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Play Boy (18+) – Episode 5

“Goodmorning to you sir”
safe’s voice jeered Gerald out of his thoughts.
He looked up at her,she looked beautiful in her black knee length body fitted gown.

“Morning,hope your night was good?” He replied,
“yes sir I slept well,sade replied with a smile.

Soon they were busy with Gerald showing her something on his i-pad. Gerald invited sade to have lunch with him at the cafe , which she obliged. Getting to the cafe they met segun and Tony chatting over their meal.

“What could make segun so happy? Probably the thought of having sade in bed soon” Gerald thought.

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“Sade you didn’t even thank me for the ride this morning”
Segun said as they approached them.

“I’m sorry I thought I did “sade replied in her sweet melodious voice.

“Thank you sir” she added.
“Well it is not acceptable by me,dinner tomorrow will be a better thank you”
Segun replied her with mischief in his voice”
Gerald stood rooted to the spot.

“what had gone into segun?? he knew he needed to act fast else…

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“Am really sorry to dissapoint you sir,I won’t be chanced tomorrow probably some other time” sade added with a smile.

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Segun got the message sade had turned him down,his face coloured.

“Alright no problem bae ” he replied as Gerald and sade proceeded to find themselves a seat. They ate in silence and went back to work.

Sade thought about segun’s look when she turned him down,at the same time she remembered that false hallow laugh Gerald gave as she gisted Bukola about her day.

“Well,well, if you ask me I’d say that segun guy likes you”, bukola said to her friend.

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“Naah he looks like a flirt I don’t like him one bit,sade blurted out shaking her head.

But babes if you see Gerald, eeh! The guy is handsome,I swear! Am crazy about him already oo,but you know me na i can’t let him know else I wuld just appear cheap” she added slowly.”
‘Hmmmmm that is you oo,you know me I don’t slack if I like you I show it,you misbehave I unlike you kia kia no dulling” bukola said gesticulating

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