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Pandora – Season 3 – Episode 15 [Completed]


FEW WEEKS LATER (Astoria City )
It’s been two weeks myself and Hercules got married.Byron had returned to Avalon to start a new lease of life while Lexi and Laurel went back to their respective homes…According to Lexi,he told everyone he couldnt wait to make his sister happy by seeing him again.Laurel promised us frequent visits anytime she was opportuned.Roy went back to his people to set things right and promised Pasiphae he was coming back for her since Burdog had sacrificed his life for him to live,he has to continue as the vampire king…..As it was said by my father King Edward,a woman can never be a king as far as Astoria implies.Hercules was crowned king and to make it all good,Zeus showed signs of presence on the day he was made king.Within a limited time,Astoria,Rivendell,Avalon and all other neighbouring cities gained fully their existing stability,peace and unity.

THE FUTURE (New York City)

Lin sat on her armchair in her apartment.She had her bikini wears on,red in colour to be precise.On her table was a Beretta pistol and a jack knife.She grabbed the TV remote control and she turned on to the cartoon stations.She enjoyed cartoons right from the onset.Few minutes later,a black tinted Jeep arrived in front of her apartment.She could see it clearly as her apartment glass walls allows outer view.Lexi came out of the car and at first,she couldn’t believe her eyes but later confirmed it.She ran out in her bikini wears and jumped on Lexi,wrapping herself on him.

“I knew you’d come back…..I knew it” Lin said as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Yeah Lin am back but will be going soon….I had gone through a lot trying to locate you already”Lexi said and he carried Lin inside the apartment.
“Have you been around for long? I don’t understand” Lin said,trying to clear her curiousity.
“Yeah,I’ve been around for almost,working back at my base” Lexi said and Lin decided to try his skills.She swiftly tried to grab her gun but Lexi was faster as he grabbed her hands and twisted it backwards.She fell on the sofa and Lexi fell after her.
“You naughty girl….I still have my skills” Lexi said as they both laughed happily.
“You said something earlier that you’re leaving soon” Lin said as she dropped the gun in her weapon rack under the sofa.
“Yeah…the U.S force department assigned a new mission to me…’s a nuke retrieving mission deep in Cambodia West…I’ll be leading fifty agents on the mission and it’s a two month mission” Lexi said and Lin relaxed on his bare chest.
“Am coming with you and you can’t stop that this time around” Lin said sarcastically and Lexi smiled.
“Did Pandora win?” Lin asked and Lexi looked at her in a funny way.
“Naughty girl….you should’ve asked earlier….She killed Royce and restored everything” Lexi said and suddenly,Lin took his gun from his portable rack and Lexi went after her,running up and down the apartment……….✅👍


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