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Play Boy (18+) – Episode 17

The speaker of sade’s phone blasted Nicki minaj’s bed of lies as it rang. She was in the bathroom,preparing for work.

” Bukola! Bukola!” She shouted.
” Please answer my call I don’t know who’s calling by this time”
Bukola did as she was told.

” It was Gerald” she told sade as soon as she stepped out of the bathroom.

” He called to remind you, you won’t be coming home immediately after work. He said hope you haven’t forgotten tonight’s plan”
” Yea, yeah I haven’t. I’ll call him later jare or we ll probably see at work” she replied putting on her [email protected]


” Baby” Gerald started slowly
” I just checked online for what’s showing at GDC, I think we should leave right away”
Sade and Gerald made it to Genesis Deluxe Cinemas at the palms, lekki in time to catch the 6:30pm movie. They’d read the reviews in the car and they expected much from the movie.

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Gerald paid for the ticket while sade went to get popcorn to save time. They sat in each others arms seeing the movie.

They both enjoyed the movie even though sade’s thought was far away. Tomorrow is saturday oh God please don’t let this be true, she made a silent prayer to God.

By the time the movie ended sade didn’t feel like having dinner anymore, she wanted to go home and sleep.

Noticing sade wasn’t her usual self he decided to ask what was wrong with her as he drove her home.

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” Are you okay?”
” I’m fine Ger” she managed to reply
” You don’t look fine, tell me what’s wrong?”
” Its just menstrual cramps” she lied not wanting to give herself away.

Gerald touched her chin and gave her a smile ” you just need to rest” he told her.


Parking in front of Bukola’s gate. Gerald has been wanting to kiss Sade all day. She looked beautiful in the purple dress she wore with her cleavage exposed.

” Thanks for tonight, I had fun do take care of yourself ” Sade said making to leave the car.
Gerald held her hand and pulled her to himself, kissing her mouth with a new urgency while his hands roamed her body.

Their bodies crushed each others. Sade kissed back, surprising herself. She tore her mouth from his remembering all Segun had told her.
A drop of tears fell from her eyes.
” Goodnight” she said in a low but firm voice.
She picked up her handbag and left the car.

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A surprised Gerald watched her walk into the compound.

He drove home thinking about Sade’s behavior definetely something is up with her.
He thought Settling for the night Segun’s call came in
” Guy, hw far I dey come your house tomorrow oo” Segun chatted excitedly.
” Arrange one correct babe for me”
” Babe kor, I don repent you no hear?” Gerald told him laughing.

” Better change and follow my way”.
They spoke for a while before calling it a night.

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