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Pandora – Season 3 – Episode 11


Two days after Lin left,myself and the remaining team decided it’s high time we leave Argalon for Avalon as its now the only place we can plan our lives ahead.Royce is the only fire spot we have remaining and I will stop at nothing to make sure I defeat him.We all concluded and decided to leave Argalon for Avalon in two days time.

Hercules decided it’s high time to see his grandfather,King Moraes to tell him about their plans of leaving Argalon soon.He headed towards the kings court one cool night,a night to the day they planned on leaving Argalon.He entered and met the king on his throne with a cup of wine in his hands.

“Your highness,I came to inform you about something very important,though it might seems too late to stop it now” Hercules said and King Moraes stood up from his throne,advancing towards Hercules spot.

“What is it Son? Tell me” King Moraes persuaded.

“We’re due to leave Argalon tomorrow morning” Hercules said and King Moraes vibrated,almost choked by his drink.

“Since when have you been planning this without me knowing about it?” King Moraes said and Hercules sighed

“Not that we wish to leave so soon but the present situation at hand calls for time utilization….Our people back home are in danger,camped by an evil prince.We need to defeat him and free our people” Hercules said.King Moraes looked away for a while and then summoned his daughter,Princess Laurel.In less than two minutes,she appeared in one of her beautiful Royal attire.

“You sent for me,Father” She said as soon as she arrived.

“Yes Princess,I will like to bring your knowledge to something I’ve never discussed with you” King Moraes said and Princess Laurel moved closer.

“Okay Father but he has to excuse us” Laurel said,referring to Hercules.

“No princess…..It has to do with him dear” King Moraes said,taking a pause.Hercules stood firm like he’s one of the palace knights.

“This man you’re seeing here is your brother” King Moraes said,sounding like a joke to Princess Laurel.

“Father,here you come again with your jokes again.How can Hercules,a stranger here be my brother?” Princess Laurel said and Hercules interrupted her.

“You don’t speak to the King that way!!!” Hercules fired and Laurel gave him a sarcastic look.

“He’s my father,so it’s none of your business” Laurel said and as she made to speak again,Hercules,out of anger interrupted.

“He’s my grandfather also…you don’t have right whatsoever to speak anyhow here” Hercules said and Princess Laurel looked at her father,King Moraes.

“Father,tell me what he said just now is a lie and I’ll slap the hell out of him for impersonation” Laurel said.The King kept mute for a while before speaking up.

“I never wanted to tell you this but now,I have to” King Moraes said and explained everything to his daughter,who stood dumbfounded and speechless.For almost a minute,everywhere was dead quiet and then suddenly before the King knew what was going on,Laurel ran to Hercules and hugged him tightly,tears streaming down her cheeks slowly.

“I never knew I had a brother out there….I feel like… very happy” Princess Laurel said,releasing Hercules from her tight hug……..


I started preparing for the next day journey as soon as I got back to our cottage.I dipped my hands beneath my bag and brought out a nice blue top,laced with diamonds around it’s neck.My father gave it to me during my eighteenth birthday and I felt it’s now time I wear it again,although I don’t know what or why exactly he gave it to me but deep inside me,I knew the top wasn’t ordinary.

“Hey Pandora” Roy greeted,slapping his hands against each other.

“Roy Mister” Pasiphae commented as she came inside too alongside Shyla.Roy gave her a sarcastic look and immediately,Hercules arrived just in time also and I smiled at him,his bright eyes twinkling and his hair,which had turned white suddenly in the last few days swayed around.Obviously,his powers kept growing day by day.Byron came inside too just in time.

“Now everyone,you’ll have to excuse us” Hercules said and they all looked at each other.

“What do you mean by ‘us’?” Pasiphae asked.

“Oh God….okay Excuse Me,Byron and Pandora” Hercules said clearly.Roy nodded his head and put his hands up,agreeing to leave and slowly,others followed with Pasiphae looking at Hercules in a funny way.

“I just discovered something interesting here,guys” Hercules said and Byron faced him and smiled.

“Yeah I know.King Moraes is your grandfather.He gave birth to your deceased mom” Byron said and Hercules was shocked.Even to fact,I was shocked also and wondered how Byron read Hercules mind.

“What??? Have you been stalking me around,listening to every single conversation I did?” Hercules asked as he couldn’t figure out how he knew about it.

“Well,I wasn’t stalking you and I don’t think it’s necessary to know how I got you” Byron said and that was when I began to understand Byron.He had taken full possession of Krohn’s powers and can read minds just like Krohn…


We set out on our path to Avalon very early the next day,each with our respective horses.Towards our exit from Argalon,we heard a loud explosion behind us and we all stopped and looked back,only to see the epicentre of Argalon on fire.We all turned back and headed towards the place and in few minutes we got there….At first,we couldn’t fathom the reason for the explosion or where it came from.Suddenly,from the smoky area,someone projected a plasma ball at me suddenly.It was a bit late for me to avoid and as it made to hit me,a force field radiated from my blue diamond dress,blocking the plasma from me…..Byron and others came down from their horses.

“Pandora,are you okay?” Hercules asked as he helped me up from the ground.The plasma ball didn’t affect me but pushed me off my horse.

“I’m fine” I said and suddenly, someone came out of the smoky area,four people came out of the smoky area,looking exactly like Lancelot,Lexi,Veta and Fletcher respectively….dressed in all black each.

“Oh no…..What the hell is going on? Shyla said…..




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