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Pandora – Season 3 – Episode 13


“What the hell is happening here?I don’t understand” Hercules said as he helped me get up from the ground.

“We should be realistic here…..These three figures ain’t real…They’re all dead already” Pasiphae said as she tightened her fists.The three figures stood firm as they stared at us without speaking.

“Lexi once said something about optical illusions sometimes ago in Rivendell….We can only defeat these figures if we truly believe spiritually that illusions ain’t real images” Byron said and almost immediately,the three figures of Lexi,Fletcher and Veta charged at us.Hercules was the leading figure among us as he punched Fletcher away.Lexi swung his axe at Hercules but fast enough,Byron grabbed his hand,dropping him far with a backflip kick.Veta came forth with mist balls.I created a force field around us,making the mist ball explode on hitting the force field boundary.I looked left and saw Byron’s Royal knights alongside Argalon knights incoming.I managed to get up from the ground as the force of the mist ball had earlier pushed me away to the ground.

“Retreat this place now….This isn’t for Knights” I yelled and immediately,Shyla jumped up from my side,striking the three incoming figures very fast.I knew Shyla’s attempt would be a little tedious as she solely battled the three illusions for a while.For some reasons,Roy who was busy standing pulled off his clothes.Slowly,a beast mark began to sprout out from his vertebrae column,making him take full possession of his vampire form.With a speed of light,Roy charged at the three illusions,brutalizing Fletcher first.He finished him up with a claw strike,making Fletcher hit a tree strongly.Roy paused as the other two figures paused also and suddenly,the sky began to darken,and few drops of rain began to drop.The three illusion stood in order and their eyes changed to pure black.I sensed a dark power possessing them but where it came from,I don’t understand.Suddenly,Shyla who wasn’t paying attention to the figures but rather the darkening sky got blasted with a dark red mist ball.It smoked part of her chest,projecting her towards a tree and destroying the tree in action.

“Hercules,Go check Shyla’s health,we’ll buy you time” Byron said and we all charged at the illusions without Hercules,who actually stayed back on Shyla….

“Shyla,are you okay?” Hercules asked as he raised her head unto his laps.

“You… have….t…….go now,I c..c…can’t s..survive this” Shyla managed to say and Hercules removed her clothes,leaving only her body.He visibly saw where the mist ball hit her as it smoked up soothes.He casted a strong protective spell on the wound,stabilizing the wound of any further pain.He mounted her on a horse and he climbed too…..

“Where are you going Herc?” I said from the battle scene.

“Rivendell…to the potion of fantasy…It’s the only medium that can save her” Hercules said.

“Royce won’t allow you,Hercules” I said,reminding him of the present ruler there.

“I have no choice….Shyla musn’t die too” Hercules said and he headed straight out of Argalon towards Rivendell.

Royce had knew that sooner or later,Pandora will surely come for his head.Just as he had ordered a tight security in Astoria,he did same in Rivendell too so as to ward off unexpected attack or better still,buy him time to escape at tough situations but Royce was not the easy type.He would never run from anybody,no matter the situation.Royce,being a magical and smart assed homo sapien already knew someone was coming to Rivendell.He couldn’t specify who it was but his magical powers alerted him.He ordered more stronger knights and other warriors to stay put in every hook and cranny of the Kingdom….Not even an animal should be spared if it trespasses.

The battle with the illusionary figures continued growing tougher by every tickling minute as the dark powers in them proved really invincible.Just after being hit away by a punch,I stood up again and observed for a while.I resorted to my ring and I looked at my fingers for the ring.I said an involuntary word and a bright light started emitting from the ring towards the three figures fighting my friends.The bright light hit them and everything paused.The three figures of Lexi,Veta and Fletcher turned into rocks while on motion,each capturing itself in the midst of the actions they’re about to take.Others stood surprised as this happened.

“What the hell happened?” Roy asked,looking around.

“It’s…….it’s the ring of Zein…I don’t understand..I felt it just destroyed a dimension outside earth….I can feel it in my head” I said,holding my head as I spoke.

“Definitely,these figures aren’t even illusions but maybe aliens….shape shifters called the triceratons…Only triceratons die immediately their dimension gets tampered with” Pasiphae said aloud to us all.

“Wait,how did you know all these?” Roy asked,obviously surprised at Pasiphae’s level of cerebral capacity.

“Lexi explained all these to me few months ago before he died……He says he has been to the outside universe before with a device he called the inter dimensional transporter connected to an uranium built molecular saucer” Pasiphae explained further and while I was silent,I quickly had a flashback to a night,probably 8 months ago when Lexi was with me..
⚡FLASHBACK ⚡⬅(Rivendell…..8 months ago) ⚡

“But where do these Derek warriors come from?They’re usually utilized by Royce and mostly evil people like Taong” I asked after the first battle with Royce after he faded away with the staff of Doroman..

“There’s a dimension called Planet C5,the origin of Derek’s and Minions warriors….The dark powered humans and super naturals usually have channeled powers to this particular planet as it’s the origin of Evil generations….Their connection to the planet enables them to summon Dereks and Minions capable of shapeshifting.A combination of of fifty or more Dereks and Minions can shape shift into any figure and make them extremely powerful” Lexi said,as he took a gulp of water.

“Awkward….Can’t they be stopped either?” I asked as soon as Lexi landed his explanation.

“They can be stopped only by destroying their dimensional power source and pausing time on their planet…..and all these seems practically impossible” Lexi said.


“The ring of Zein did it……Their planet has been destroyed by time pause” I said after explaining Lexi’s theory to my friends….

“Royce won’t have the ability to summon his stupid Dereks during battle” Pasiphae said,letting out a smile.

“We need to go after Hercules now…He’s headed for Rivendell and it’s dangerous if he gets spotted” I said as everyone grabbed their horses.

“Am coming with you” a voice said behind us.We looked back and saw Princess Laurel,dressed in a sinister warrior armory,looking more like a molecular blockage suit possessed by Lexi…..


❓Question ❓
🌓Royce powers gradually deteriorating….What will be Shyla’s fate?
🌓Do you think Lexi is dead?

Let’s find out as we move on

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