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PLS HELP ME!! I Love My Girlfriend But She Asks For Money Too Much

Good day Everyone,

Our relationship experts in the house, another Naijalodite slammed this into our mail box.

As usual we did not edit anything, its raw ❗

Kindly Read Below ?

Sometimes i think Love in this Nigeria is all about money. I am tired.

My background is i graduated top in the University and have a decent job with a decent salary but sometimes i feel i am not enough for my girlfriend.

She is always asking and asking for money. Our conversations will always result to GIVE ME MONEY ?

She is never bothered about how i am feeling, infact she compares me with other guys that spend more on their girlfriends.

I have given her everything she wants in this life. Money, Iphone 11 promax, a Car and even rented a place for her but she still complains.

The Toyota Camary muscle car i bought she said she wants a new one after just 4 months cause her friends are driving Benz in Lekki… She also lost the iphone i bought and i had to replace it even though i was angry about it.

When i got pissed oneday cause she was refusing to pick my call she angrily said why am i complaining, is it because of the little things i bought for her??

I love this girl so much and i dont want to lose her.. How can i make her become normal and care about me.. She is the one i want to marry.

Pls help me

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