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Pandora – Season 3 – Episode 8



“Your majesty, I’d like to speak with you” Hercules said

“Speak, my brave boy, speak” King Moraes answered, throwing his hands in the air like an excited person.

“I’d like to speak to you alone sire” Hercules said and King Moraes dismissed the guards.

“Do you perhaps know anyone with the name Sabrina?” Hercules asked and Moraes bent down his head, went silent for a while and when he raised his head back, his eyes were full of tears.

“Sabrina is my daughter, about thirty-five years ago, she became pregnant at a very tender age, it was against the laws of this land, I was oppressed to banish her, I had no choice, till now I don’t know where she is” Moraes said

“That pregnancy led to my existence” Hercules said and paused.

“Sabrina is my mother, and she died after giving birth to me!” Hercules said.

King Moraes’s mouth was wide opened, he couldn’t believe his Eyes.

“You’re my grandson?” Moraes said and stood up from his throne, ran up to Hercules and gave him a big hug.


Things has changed in Astoria, it used to be the heart of all other kingdoms but now it isn’t anymore, Royce ruled Astoria and Rivendell together but spend most of his time at Rivendell, when he isn’t at Astoria, he had an assistant to rule till he Returns. Many people had fled Astoria and escaped to Avalon, they knew they’d be safer there.
Byron didn’t attempted to take back Astoria because he knew he’d fail without Pandora. He thought the best decision is to stay calm.


“Your majesty, I’ve brought you good news” Cargh, Byron’s most loyal knight said.

“What news can be good to this ears of mine after the demise of my wife and child” Byron answered

“Pandora sire!” he said and Byron stood up

“Pandora?” Byron asked

“Yes sire, she’s reportedly in Argalon, and she’s safe there” Cargh replied

“Get the royal carts ready, we’re going to Argalon” Byron ordered.


Veta, dressed like a knight of Argalon, swiftly entered the castle without been questioned, black smoke emitted behind him and when he passes by anyone, the person won’t live for another minute, he got past all the guards and went straight to Princess Laurel’s Room.

“Do you want to get you beheaded? You entered my chamber without permission, guards!, guards!” She yelled but no one answered.
Veta took off the armor and grabbed Princess Laurel, dragged her outside. Laurel kept yelling for help, the guards keep dying at the sight of Veta. Veta tied her, placed her head on a platform and raised his axe up, he was about to bring it down for her head when Hercules got there, just in time.

“Please, don’t kill her, what do you want please?” Hercules asked nicely

“I want the Spirit of Waal” Veta replied and he released the princess.

“Here I am” I said as I walked out, confident of myself.

“And, who are you” I asked

“I am Veta, I seek the Spirit Of Waal” He answered

“You won’t….” I was saying and pasiphae interrupted

“He bears the mark of an hunter! He is an hunter!” Pasiphae said

“What? How is That even possible?” Hercules asked

“What’s a hunter?” I innocently asked

“Whatever you do, don’t use any powers against him!” Pasiphae warned everyone.

“I guess we’d have to do this old school” Lexi said as he brought out it axes.

Lin placed her hands on her trigger, Roy snarled, focusing on Veta.
Hercules also brought out his axes. Shyla turned to her wolf self.

“So you all think you can fight me?” Veta said and laughed really hard.

“We don’t think, we know!” Hercules said and they all attacked except for Pasiphae and I. They all tried their best not to use their powers. They were no match for Veta, he sent them all collapsing against one think or the other, he laughed and walked closer to him, I was terrified, The Ring of Zein with me began shining, I needed to do something.

“Botul Gec Seale villa” I didn’t know what I said, the words just came. Suddenly a huge whirlwind began, tore Veta into pieces, but surprisingly, his parts became forming again.

“You used your cheap magic on me?” Veta said.
He left out a loud cry, like he’s in agony, he released a force, directed it at me.

*** Lexi pushed me away and got hit. Lin dragged her brother away, he was vomiting blood.

“Lin dear, I didn’t mean to leave you” Lexi said

“Stop talking like that, you won’t leave me!” Lin said amidst tears

“Take this” Lexi handed a technological object to her

“It’s an inter portal transporter, it’ll open a portal to our world, the future when you press that button” He said and gave up the ghost.***

“Father, please, we need help” Hercules muttered helplessly on the floor.

Suddenly the unexpected happened, Durham appeared. When Veta sighted Durham, he went on his knees and bowed down for him straight.

“Who ressurected you?” Durham asked

“Lord Royce” Veta replied.

Durham snarled

“I’d have killed him but it’s not my destiny to carry out!” Durham said and disappeared.

“Wh… Wh… What?” He didn’t help us? ” Hercules said

But then Veta started burning from inside, the fire burnt every bit of him. He died again!.

“I…. I’m responsible for Lexi’s death” I said

“I shouldn’t have used my powers” I added, I was very broken

“No you’re not” Lin tried to convince me

“I am not the chosen one!!!! I cause nothing but more pain! I give up! I’m not going after royce or anyone again!” I yelled, ran away.
I removed the ring of Zein from my finger and threw it in a sea.
I went away from Argalon, no one stopped or came after me, they were all shocked.

T. B. C.

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