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Play Boy (18+) – Episode 9

Gerald held sade’s waist as he showed her round his house, just like a little boy showing his friend a new toy.

He showed her the rooms downstairs and finally they were in his bedroom.

Sade’s eyes caught a pink lingerie on his bed.
Picking up the underwear she decided to ask what a female’s underwear was doing on his bed.

” Ger, this is a lady’s underwear, what is it doing on your bed?”
” Oh! Oh! Oh!, its carol’s. My ex girlfriend” he said giving a false hallow laugh.

Sade just stared hard at him, she wasn’t convinced. Gerald noticed the look on her face and knew if he makes little mistake his plans could be ruined.

Explaining further, he said to her ” actually,its been here for a while. She left it before we broke up. No time to clean up, I’ve been busy at work. Else I would have take it out”
Sade didn’t know whether or not to believe him ” okay”. She muttered, even though she wore a worried look.

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She left him and went to start cooking, she wanted to make fried rice and beef stew.

Busying her self in the kitchen she soon forgot about the [email protected] escapade. How happy she felt being his girl. Even though she wasn’t sure if he told her the truth upstairs, she kept her fears to herself and hoped for the best.

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That was close! Gerald thought to himself, sitting on a chair in the dining. His conscience began pricking him. He just told sade a lie, he didn’t even have an ex talk less of knowing any carol. As a baller he just keeps sleeping with the girls as they come.

No dulling jawe, he reasoned. Last night was fun he remembered, smiling to himself.

Amaka was really a B***h, he’d met her at the new shoprite at maryland last weekend, it was her butt0ckz that attracted him to her.

Approaching her, they got talking, being a master craft in his game he got her BBM pin and promised to get in touch.

Both of them had chatted since then, he finally cajoled her to come to his crib on friday night.
They had F***ed silly…damm the girl was good.

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She had sU-Cked the hell out of his J0yst!ck making him Pour so hard. Amaka knew the art of Mouthaction and she showed Gerald her skills. Gerald thought it was just going to be a one night thingy, immediately a ping came in.

” Hey sweet,did you see what I left you?. A’ma come for it next friday”
Then it dawned on him, she didn’t forget the pant afterall, she left it deliberately. He licked his lips. Amaka could wait, sade was the next on his agenda…

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