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Police Business – Season 1 – Episode 3 [Completed]

There was a brief kiss, a little tongue wrestling and then he rose up, took aim and thrust it into her wet cunt. It went so far in she gasped and then when he partially withdrew and shoved it in again she completely lost it.

“F**k me now, and f**k me hard,” she yelled, “or you’re under arrest.”

David’s dimpled bare ass started to go up and down like a fiddlers elbow. When he shot his load she could feel the hot cum spurting into her love tunnel. As he withdrew she slid down the curved chair, took it into her mouth and sucked out the residue.

Kate had to get back to the station and so she quickly threw on her clothes but promised to come back for more demonstrations.

“I love being eaten out, do you think the chair could be utilized for that?”

“Why don’t you come back this evening I’m always hungry around six,” he smiled. THE END

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