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Pay To Play (18+) – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 5]

Pay to Play

Pay to Play

When Penny Rhodes found out her cousin was on the game and was getting $100 a f*ck it inspired her. She certainly didn’t intend following in her footsteps, after all, she was married with two children but it did give her an idea.

Her husband Curtis was always bugging her for s*x and even when she didn’t feel like it she’d give in, otherwise, he’d be twitching in bed all night just to annoy her.

“Perhaps I should charge him $100,” she thought to herself, “that would slow him down a bit.”

That very evening Curt gave every sign he was feeling horny, he came up behind her as she was preparing supper in the kitchen and started to feel her ass and kiss her neck.

“How was your day to day sweetheart?” he asked, as though he cared a f*ck.

“Good, how was yours?” she responded, “not caring a f*ck either.”

“It was a very good day, a very good day indeed,” he grinned.

“Well go and sit down and read the paper and let me finish supper.”

“Certainly my pet,” he said and obediently picked up the newspaper, plonked his ass in his favorite chair and just sat there with a supercilious look on his face.

He was often agitated after a long day at the office but this particular night was different. Even the children were surprised at the way he was behaving. Normally he’d be grumbling about them spending all their time on their phones, or having the TV turned up too loud but he seemed to be a peace with the world.

After supper, he didn’t seem to be able to concentrate on anything. He just kept glancing at the clock and checking it against his watch to make sure it was right.

As soon as the kids went to bed he leaned over the back of the sofa as Penny tried to watch a TV show and began to run his hands over her tits.
“I feel a bit horny tonight,” he whispered, nuzzling his face in her long brown hair.

“Well, why don’t we go to bed?”

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