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Pandora – Season 3 – Episode 5



“My Queens?!!!” Royce yelled as he slowly entered his court after hearing Lisa screaming. He got there only to meet them in a pool of blood.

“No….. No….. No,!!” He muttered as he rushed to Xanax and grabbed her, he soaked his robe in her blood as he’s very emotional.
Tears fell off Royce’s face, just when he’s about to stand up, he felt a weak grab, he looked back and saw Xanax, she still had some life in her.

“You’re alive!!, what can I do to bring you back?” Royce asked

“It’s too late Royce!” She said and opened Royce’s palm, she handed a crystal necklace to him, she’s always wearing that necklace around, she pressed the necklace on Royce’s palm.

“Erisssma dur pistahj Royce vucol!” She said and died.

Royce felt nothing at first but then he started feeling generations of power running through him. Xanax just gave him her power!!!, He’d be almost unstoppable!.

“Don’t do this Royce!” The voice came again….

“Who are you? Show your self now!!” Royce yelled and looked around.

“It is I, I killed Lisa and Xanax, it is I who gave birth to you, It is Kabal!” The voice said

“But she killed you!, You died!” Royce yelled

“She killed my body not my soul, I was sent by Zeus to take out Xanax and Lisa as they weren’t destined to die in Pandora’s hands. Son! There’s still time for you to stop!.” Kabal advised

“Stop???, I will never stop until I bring Kabal down to her knees.” Royce yelled.


Lexi turned to a water wolf, something of beauty, something we’ve never seen before, his claws are diamond like, very shiny, his skin looked like that of a dolphin, it left all his friends and Lin, his sister surprised. But they don’t have to show that right now!, It’s battle time!.

“I came to takeover Argalon but seems I’ll kill two birds with a stone now!” TAONG yelled as he fought powerless knights of Argalon. Argalon’s method of prevention of the use of magic failed. WHY? Dean broke the seal.

Hercules faced Dean. He snarled as he charged towards him, swinging his axes in the air. Lin positioned herself in a safer place and set up her sniper, she continuously shot at Taong but it had no effect. She gave up..

Lexi attacked Taong first but Taong gave him a brain resetting punch, sent him flying and crashing against the knights of Argalon.

Shyla attacked Her father next, Taong shook his head, he couldn’t bring himself to hurt his own daughter. He simply casted a simple spell on her, it’d make her cripple for a while.
Roy also attacked Dean, He super sped around him, hoping to get him unsuspected but Taong’s mind is One in a million, he grabbed Roy by the Neck and threw him against a cart, Now it’s left to me. Dean and Hercules’s Battle was fierce, Dean got the upper hand and threw a Dark mist ball at Hercules, making him fall. Hercules waited for the perfect moment, he wanted Dean closer to him, he knew Dean’s weakness. Dean got closer and made to stab him Hercules Placed his palm on Dean’s chest and casted a spell.

“Piere De ulum” He said and Dean stopped, he dropped his dagger beside hercules and held his head, he screamed and then he tore into pieces. The spell is an ancient and powerful one, it’s used to get rid of evil witches.

I faced Taong and stretched out my fingers for him to see the Ring Of Zein.

“The ring of Zein?” He muttered, surprised at first and then laughed.

“No one knows the history of this ring like me” He said and then rushed to attack me, I slowed down time a bit but it didn’t really work as Taong is too powerful, but I was able to stab him a bit with the dagger I soaked in that vaccine. He felt it a bit! I knew that but it wasn’t just enough. Taong grabbed me by the neck, strangling life out of me. Hercules threw his axe at him, it slightly strained his skin.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!” I let out a huge scream which released a powerful force, Taong and everyone around me except hercules were sent flying. Hercules threw the remaining vaccine at me and I caught it, I injected all into Taong’s body.

“Maybe Royce wouldn’t need that!” I said and Taong started feeling strange, he screamed and his body set itself on fire, he burnt and turned to ashes.

“He’s not gone yet” Shyla said as she just recovered from the spell

I understood Shyla, I ordered the Ring and Spirit of Waal to turn any residue of Taong left to turn to sand. And it did.

We got rid of TAONG!!!


Byron felt this strange urge, he felt like something was wrong back home. He left his dear wife to search for his sister, maybe he’d chose the wrong thing at the wrong time.

” Guardian, please I need your help” Byron said

“Anything for you King, except for crossing this border” The Guardian replied

“I need to get back to Avalon!, I mean now!!!” Byron replied.

The guardian smiled and nodded his head, he held Byron and chanted a spell, Byron disappeared, he sent him back to Avalon.


Xena is still facing huge difficulty in her labor. The midwives tried their possible best but they couldn’t make their queen give birth. She’s experiencing Unbearable pain.
Suddenly Lightening stroke amidst the chamber. Smokes erupted for a while and then the Almight Durham appeared in the middle of the chamber, the midwives couldn’t do anything but to run away for their lives as his entrance and sight is terrifying. They informed the knights. The knights rushed in the room to protect their queen, but they couldn’t even get close to Durham, any attempt they make, they’ll be sent clashing into the poles, even without Durham looking back.

Byron appeared in the chamber.
He threw a fire ball at Durham but it returned to him, hitting him hard on the chest. Durham Brought out a dagger and pushed it deep into Xena’s stomach. Killing her and the baby.

“It is done!!!” Durham said and disappeared.

Byron helplessly crawled to Xena and cried out loud.

“I’ll avenge, I’ll avenge you!” Byron said, tears running down his cheeks.

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