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Pandora – Season 3 – Episode 4


Existing thousands of years, he is considered to be an ancient god who is neither bad or good, he is neutral. He fights for what is right, he doesn’t care whether he hurts anyone in the process. He is called the Durham. He sat on his ancient wooden and dirty throne, rested his hands on the side. Stared down for minutes while his subjects, mini gods, bowed down for him. He sighed.

“The time has come for me to interfere in the World’s Affair.” Durham said and took a dramatic pause.

“The baby mustn’t be born!!!” Durham said.


“The Army is ready Sire” Dean said, bowed down a bit to taong who is gently sipping human blood from his golden cup.

“What army??” Taong asked sarcastically

“The army we’ll take over argalon with” Dean said and Taong bursted in a crazy laughter.

“Army???, I’m sure you only can take over that so called Argalon” He said

“We shouldn’t underestimate them sire” Dean advised.

“I insist!!, We both are going alone!” Taong yelled.

“If you say so sire” Dean said and exited. Taong laughed hard again and continued sipping the blood.


The knights of avalon set out, searching the entire kingdom, the king ordered for Shyla to be found. The knights scour the hooks and crannies of the kingdom and its time for Pandora’s abode to be searched.

“We’re here on the kings order!!” One of the knights said and pushed me aside. Hercules blocked their way.

“I won’t let you touch her like that” Hercules said, staring down at the knight

“And who are you to stop me!” The knight said, hit Hercules on the chest.

“It’s okay herc” Lexi said

Hercules was burning with anger, they all knew he could use powers at that moment.

“You can search please” Roy said.

The knights dashed in.

“Where’s Shyla hiding?” Lin asked

“Don’t worry, they won’t find her” Pasiphae replied.

Suddenly they heard a scream, followed by the knights voice.

They found Shyla and dragged her out.

“Stop!!!” I yelled

The knights were so smart, they swiftly performed a move and pushed their swords in the ground. A kind of force hit us all. Now we realized we’re powerless.

No one could use his or her powers including me except for Roy, he is a vampire unlike any of us. The knights signaled for reinforcements but before they could join us, Lexi threw his axe at a guard and Lin shot the other two dead.

“We’ve to escape, now!” Hercules said but it seems too late. We’ve all been surrounded.


“I sense threat, great threat.” Lisa said to Xanax. Xanax doesn’t really listen to anybody. She acts alone, she does everything she thinks it’s right.

“There is no threat!, I am Xanax!!!” She said and her voice thundered.

“SILENCE!!!” A voice came, making the place shake a bit. Even Xanax was a bit shaken and scared.

“You’ve ruled for too long!!! It’s time for great change!!!” The voice yelled again.

“You’ve bitten more than you can chew, teaming up with royce, you think you can defeat the spirit of waal? The spirit is one, blessed with powers PANDORA doesn’t even know. Coupled with the Ring of Zein, your end is near!” The Voice Said again and sent the chilling message down Xanax’s spine.

The sky clouded with black storms,the weather threatened the earth massively,clapping series of thunders followed by the bright flash of lightening sparks.Byron looked up as he walked admin rocks.He had left Avalon,in search of his sister,Pandora.The weather gave a great sign,signifying the coming of a powerful being to the earth.He knew the Queen,Xena was about to give birth,he looked at the sky again and said a silent prayer to the gods to protect her and the baby.He pushed on with his journey………..

……………🔥IN AVALON🔥…………..
The kingdom mid wives gathered all together at the kings castle.A priest had revealed the child about to be born was no ordinary baby,not even a midwife could go closer or enter the room the Queen was labouring as it appears that each time she pushed,her eyes turned yellow and lightening emitted from her body,capable of killing any mortal nearby……For close to two days,the Queen was still labouring with no possible signs of giving birth at an early stage…….

“Surrender the impostor now or we raze down the building with fire now” A knight threatened us from outside.
“Goddamn,this is mad,what are we going to do now?” Lexi said as we all stood confused on what to do.

“Maybe I should go outside to them” Shyla suggested and all eyes turned to her.

“No,we aren’t going to take this lightly with them,if they have to kill us then they should” I said and immediately stretched my hands forward.Fire emitted and hit a flower vase nearby,shattering it into pieces.

“Our powers are back,I think I know how to handle this” I said and made to go outside.Hercules grabbed my arm,holding me back.

“No,let me do this,I can handle them too” He said and immediately,we heard a loud bang outside,possibly a little distant from our building.Screams and Shouts filled the air as people’s violent footsteps could be heard,all scampering for safety.

“I don’t know where that is from but it’s definitely not for us” Roy said and peeped outside through the window only to see that the knights surrounding us had gone,towards the explosion epicentre.Roy used his vampire vision to look farther and saw Dean fighting the knights.

“What the hell??? I think Taong is here again” Roy said and I swiftly looked up.

“What???That can’t be” I said

” Well I saw Dean just now fighting the knights of the kingdom and there’s eighty percent possibility that Taong is here also” Roy said and cracked his phalanges himself.

“Look,I ain’t giving in so easily to that bastard this time around,we need to help the kingdom.They’re of no match to those two sons of bitches” Hercules said and Lin grabbed a briefcase.She brought out one green liquid and strapped it to a vaccination gun.

“What the hell are you doing,Lin?” Pasiphae asked,looking at the liquid content sarcastically.

“Part of the vaccine meant to dampen Royce’s powers which wasn’t later used.I have a feeling it’ll take a good effect on this bastard and his sidekick too” Lin said as she strapped the vaccine gun to her tummy ammunition belt while she grabbed another random gun.Lexi grabbed his two green axes and then dropped it again.

“Why did you drop the axes?” Hercules asked while others continued to prepare.

“I guess I don’t have to hide anything anymore,you’ll all understand when we get started with the battle” Lexi said and I faces off.

“United we stand,Divided we fall” Hercules said and we all broke out of the building.On getting outside,Dean sighted us…..We charged….He charged…..🔥

Xanax and Lisa continued to wonder whose invisible being was speaking to them.Infact,it got to a stage where they both started trying to use their powers but it failed them there.Then in a flash,a light moved around very fast and Xanax felt blood being splashed on her.She looked in the direction of Lisa and saw that her throat had been dismembered from her neck.She felt shocked as it was only the dagger she gave to Royce can kill her and Lisa……Lisa fell down dead in a pool of blood.Xanax tried to use her powers by vanishing but it isn’t working.

“You think you can escape my wrath?No one can,not even you at whole” The voice came again and immediately,a huge and strong punch got Xanax,hitting her against the wall there.She groaned in pains as she fell down with a heavy thud.Immediately she stood up,the figure used the dagger to stab Xanax right through the heart,she yelled as blood gushed out from her mouth.She immediately recognised the figure but was too weak to speak now.She fell down dead too,in her own pool of blood.The figure covered it’s face well and vanished,reappearing to where he took the dagger.He put it back in position and vanished away,probably for a while……


Byron proceeded day and night without stopping and few days later,he arrived at a place called the Siege,a place considered the boundary between the Supernatural world and the human world…..

“What brings you here? Great King of Avalon city” the guardian of the siege said as Byron closed in.He removed his hoodie-attached cloak,wondering how the guardian knew he is a king.
“How did you know am a king?” Byron asked surprisingly.The guardian let out a loud laughter and stopped few seconds later.
“I am the guardian of the siege for close to nine hundred thousand years and I’ve been granted powers by Zeus to know every human and supernatural.I am capable of stopping anyone from passing here,but there’s only one person I can’t stop” The guardian said and Byron sighed heavily….
“Well let’s shun that for now,I need a pass into the human world” Byron said and the guardian stomped his staff on the ground,creating a force field…
“Impossible!!! Zeus has given orders of restriction,every human and supernatural trying to pass must be stopped,but except for one person” The guardian said.
“Who’s the person that can’t be stopped?” Byron said,confused about the whole stuff.
“I can’t stop the person possessing the spirit of Waal as it appears that it’s the next strongest spirit after Zeus” The guardian said and Byron looked up at the guardian……..
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