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Pandora – Season 3 – Episode 14

Episode 32

“Princess laurel, what are you doing here, you could get hurt” I said, showing a great deal of concern for her.

“I came to support my brother, and you can’t stop me” She said and moved further

“Well, let’s hurry” Roy said and we all climbed our horses, going after Hercules and Shyla.


Hercules arrived at the Rivendell border, he couldn’t believe his eyes, he saw an army of Knights, guarding the border. He tied the horse down.

“You’ll be safe Shyla” Hercules said and patted her

“Don’t get yourself harmed cos of me, I probably won’t survive” Shyla muttered

“I can handle these people Shyla, you don’t worry” Hercules Said and took out his axes.

He charged towards the unsuspecting Knights, attacking them from behind, soon all the knights knew and they charged towards him, Hercules was fighting and using his powers at the same time but still they were too much for him.

We got there just in time and the guys helped Hercules out.

I climbed the horse Shyla was placed and I was heading straight to the potion of fantasy. No one was able to come near me as the ring of zein didn’t permit them to.

Princess Laurel was fighting like a man, slaying the Rivendell knights mercilessly.

Roy was using his superspeed to his advantage, he was almost invisible.

Byron wasn’t even using weapons unlike Hercules, they were even scared to attack him.

Pasiphae, as usual was casting spells on them, making them face each other.

I rode very fast, I didn’t want shyla to die. I got to the potion of fantasy and carried shyla down. I laid her next to the potion stream and I sprinkled the water all over a face and I gave her some to drink. Her reaction shocked me, she was burning from inside, it isn’t supposed to be, something is definitely wrong.

“You don’t get it do you” A voice said and Royce appeared from no where

“I poisoned the potion of fantasy, Shyla is dead” Royce said and laughed evilly.

“I’ll make you pay for this I swear” I said burning furiously.

“I’m here already, why don’t you?” Royce replied.

******* ***** ***
Deep inside me,I was burning with rage as I stood,staring at Royce.He was smiling mischievously,not feeling sorry for what he has done.
“You know what Pandora? Since when I’ve known you to be my sister,the truth is that I never for once liked you…..” Royce was saying then I interrupted.
“I am not your sister…..I can’t be a sister to a beast,a monster like you…’re a bastard and a son of a bitch Royce……I hate you with internal developed passion” I said,tears streaming down my eyes.My anger continued to build up at every stance of discussion Royce made.
“Well,you can say all you like but that won’t stop me from killing you and your friends also……And it’s going to today and not any other day” Royce said and turned,heading outside.The stream wasn’t a good place for a strong battle.He went out and I stood for a while before following suit.I got outside and walked down to the kingdom central battle ground and I saw Royce,in a warrior armour with his sword as he stood,probably waiting for me.
“Don’t just stand there,Pandora….Let’s get down to business” Royce said as he held his sword’s handle tightly.I stepped into the battle ground and Royce removed his clothes,leaving only his bare muscular chest.He unpacked his long hair,coupled with the scorpion tattoo which began to sprout out on his both arms and a diagram of a cobra which began to appear on the left side of his chest.
“Did you know that being more powerful than me can’t assure you of winning….as far as you’ve not mastered the use of your powers?” Royce said and I looked up.
“What are you trying to say?” I asked angrily and sarcastically.

“Have you mastered the use of your powers before coming here to confront the god of death?” Royce said and for the first time,I felt like laughing.

“Did you just call yourself the god of death?” I asked,almost laughing at him.

“You think am joking?” Royce said as he unleashes a dark smoke axe towards me.I did a backflip,making the attack miss me as the axe went back to him.Actually,the axe looks more like the axe possessed by Haydes,the real god of death.

“It looks like a toy to me” I said and drew out my sword.He charged at me and his axe doused with my sword,making a loud pitch sound.I jumped back,creating space between us.

“Your sword is strong but let’s see how long it lasts” Royce said and made ready again.I charged and we fought severely as I maintained my position.Royce had grew skilful but am not a newbie either.He threw his axe at me and I dodged it.The axe turned back and headed to him.

“A real warrior doesn’t throw his weapons at the enemy” I said,sounding like I was training him.

“Oh really? I don’t know that” He said and I dashed at him with an air kick.He jumped,avoiding the attack and he hit my back immediately I landed from my flip.

“Throwing flips in a battle is less important like knowing where to land” Royce said and I got angry.

“Now,you’ve pissed me off,let’s get to the real battle” i said and looked sideways.Hercules looked at me from his battle scene and nodded,Roy,Byron and Pasiphae did same and Laurel gave me a thumbs up in advance to my victory.I turned back at Royce as I felt my powers building up.My both eyes became pure white,with lightning emitting from it.My hairs became longer and pure white and a beautiful stronger sword appeared in my hand.Spiritually,I can see two angels on the left and right hand side of where I stood and they vanished few seconds after.
Royce saw this and possessed his powers immediately.Everything about him became black as his eyes and hands emitted red lightning.His both eyes became black and his veins glowed red.

I unleashed a great thunder at Royce as he turned towards my direction.I unleashed it in a flash.Royce pointed his fingers at the thunder as his black veins glowed red and my thunder turned to red and he repelled it towards me.I watched as my thunder struck me and I felt the pain a bit as it pushed me backwards a bit.Seconds later,I saw Royce walking towards me,still possessed by his dark power mode.We ran towards each other and I threw my sword at him.Surprisingly,Royce caught the sword and we both disappeared.We both appeared in a place that looks like hell.My sword was back into my hands and we ran towards each other.I dash at Royce,attempting to kick his axe away from his hand but he gave me a deep cut on my leg which healed up in two seconds.Royce charged at me,swinging his axe.I blocked his axe with my sword.None broke but a loud sound emitted,making us both bleed from our ears.I dashed to kick Royce axe again but a punch got me on my chest,sending me landing with my back.I felt a sinister pain in my spine as I couldn’t stand up.Royce jumped high,attempting to plunge his axe blade into my chest but a sudden white force field smashed Royce away violently.On a normal circvmstance,an ordinary human won’t survive the repellant force…..
Royce felt the wrath of the spirit of Waal.This had never happened to me before,my powers are beginning to possess it’s full mode.Royce controlled a big rock towards my direction but the rock cracked and broke into pieces on nearing me.I raised my sword and magically trapped Royce from my position.He tried to move but he couldn’t.I got close and hit him with the handle of my sword,making him fly and crash into a big rock.Suddenly,I felt a strange force pushed me forward and we got back to the battle scene in Rivendell.Royce was still on the rock I smashed and trapped him unto.He had only used an illusion to change the looks of the battle scene at first,not that we’ve been to anywhere really.Royce,being a strong bastard managed to grab his small staff and pointed it to the sky,trying to summon his Dereks.For the first few seconds,nothing happened and then suddenly,a portal opened up and Kabal landed from the sky alongside Lexi.Royce power mode disappeared and his body returned back to normal .

“Did you just tried to summon your dereks?” I said in my power mode as my voice echoed around the whole kingdom,breaking some glass structures.

“I destroyed your dereks dimension before attacking you,I am not as stupid and dumb as you might think” I added and Kabal moved forward towards Royce.Royce couldn’t get up anymore as I already trapped him to the stone,like someone about to be crucified.He was bleeding profusely from his ears and nose.

“Son,I tried to tell you to quit your evil ways but you proved so obstinate and took to killing me and taking my staff instead….Every single scene of your atrocities are being watched by the gods but none could confront you because it’s never their destiny that they’ll be the one to stop you.Sadly,you misused the powers you had,son,taking the footstep of your mother and sister” Kabal said and turned away from Royce.
“Destiny has to take it’s course…you’ve been destined to die,son” Kabal added and immediately,a pure white arrow whizzed past us,stabbing Royce right through his heart.He couldn’t scream but threw up blood from his mouth.We looked back and saw an image that looked just like me,holding a bow and smiling at us.It was the spirit of Waal itself.Royce died in a matter of seconds and few minutes later,a dark crystal emitted from his chest and hit Byron suddenly in the middle of battle.The sudden hit made him loose balance and the knights stabbed him in multiple ways but as their swords touched him,it melted to the handle…not even one could wound him,talk more of penetrating into his body.Byron suddenly stretched out his hands and all the knights were swept away by an unseen force of telekinesis.His own chosen power had got out from Royce body and returned back to him,making him more powerful than ever.Soon enough,all the knights bowed to me,having realised that I had killed Royce forever.The general in command of all Rivendell knights advanced towards me with his sword in his hands.

“You don’t get it,do you?” Byron said,blocking the general’s path to reach me,thinking the general wants to unleash another attack.

“I come forward in peace,to accept the defeat over our former King ” The general said and bowed to me.Slowly,my power mode began to vanish as my eyes and hair turned back to normal and that was when I realized I’ve been floating in the air all these while.I looked around and suddenly saw Lexi.

“What?…….Impossible,it can’t be Lexi” I said,trying to take out my sword.

“Well guys….it’s Lexi standing before you….it’s a long story anyway….All thanks to Kabal” Lexi said,pointing at Kabal who stood few centimetres away from us.

“My soul was trapped between the human and the spirit world after I was killed…During this time,I encountered Kabal who was on a journey to the spirit world and I explained how my mortality him” Lexi said,taking a pause.

“So how did he bring you back?” Pasiphae asked,stylishly looking at Kabal who was still standing where he was.

“Well,water wolves are immortals and that’s why my soul couldn’t gain access to the spirit world in a dead personality…Kabal took me to my race and a redemption and restoration of my soul was enshrined into my body,bringing me back to life with a high immortality rate” Lexi explained and Roy moved close to him.

“It’s so good to see you again bro” Roy said,placing Lexi in a tight bear hug.

“You somehow look more handsome” Laurel complimented and Lexi blushed at her.Kabal,who had been standing alone since then turned back at us and spoke.

“Destiny is what can never be changed with violence and having all the powers in the universe doesn’t make you the strongest.The strong ones are those who are able to handle situations with care,patience and critical looks” Kabal said to us and his staff of doroman appeared in his hands and he smiled.

“Pandora,for as long as I’ve lived,I’ve never seen a brave warrior like you that was able to save humanity from extinction….Keep it up ” Kabal said and smiled at me.

“She’s a great warrior indeed” a voice said behind us and we all looked and saw Durham,dressed nicely in raw pure gold.He had proved to be the supreme over the other gods indeed.

“You still have meagre battles ahead of you in order to save your people but mind you,they aren’t tough battles if you ask me” Durham said and we all laughed.

“I just hope that comes after ten years of ruling Astoria because I can’t fight anymore battles for now” Hercules said jokingly and we all broke out laughing again.Few moments later,Kabal and Durham left us for their respective realms…

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