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Play Boy (18+) – Episode 18

Segun walked into Gerald’s apartment, seeing Gerald in casual shirt and short.

” Guy don’t tell me you’re yet to have your bath” segun said giving his friend a disapproving look.

” Not yet joor, I just woke up” Gerald replied scratching his head.

” Abeg go and clean yourself let’s go grab something to eat. Abi your barbie cook ni?” He asked referring to sade.

” Nope she didn’t, I’ll be back soon” he told Segun dashing to the bathroom.

Segun saw this as a golden opportunity, he went to where he knew the s*x tape will be.

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Inserted it into the DVD, turning the DVD off he sat down smiling mischievously.

Gerald came out and saw him smiling ” guy hope no problem? This one you’re smiling nawa oo”
” Don’t mind me, I just met this babe and her butt0ckz na die! I can’t stop thinking of the things I’ll do to it”
Shaking his head smiling Gerald said ” I pity you”
” Hope we’ll be back before 5? There’s this match I want watch by 5, I must not miss it”
” Definitely we’ll be back before thestart” Segun replied as they left the house.

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Sade couldn’t wait for evening, she couldn’t wait to discover the truth. In her anxiety she decided to accompany Bukola to her boyfriend’s house just to pass time.


After breakfast that morning, Segun had suggested they did something for fun. So they had both strolled to Maryland shopping mall to get “new catch” although Gerald was not interested.

” Segun you be born sinner, na wa for you o” Gerald blurted out.

” You just collecting contact up and down.

Make your J0yst!ck no go bend oo” he joked.

” Bend fire, abeg life is meant to be enjoyed o” Segun said hitting Gerald.

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” See who is talking gan, you that see s*x as food. You’re now preaching to me”
” Baba that was then, sade has really changed me I don’t want to hurt that girl I swear” he explained to Segun surprised at himself.

” I go love o, let’s get going its almost 5? segun told his friend making funny jokes as they made their way to the parking lot.

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