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Play Boy (18+) – Episode 19

Gerald sprang up to his feet, remembering all Sade had seen. He ran out of the house.

Getting to the front of his gate he met an unconscious Sade on the ground with people gathered around her.

He noticed her head was covered in blood, and blood dripped from her nose.

” Please help me lift her!” He screamed to no one in particular.

By now Segun and Tony had joined the crowd.

The owner of the vehicle was kind enough to stay.

Segun ran into his house getting his car keys, screaming at his security man to open the gate.

Reversing outing of his compound he discovered Sade had been carried into the same LR3 that had ran over her.

He jumped out of his car, frustrated.

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” I’m so sorry sir, I don’t think you’re in the right frame of mind to drive her to the hospital” The owner of the car told him.

” Let me take her myself, since it was my driver who actually knocked her down”
Gerald couldn’t argue, he knew Sade had limited time and she was already in the car. ”

What hospital?” He managed to ask.

” El bethel that’s the closest for now” the man replied collecting the key from the already trembling driver.

Watching the car leave, Gerald ran into his car.

Bringing the engine back to life he pointed at Segun through the window.

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” Better pray nothing serious happens to her, else…”
He drove away.

Segun also got into his car with Tony, both of them remained silent. Each praying to God.


” Doctor how’s she?” Gerald asked the doctor he saw speaking to the owner of the car. Immediately he ran into the hospital.

The doctor hesitated at first.

” Doctor you can tell him everything, he is a relation to the lady in question” the man told the doctor.

” All right then, we carried out some tests on her immediately. We discovered she has a head injury although not very serious”.
He paused staring at Gerald.

Gerald nodded urging him to go on.

” But it looks like there as been a displacement of the vertebrae at the lower part of the spine. This might lead to other complications later. Although we are yet to confirm, we are still running more tests on her”
Segun and Tony who had walked in by now looked at the doctor in shock.

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” She’s still unconscious presently, let’s just hope for the best. I believe in miracles”
The doctor ended with a reassuring smile.

” Excuse me ”
Gerald just lowered himself on a chair in the hospital’s reception. He didn’t know till tears began flowing down his cheek.

Holding his face in his his palms, he made a silent prayer to God.

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