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Pregnant – Episode 2

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I heard it on a Sunday morning,I was in my room as usual stuffing my brain with chocolate biscuit…. I had dropped weight a lot due to my self food strike, I rarely ate something reasonable…
I was lost in my personal thoughts thinking about a lot of things when my room door opened suddenly.. BANG!!!
I was so scared I almost screamed, Binta a friend if mine bounced in with bulging eyes
I was about to insult her angrily for entering my room in that manner but I couldn’t because her movement showed that something was wrong…. she was breathing fast and hard like someone who had just finished running a 500,000 meters race….
I became concerned
“hope all is well binta…”I asked already standing up from the bed
she was still breathing heavily
“Ani…Ani..Anita……haven’t heard abi…?”
I frowned
“heard what…
hope all is alright…”
she sat down on the floor with full force…the show binta was putting on was scaring me
I moved quickly to her side
stop scaring me
tell me what happened
who died??”
“Mr Daniel
your former boss”
my heart leapt…I was almost screaming
“Mr Daniel is dead…????”I repeated…
Bintu held my hand
it’s not like he had died ooh
but he will soon die”
she then went into the full details …telling me of how she watched it on news at her office….
he had been having issues with his kidneys years ago…
He collapsed three weeks ago in his office with a broken glass of whisky in his hand…
A donor was needed for him with the reward of 25million naira
Many people were ready but the issue was that none of their kidney was suitable for him…
and now his life us at stake….

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