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Pregnant – Episode 15

♠️ Ethan ♠️

I dialed Mrs Daniel’s number and she picked up after 3 rings . I got it from a source

well, hello mother inlaw

Who is this?

Ah! Have you forgotten this voice? It’s Ethan your son in-law

Ethan? How did you get my number and why are you calling me?

Chill mother inlaw… I just want you to cooperate with me on something

Something? What? And I don’t think I’m your mother inlaw. You are not married to any of my daughters

That’s what I wish to call you.

Why did you call Ethan?

Your daughters are here with me, how about I kill one da.. daughters? W..why ? d.. don’t do anything to them

Aww, mother in law is pleading. Anyways, I won’t kill any only if you comply with me

W..what d…did you want?

Nothing much, you shouldn’t inform your husband about this . It’s between you and I

Y..yes please don’t touch my daughters

All I want is you in my mansion in 30minutes. Any extra minute added will put your daughters life astake .

I said and hung up…. I’m not that heartless to kill, I can only torture them. I just said that to bring her here, I mean no mother will know her children are in danger and just sit back

I know I have wronged Olivia too but I wasn’t in my right senses that moment. I was drunk and I apologized after that, I even took the risk of marrying her and leaving my flirty bachelor life I was enjoying just to earn her forgiveness

She forgave me still, I just can’t stop feeling guilty …

All I want is just to teach them how to be kind to people..

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And hey, I’m very kind, just that I do get angry at any slightest thing …

I won’t do more than that because I know my good-hearted fiancee will never be happy with me if she finds out… And I just want her to have a family that loves her . My believe is that after all this, they will realize everything they’ve done to her and ask for her forgiveness then, they will become one happy family…

I know the pain of being hated by your own family who should be the one to Love you More than anyone in the world .

I know how it feels to be rejected and maltreated. Hell! I have a heart and I can feel she’s hurting inside without the love of her sisters and mother .

They means a lot in her life.


Where the god in heaven did Ethan kept his phone? I have dialed his number numerously but he didn’t pick up ..

It might be that he’s in some kind of troubles….

I’m really getting worried..

” What are you doing there hunny ” Ethan’s mom called ..

This woman won’t kill me, I’m very certain I will develop a running stomach because of the junks I have taken in a day..

If it was to be that I was staying here, oh God! Heaven!

I will be pampered and showered with the love I never had from mother .

She made me feel the love of a mother, she even asked me to call her mum so I will not feel the absence of my mother .

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And my mum, what if she was here? Maybe I would have have siblings from her who might have loved me. Coolval stories

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Sometimes I sit and cry so hard seeing people with their siblings and playing with them..

My case is different, I have this siblings but they hate me.

Maybe, just maybe they will love me one day ..

I didn’t realize I was crying till a tear slipped my eyes

” Why are you crying ? Are you hurt? Did I say something bad? ” She asked worriedly which made me smile ..

” Uhhmm, no mum I’m fine. Just Ethan, I have tried his number severally but he isn’t picking up ”

” He…”

” Did someone miss me ?”

Oh! I breathed a sigh of relief as I saw Ethan entered looking so hot .

” You made me so worried Ethan, I thought something happened to you ” I said and hugged him..

Just some hours and I so much Miss hearing his voice .

” I’m sorry Angel, I was hooked up with some issues at the office ” he said and I narrowed my eyes at him

” Office? I thought it’s Saturday?”

” Oh yeah, I decided to complete my yesterday’s work ”

” Is that why you weren’t picking up your calls ?”

” I’m sorry Angel, my phone was on silent. I’m here now and fine ” he said and kissed my parted lips while I blushed..

” I’m still here Ethan and did Ethan just said sorry? Oh my! I need to let Edmund know about this change. ” mum grimaced and we laughed …

This family has brought nothing but peace in my life..












” The baby is fine and there’s nothing wrong with you Mrs Ethan ” the doctor said smiling at us.

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I love the title, ‘ mrs Ethan ‘

” Thank you doctor ” Ethan said

” You are welcome sir but there’s one thing I wish to let you both know ” he said and stared at us while we nodded .

” Okay… ” I trailed off

” Well, since it’s your first baby. I will advice you to have constant sex. It aids in inducing labour, it helps contract the pelvic muscles and open the cervix and again sex makes the bladder area strong thereby helping the regulation of flow of urine. Lastly, it keeps you strong and equally grow the bond between you two ” he said and I was forced to batter my eyelashes..

Is he saying we should….

” Wait doctor, you mean we should have sex ?” Ethan asked and glanced at me .

My face turned red in embarrassment.. geez!

” Yes sir, it is very important for a woman to during pregnancy. She’s your wife to be right?” He asked and Ethan nodded

” So no cause for alarm, she’s all yours. And it’s for the betterment of you Mrs Ethan ” ..

My eyes met with Ethan’s and he smirked playfully…

Goodness! Is it really important we have sex? Oh God!

He was almost laughing at my condition right now, did he know what I’m thinking?

I looked away shyly and covered my face in my palm ..

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