me Ethan, how do you intend on doing that with this belly?” I asked pointing at my stomach

” Watch me do it ” he picked me up and began walking upstairs while my smile widened..

I wish I can bury my face in the crook of his neck but unfortunately, this pregnancy is preventing me..

” Where’s your room ?” He asked and I pointed at the room by the left.

How much I miss the scent of my room, is this how it felt to be married?

Everything was as I left them though the room was renovated with my portrait on the wall..

Wow! I’m sure Dad did this.

I ran to it immediately Ethan dropped me.

Why was it as I left he has to make a portrait of me in my room?

It looks beautiful and charming..

” You miss it don’t you?” Ethan asked squatting beside me ..

Oh! He thought the frame was here before.

I just nodded and he took it from where it was hanged

” It looks exactly like you, I’m sure the person that did this has a great talent ” he said as he caress the frame

” Yeah ”

” And I love your room ”

” Thanks ” I replied shyly

” Let’s sleep already I’m tired ” he said jumping on the bed.

Oops! I’m really going to sleep with him…

” C’mon angel ” I nodded and joined him in the bed

” Stop acting like a baby, I’m your fiance angel, are you scared of my touch?” He asked with a pained expression…

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” O…of c..course not ” I replied and nervously drew closer to him ..

Calm down Livia, he’s not going to kill you.

My subconscious mind said and I hummed in response..

His hands finds it way to my waist. His breathe aerifying my back and my heart beat faster..

I can’t decipher but his touch has a great effect on me… When he’s closer, I feel the electricity between us. Its really terrifying.

Why do I feel this way? Or is it that I have feelings for him too?

I feel so guilty when he confessed his love for me and I couldn’t say anything.

I wish I could say I love him too but I’m confused about my feelings..

Is it lust or love or just attraction?

” Uhhmm, why did you suggest Mario for my sister?” I asked out if a blue moon

” C’mon angel, the fact that he tried raping you in the past doesn’t mean he isn’t changed. I know him too well to be good for Sophia and he’s single which means they can easily mingle. I won’t say his name to her if he isn’t good okay. They are perfect match and try not to be afraid of him. He won’t hurt you babes ” he said and I nodded..

I pray he’s changed and will he even fall for crazy Sophia? Thou the have lots of things in common

” Good night Angel ” he whispered

” G..good night ” I replied sighing faintly. I closed my eyes trying to get my mind off the thoughts in my head and in no time, I drifted to the dream la la


Next morning….

I felt something tightened around me. It feels so good. I drew closer and wrapped my legs on it..

My hand landed on the abs and I caress it , does the bed have abs?

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My eyes snapped opened to see it was Ethan… My face flushed in embarrassment. Thank goodness he isn’t awake

The shame could have be unbearable..

I quickly closed my eyes pretending to be asleep with his hand still around me …

His grip on me slowly loosened and I think he’s awake…

His hands came in contact with my face and he began rubbing it gently

” A sleeping beauty ” he muttered and I tried hard to keep my eyes close ..

He slightly kissed my parted lips ..

” With a soft skin ” he said as his hands ran through my body ..

I felt a cold shiver in my body..

His hands again came to my hair and he began arranging it ..

” You still need to learn how to fake a sleep Angel, wake up already because I can see your eyes shaking which means you are not asleep ” he said and I sighed..

Caught red handed… Our eyes met as I opened mine immediately..

We both stared at each other without blinking..

Ethan is so hot, even as his hair looks so messy, he’s still handsome. Spotless and glowing skin, his abs are worth dying for..

Aren’t I lucky to have this man to myself?

The knock on the door broke our staring contest ….

He cleared his throat and I looked away immediatetly..

” Morning Angel ” he said after a pregnant silent

” M.. morning, I ..guess you slept well”

” Uhh..yea..”

The knock interrupted us again this time louder ..

” I will go get the door ” Ethan said and I nodded..

” Morning brother in law ” Sophia said excitedly.

Where’s she going through early all dressed up

” Morning soph where are you going to this early?” Ethan asked as she entered into the room .

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” Where I’m going to really? I am dressed this beautiful waiting for you both and you are just waking up?” She groaned..

Is she really serious about meeting Mario?

What a sister….

I shook my head while Ethan burst into a fist of laughter


Months on….

I woke up with a sharp pain in my abdomen..

” Ah ” I screamed as the pain increased..

” Ah ” I shouted….

I became sweaty immediately and very hot inside…

The pain subscided and I sighed but…

” Ahhhh”

It came in full force…..

My waist hurts so badly, my legs are weak ..

” Ahhhh! E.. Ethan ” I shouted in tears..

I felt something rushed down my in between and I gasped….

” What’s wrong Angel ” Ethan called towards me panting heavily..

” Ahhhh, my God ”

” Are you okay Angel?” He asked holding me fearfully and I hissed in pain..

” My water just broke and you are asking me if I’m okay? ” I snapped and his eyes widened..

He began running to and fro in the room as I watched him in pain…

” What do I do ” he asked holding my hand then my waist them my…

” Ouch! Ahhh! My waist… ”

” Sorry Olivia, sorry ” he said confusedly and I glared at him..

” Are you crazy? Stop saying sorry and take me to the hospital ” I yelled in pain holding my waist.. Oh God!

What sort of a fiance is this?

” Oh yeah. Hospital, yes let’s go ” he rushed the words and wore his nearest tshirts still going aimlessly in the room

” E…. Ethan “

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