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PLEASE HELP! My Mum’s Constant Insult Is Driving Me Crazy, It Is Time To Move Out?

So, let me just start somewhere.

Growing up as an introvert was difficult cos I guess my mum didn’t understand my quiet personality, she talks about how I am not ‘sharp’ how I am not fashionable and whatever else she cannot really relate to.

I am in my mid-20s now and she still insults me when she is in the mood.

It’s funny how I am the only child she insults so much, I am her firstborn. I left my former workplace due to Corona last year, and I’ve been home since.

I have trained as a tailor though I don’t have a shop or customer base yet.

She insulted me tonight again for cooking dinner late, she said, why should I finish cooking dinner by past 7? Called me names and all that.

Its been over a year that she went to the market last because I now do that, I make breakfast and dinner, I don’t keep late night, I barely go out, yet she finds reason to talk me down.

She has started to insult my fiancé now too, she says he is poor and cannot take care of me, what has he achieved for himself?

And the reason she isn’t much against us is that she doesn’t know if he will have money tomorrow.

He isn’t even jobless, it’s just unfortunate that government don’t pay their workers on time.

I don’t have a single emotional connection with her, I have tried and I have failed.

I think it’s time to move out of the house and start my tailoring business. I don’t have the finance to rent a shop and a house separately, so I want to rent a room and parlor and make it both my living and work space.

Is this a good move? I cannot function properly in this house anymore.

How Do I Build My Customer Base From Working In The House?

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