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Pandora – Season 3 – Episode 2

“How the hell did you do it? Why did you allow her to take the ring before you do?” Xanax yelled,her eyes were red with rage.
“Your majesty,We don’t know how it happened,all we know is that she used a sort of magic to get it” Louisa defended and in the mean time,Royce came in with the hope that the mission was a success but to his disappointment,he discovered it didn’t succeed.
“Pandora is really getting on my nerves and I felt she’ll still be useful that’s why am sparing her life” Royce said,anger could visibly be noted on his face.
“I advise you do whatever you plan on going with her before it’s too late,your highness,her magics and powers are very strong and effective” Evelyn said.
“Even the citadel dragon couldn’t go near her when it felt her powers coming up that moment” Louisa added and Xanax stood up.
“I need to send some demons to get me the ring but my main problem is her location” Xanax said as she made to leave.
“They are no more in the supernatural world,a great war drove them into the human world several months ago” Lisa said as she appeared behind Louisa and Evelyn.
“A great war??? Who waged the war against them? I need to know the person since he/she is strong enough to chase Pandora and her Cohorts out of their fathers land” Xanax said as she looked around ferociously but Royce calmed her down.
“I think I know who the person is,actually I wouldn’t even call him a person because he is not a person.His name is Taong,the legendary evil werewolf living in Olivia city,The wolf realm” Royce explained and Xanax smiled.
“Well that is nice.we need to team up with that guy” Xanax said,her hair turned to sparkling white one.
“Am afraid it’ll be a bit difficult,your highness,Taong isn’t ready to work with anyone,he strongly believes there’s no one who can defeat him in the supernatural world,not even us” Lisa said and Xanax laughed out loudly
“Leave that aspect to me,I know what to do”
“We’ll leave for the human world very soon,part of me seems to be believeing the old man,Khor Kalba” Byron said,walking up and down the chambers.
“Well I don’t seem to believe the old man,how possible is it to give birth to a wolf when we’re both not wolves?” Xena said,looking away from Byron.
“Well,sometimes strange things happen and it will always continue to happen,a case study of how I got my powers is similar to these” Byron said and Xena stood up,staring at him while he looked away also.
“You mean you were not born with your powers??? How the hell did you get it?” Xena asked,taking interest in the issue.
“That’s a story for another day,Xena.We need to save the unborn legend coming from us” Byron said and Xena sighed heavily,signifying agreement to Byron’s theory.
I had never been so surprised for the whole time I’ve lived. I’ve heard histories of it happening but now it happened to me.I wonder how strange it seems fighting a light battle in my sleep and getting the rewards in reality.Maybe my mothers spirit was with me afterall.The ring of Zein,now in my possession for some days and the most surprising part of it was that,I really don’t know how to utilize it.It seems the ring was just a myth or should I call it a fallacy and fabrications of stories attached to it.Whatever or however it’s used,I’m about to find out.
“I see no use in having this ring with ne,it’s just as useless as a grain chaff” I said to Hercules as we strolled together in the woods.
“Sometimes,you make me wonder if maybe you’re really the Pandora I used to know,you seems to act strange since we lost the last battle to Taong,you seem to take everything for granted these days” Hercules said and began to make fun of me,almost stumbling on a rock while laughing .
“Well,I see no reason why you should laugh over what am taking with seriousness” I said sarcastically,facing away to the other side.
“Alright,let’s do this,give me the ring I want to show you something” Hercules said and I looked at him.I was reluctant at first but I later gave it to him.He took the ring from me and placed it on a nearby rock.
“Now use any of your powers on it” Hercules said
“But it’ll destroy the ring.i can’t do that” I said reluctantly.
“I said do it.You might want to see for yourself” Hercules said and I waited for a while then I closed my eyes,charging up with a great amount of lightening,I charged myself up till I could hold it no more and I blasted the ring,thinking it will be destroyed but to my surprise,the lightening bounced back at us and Hercules quickly pushed me to the left side while he retreated to the right side,making the lightening strike a tree behind us,tearing it to shreads.We lay still on the ground.
“Hercules,you know that was crazy thing to do,right?” I said,still on the ground as I crawled towards the ring.I was about to pick it when suddenly,a figure blocked my path from the ring.Hercules quickly sprang up on noticing this and I joined him.
“Who the hell are you?” Hercules said to the figure.We couldn’t identify him as he was wearing a red cloak and a hoodie which covered almost all his head and face.
“Knowing who I am isn’t necessary.I’ve come to take the ring” The figure said and as he made to pick the ring up,I jumped at him,striking him a deadly punch that could crack a gorilla’s skull,sending him colliding against a tree.His hoodie slightly moved away from his face and I saw his pure red eyeballs,convincing me and Hercules that the guy is actually a demon.I quickly picked the ring before he balanced.
“Since you’ve decided not to give up easily,then let’s do this the hard way fellas” the figure said and changed to an ugly looking creature with fire Emanating from its head.
He charged at us,bringing a punch but I swiftly ducked it,trying to sweep his legs off the ground.He jumped and Hercules summoned his axe and as he struck him,the axe bounced off it’s skin and he hit Hercules hard,sending him towards a tree.He threw fireball at me but I was lucky enough to quickly duck and the fireball headed straight towards the Yet to recover Hercules and strikes him,still sending him hitting a tree.With a flash attack,I felt the demon insert it’s claws into my stomach.I felt a sharp pain which weakened me.I gathered enough plasma balls using it to form a crystal like structure and I blasted the dem in with it,pushing it back a while.That brought me time to heal as my wounds heal in just few seconds once am injured.I looked in the direction of Hercules and I saw him,very weak due to the attack.I knew he couldn’t afford another attack from the outrageously strong demon,else the probability of Hercules loosing his life is eighty percentange should he get struck again by any magic or attack.The fierce demon stretched its hands forward,summoning a great deal of wind but suddenly,I saw a quick flying axe chop off his both hands.I looked in the opposite direction and saw Lexi and Roy incoming.The demon’s hand regenerated again and before Lexi and Roy could get at it,it threw a deadly magic of Oz which I knew very well at them,it hit the both of them but luckily for Lexi,his reactive armour suit protected him against the attack but Roy got hit hard,sending him smashing against a rock.Infuraited by the damage,my spirit form took over and I charged at the demon.I must really say,the demon was way too strong for an ordinary form of mine but I managed to fight and kill it in my spirit form.I pushed plasma balls deep into his heart region.I rushed quickly at Hercules who lay very weak and scrawny.Lexi moved towards Roy’s body lying and felt his pulse.I then saw him put on a sad face as he stood up.
“Roy is dead” Lexi said as I stood up,helping Hercules up too.
“What!!! Who the hell is this demon?” Hercules asked
“Whoever sent him,am bound to find out,He can’t kill Roy and still thinks he’s free” I said with anger
“Take his body with us Lexi” I said as I headed towards the Kingdom…….

“Roy isn’t meant to die yet” Burdog said as he observed Roy’s dead body, sprinkling some kind of water on him.

“He’s born for things, he can’t live this world like this!!!” Burdog added.

“I’ll lay down my own life for him to exist!” Burdog said and shocked us all.

“For him to die!, It’s an omen, a bad one. There’s evil in the air. The war coming will be very disastrous, be warned!!” Burdog said loudly and began chanting some incantations, then he bit Roy on his neck and then fell down, dead.

Roy coughed and he lived.

” We thought we lost you!” Pasiphae said and hugged him tightly.

” I never knew Burdog has such a good heart” Roy said amidst tears

“We need to be careful, we don’t know who sent the demon, we’ve to be wary” Hercules warned

“I think I know who” I said and thought

“It’s surely Royce, He’d resurrected the souls of Louisa and Evelyn to capture the ring from me, remember? Maybe cos it didn’t worked, he decided to send a demon!” I said.


Taong sat on his mighty throne, depressed and thinking of how he could take over all the kingdoms. He’d tried his best and was able to drive out Pandora from Rivendell but still he wasn’t able to claim the kingdom because of Royce. Tho his first quest at the start is to capture the spirit of Waal, but his plight has changed and all he seeks now his for kingdoms to be under his command.

“Your majesty” Dean said as he walked in, interrupting the thousands of thought in his mind.

“I think I’ve found a kingdom where we’ll have no problem in taking over” Dean said and taong’s face lit up.

“Argalon, the most peaceful kingdom, no magic is tolerated, anyone with magical powers Will be executed. But they are surely no match for us.

” Then Argalon it is” Taong said and Laughed out evilly, it’s been a while he’d done that.


“Organize a search party!!!, I want Pandora found!!!, I want my sister found!” Byron ordered, sitting majestically on his throne.

“Yes sire” Gruyff, the commander and highest ranked Knight replied and exited to carry out the task given to him.

“Don’t worry my king, she’ll be okay” Xena assured.

“I just hope she’s alright and safe” Byron said.

“The one who did this to my sister!!!” Byron said out of anger and paused, suddenly a thought came in his mind

“Taong!!!!” Byron said angrily, slamming his hand on the wooden stool next to him, breaking it into pieces.

“It won’t bid well for Taong, I assure you!” Byron said


Noises could be heard, the noise was too much that I couldn’t help it but to go outside and check what’s going on, others soon noticed too and joined me. The Royal guards are dragging a girl, the girl kept screaming.

“Leave me alone, I meant no harm”

“Oh My God” Lexi said.

“Isn’t that the wolf girl….. What’s her name again, Shyla!” Lexi said. I moved a bit closer and Alas! Lexi is right, it’s actually Shyla.

Shyla saw me and her face brightened. She winked at me, I knew I had to do something. Hercules was graduay pulling out small poisonous pins but I stopped him, I wanted it to look accident.

I stared at the ring on my finger.

“ZEIN!!!” I said, tho I didn’t know why I said it. The ring emitted light the the sun’s and everything around me paused, except for I and Hercules.

“You just stopped the time” Hercules said.

“Then how will we get Shyla out of here?” I asked

“Touch her and say the word again” Hercules said.

I touched Shyla And said ZEIN again, she moved and hugged me, I quickly told her to go inside our place, I touched others too. We all went inside. I watched from inside.

“ZEIN,!!!” I said, rubbing the ring and everything went back to normal, The guards and the people watching were super baffled, no one could explain what happened

“We’ve missed you Shyla” Lin said.

“But why are you here?” I asked

“I came to tell the king of the evil that’s about to befall them” Shyla said and paused

“My father will attack Argalon soon” Shyla said and my anger went up.

“Then how were you caught?” Hercules asked

“The guards saw me changed from a wolf to human, I wanted to change back and escape but something was weird, as soon as they both stumped their swords on the ground, I wasn’t able to use my powers” Shyla said.

“I won’t go easy on that beast this time” Lexi said.

“Neither Will I” Roy and Pasiphae chorused

“No one must know about this!” I said to Shyla and she nodded.

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