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Play Boy (18+) – Episode 10

By 4:28pm was sade through with cooking, she went upstairs to call for Gerald lunch.
On getting to his room she found him sleeping.

Calling his name lightly, he woke up.

Grabbing sade’s waist from behind they made their way down the stairs. Settling on a seat he opened the plate in front of him, the aroma was enticing, he ate to his fill. He wished he had extra space in her stomach to eat more.

After lunch Gerald helped in clearing the dishes washing them. Planting short kisses on sade’s face they giggled like kids.

” I’ll be leaving soon hun” she told Gerald.
” Han han, its just past 5. I thought you’ll stay a bit longer”
” A little longer? But I’ve tried now. Since morning Gerald!” She said laughing.

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Just like a little boy close to tears, he replied ” I don’t want you to go”
Pulling her closer, he kept rubbing her back and kissing her neck as she continued the cleaning.

Just then the weather changed, it began to drizzle, pouring in torrents as if the cloud wanted to drop.

Sade knew there was no way she could go home under the rain looking at Gerald, she hit him playfully ” looks like God has answered your prayer by sending rain to delay me”
” Yea, yea he works in a miraculous way” Gerald said hugging sade.

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It rained cat and dog, the rain was still falling by 8:40 pm. Sade doubted if she’ll be able to go home that night. She quickly placed to call to Bukola saying she won’t be able to make it home.

Laying on Gerald’s body as they watched a fashion programme on tv.

“Baby I’ll be back shortly” sade heard Gerald’s voice.

” Alright love,don’t be long”
Sade had changed into Gerald’s shirt, a blue sleeveless shirt. Although it was really bigger than her, but she could manage it for the night.
Gerald thanked his stars for bringing this opportunity, he knew this was his chance and he couldn’t risk it. He must have sade this night.

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Going down the stairs, he saw her lying on the couch with her butt0ckz side ways. He J0yst!ck twitched. Standing behind the couch he started stroking her hair.

He began caressing her, soon they were locked in each others arms kissing. Gerald carried sade upstairs not breaking the kiss.

Dropping her on his double divan bed, he removed her shirt. He expertly unsnapped her bra. Those cute b0s0m staring at him, taking her right b0s0m in his mouth he sU-Cked like his life depended on it. His hand pinching and rubbing her left boob…

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