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PLEASE – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 2]

It’s dark in the room.
I can’t see anything and I’m waiting for your return. For your touch.
I’m laying on the bed, hands tied to the headboard, legs parted and bound. I can feel the cool air on my skin. I wriggle around, trying to make use of the toy you’ve left in me, but it only serves to frustrate me in the most delicious way. I want to touch myself to release the tension, but I can’t.
I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anyone. To be teased by you, on fire at the thought of being touched by you, f*cked by you. Just the thought of your hands on my body, your mouth, your skin against mine makes me wet. The memory of all the little sounds and growls you make while you f*ck me. When we’re rough with each other and when we’re gentle. I think of these things often and am grateful the day has come again when I can feel you against me. To have you use me anyway you want.
I hear the key slide into the lock, and smile. You’re back. My hips move in anticipation of your touch.
I feel your mouth against mine, and the rough cloth of your jacket against my skin. You kiss me in a soft and teasing way that only heightens my desire for you. I lift my head to get closer to you, and you gently pull away.
I hear you undoing your belt and the thought of your cock makes me even wetter. I hear your clothes fall to the ground piece by piece, and then feel the bed dip down as you join me. You run your fingertips lightly along my cheek and I try to catch your fingers in my mouth before you move them over my throat, along the sides of my breasts, over my hips. I shiver and arch my back, wanting so much more of you.
I hear a sound. Ice in a glass. I jump as I feel the combination of your warm mouth and cold ice on my n*pple. I bite my lower lip and buck towards you fruitlessly. I feel you lower your palm to my s*x and I push up against it, longing for you.
Please f*ck me. I’ve waited so long.
You won’t yet.

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