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Pandora – Season 2 – Episode 9

(The Battle Begins)

Hercules got back to the castle and met others seated and laughing at a joke cracked by Byron.He loftily walked in as if he won a lottery.
“I don’t think you’re all serious,is this the time for Jokes?” Hercules said as he headed towards the weapons stack.
“What are you going to do with that Bow and Arrow you’re loading unto yourself?” I asked,it was his first time taking a bow and arrows.
“I want to go and practice on the fields” Hercules lied,he was actually leaving for Avalon to execute his father’s idea.
“Wow,that’s gonna be so amazing because I’ve never seen you use that before” Lin complimented,smiling along.
“Well I need to go now,it’s getting late” Hercules said and left their midst.Before Hercules left Rivendell,he went into the woods and killed an animal.He took his ninja wears at the castle already and changed into it,he then took the animal’s blood and smeared the clothes he pulled with it’s blood and kept it on the fields so when others see it,they’ll think he’s dead.He took the King’s fastest horse and rode away silently from Rivendell,heading towards Avalon.

Agent Brox paced round his technology lab with an assistant agent following him.He was inspecting his computer with the aid of an eyeglass he was wearing.What was on his mind was about Lexi who seem to have decided to permanently not to come back to the squad.He was still pacing around when suddenly,an agent rushed into the floor he was,demanding for his attention.He followed the agent immediately into another floor with the help of a super fast elevator and soon,they got to the floor.The agent led him towards a large computer screen with a tiny red dot blinking on a spot.
“Sir we found the snake girl we’re looking for” the agent said and Agent Brox started hitting the keyboard typing some informations.
“Where is her location?” Brox asked,obviously impatient.
“Uhm…..sir we have a problem with that,she’s not in this dimension” the agent said and suddenly,Brox hijacked the agent,raising him up from his seat.
“Where the fvck is she?” Brox asked ferociously.
“A dimension called A….Avalon” the agent said and a cold shiver ran down Brox’s spine.
“Oh no……she’s gonna cause a pandemonium battle.We have to Locate Lexi” Brox said and immediately,he ordered a squad of his men to load themselves with weapons.They we’re travelling back in time to locate Lexi and stop the snake girl.
Hercules rode very fast with the supernatural horse moving like the wind.He soon got to Astoria and halted his horse,viewing the gates and city of Astoria from a reasonable distance.The city changed rapidly and everywhere looked beautiful.Indeed Royce had beautified the city,only for his bad mind and character that was unchangeable.Hercules began his super fast journey again,travelling away from Astoria towards the city of Avalon…..
The city of Avalon also changed recently.Rain fell lightly from all directions like fine settled flour being shaken from the heavens.This was Avalon,the kingdom to be precise,in the middle of summer,Lyna,the snake girl walked towards a door and knocked without speaking as she stood.The owner opened the door and Lyna walked in,compelling the owner with her magical powered vision.
Immediately she got in,she dipped her long fangs deep into the person’s neck,sucking a great amount of blood,weakening the person on spot.She dragged the body aside and kept it.
Hercules arrived at the kingdom of Avalon and stopped at a good distance.He walked inside the castle like a guard about to serve the king and when he got inside,he saw many people but too busy to notice him.From his position,Hercules could see the King and his guards riding a chariot towards the King’s castle.He quickly found a tall place and timed an arrow at the king.Targeting the king fully,he released the arrow and it travelled straight towards the king.The arrow sank straight into the King’s chest and he let out a yell which Scampered everyone away from the place.The guards sighted Hercules whose face was covered with a Hoody and a Ninja’s nose mask and they charged at him with many others incoming.The King was dead but Hercules was just starting.He needs to defeat the guards to take full control of the kingdom.He threw away the Bow and Arrows he was holding and pulled out his axes.He jumped down,landing into the midst of the battle ready warriors and suddenly,his axes blade turned red alongside his both eye.He was on his Condar mode as the warriors charged at him….
We couldn’t find Hercules after a long time of searching for him around the kingdom of Rivendell.Search parties were dispatched to every angle but none could find him as we all gathered back at the castle.Soon,another part of the searchers came,with a disappointing look written all over their faces.We waited until they came close and I was shocked to the bone marrow when they presented the clothes Hercules wore out,with Blood smeared all over it……
“No….No this can’t be…This can’t be true” I shouted,holding my head.
“Hercules is dead” Byron finalised to my hearing and I fell on my knees.
“Surely,something tells me we need to be on the lookout” Roy said as he tried to pull me up.We dismissed the search party and went back inside the castle…..Myself,Pasiphae,Xena and Shyla wore a sad look 😭
🐺OLIVIA CITY(The wolves realm)🐺
“We can’t attack them for now” Taong said to Dean who suddenly looked up.
“No…..But we are supposed to attack tonight when the full moon rises” Dean said,reminding Taong of his words.
“Yes I know….but something tells me we’re going to be attempting suicide if we should attack them now” Taong said and Dean walked back to his Chambers,disappointed…..Zeus had done the needful to Taong’s mind….
Hercules fought strongly as no one was able to lay a finger on him.Minutes later,he had already beaten half a million of warriors,hands down.He ran suddenly and grabbed the King’s staff of authority….The warriors all halted and slowly began to bow to Hercules alongside citizens of Avalon who witnessed the battle…….

I sat down alone in my chamber, thinking about my memories with Hercules, we aren’t that lucky, we spent every day of our lives trying to figure out a way to defeat our enemies. I thought I’d build an empire together with Hercules, I thought I’d have children for him, I thought we’ll live happily ever after, but the news of him dying has disassembled my entire system. I couldn’t think straight, I’m beginning to feel like surrendering myself to my enemies, who knows who’s next to die?
I kept thinking and crying till I heard some disturbance outside, I dried my tears and stood up to see what’s happening.
I got outside and saw Byron and Xena point their swords at two Guys who both wore armor.
I moved closer and noticed the Royal crest of Avalon attached to their armor. They are both Avalon Knights.

“What are you two doing here” I asked, trying to sound brave.

“Please lower your swords we are here for peace!” One of the knights said, I signalled Byron and Xena and they both withdrew their swords and pull them back in their cases.

“So what brought you too here” I asked

“We were sent here by Hercules” The other knight said and my eyes opened widely. I grabbed him by the neck.

“What did you do to him?!!!!” I yelled at him, the poor knight was terrified

“He’s unharmed, He killed The King Of Avalon” He said and I released his neck, so surprised by what he said

“What do you mean?” Xena asked

“He killed the king and thousands of Avalon knights, he sent us here to bring you guys, Byron to be precise.” The knight replied

“You can go, we’ll be on our way” Bryon said and they both went back to Avalom

“How can you believe their words?” Xena asked

“Yes, what if they’ve killed Hercules and they’re trying to lure us into their trap.” I supported. Byron placed his hand on my shoulder and smiled.

“I’ll go alone, don’t worry, I’m sure they’re telling the truth” Byron said and untied his horse and left for Avalon.

💣💣💣💣💣💣FUTURE 💣💣💣

Agent Brox paced round the control room, the time machine is being set up and he’s obviously not patient, he thinks that if they don’t stop Snake Girl quickly, she might Injure or Kill Agent Lexi.

“The time machine is ready sir” Agent Alexa said with her soothing feminine voice.

“That’s good Alexa, Now Target Agent Lexi’s Location, we’ll be traveling to his exact location” Agent Brox said

“Alright sir” Agent Alexa said and she worked on the super computer attached to the time machine

“Acquiring coordinates,………. Coordinates Acquired sir!, Agent Lexi has been Found” Agent Alexa said, Agent Brox rushed their to clarify.

“Good job Agent!! Now let’s Go” Agent Brox said and activated the time machine.


“I hope Byron will be okay” Paisphae said

“Byron is strong, he’ll take on anything or anyone” Lexi said

“Guys, let’s focus on something important please” Lin said and we all looked at her.

“The Vaccines Lexi and I made won’t be enough to defeat all our enemies. There’s one I especially made, which consists of the rarest chemicals and its the most potent is made for Royce, he’s the most powerful afterall. Lexi and I were able to figure out a way to defeat Taong’s armies, our bullets will do the work. Pandora, you must keep this vaccine safe” Lin said and handed over the vaccine to me. I examined the vaccine and held it tightly

“I’m confused, between Taong And Dean, who is more powerful?” Roy asked

“Dean is very powerful Roy, but his powers can’t be compared to Taong’s, Taong is an ancient creature of a very powerful Dark magic by the League Of Evil Sorceresses thousands of years ago to rule the world, But Taong Killed each and everyone of the Sorceresses and wanted the world all for himself” Paisphae explained

“That’s huge” Roy said.


Byron took the shortcut way he knew to Avalon to avoid any form of ambush if at all they’re truly trying to lure him. He got to Avalon border and surprisingly the knights there didn’t attack or stop him, he headed straight for the castle and he met this huge crowd. He struggled his way in the castle and Hercules walked up to him

“Dude!, You’re truly alive” Byron said and hugged him tightly

“Yes I’m alive your majesty” Hercules replied

“What do you mean?” Byron asked

“Follow me” Hercules said and went outside the castle, Byron followed, A huge crowd is waiting outside. Hercules climbed the King’s Alter, the alter the King used to climb When he wants to address the Public, on the alter is a majestically made Throne.

“The people of Avalon, You’ve suffered a great deal of misfortune in the hands of the late KING” Hercules said as Byron confusely watched

“I’ve put an end to this suffering and You’ve a new and befitting King.” Hercules said

“Sit please” Hercules whispered to Byron

“What the fvck are you doing????” Byron asked and reluctantly sat down on the throne

“I Crown Thee, King Byron Of Avalon” Hercules declared and Placed a crown on Byron’s head, The people cheered and danced.

Royce made his specific attack day known to Me.He seem too sure of himself that he’s going to surely win the battle.Meanwhile,myself and others,excluding Hercules and Byron who were busy in Avalon,planned on how we’re going to stop the battalions of warriors and Bearshifters coming for us.We evacuated all the citizen of Rivendell to an unknown and hidden island in order to be sure no one dies of the epic oncoming war.With the small army,we have,we mounted them on every angle of the kingdom,each loaded with the role to play immediately the war starts.However,the next hour after planning all these brought me to the surprise of my life,I mean the greatest surprise.Thousands of Avalon armies were seen matching towards the kingdom.I ordered a warrior to blow the war trumpet,signifying they get ready to attack but soon,I saw Hercules riding very fast towards us,ahead of others incoming warriors.I came down from the tall alter outside the kingdom and waited till he got to me.
“Hercules!!!” is this you? I thought you were dead ” I said,my tear glands seems to be happy.
“That was a mere prank,Princess Pandora” Hercules said and almost immediately,Pasiphae and others came along,obviously surprised to see Hercules.
“What the hell was that prank for,Hercules?” Roy asked sarcastically, demanding to know why Hercules would place them on a fake scale that he was dead.
“Am sorry it wasn’t my fault,I had to do that to stop anyone from coming to look for me,it may appear dangerous” Hercules said.
“And where is Byron?” Xena asked,her face squeezed.
“By now,calling him Byron is a total disrespect,he’s now the crowned king of Avalon” Hercules said and I looked up….
“Don’t worry,he’ll soon be here” Hercules added and truly ,Byron spoke from the silent crowd of warriors who were now in front of the kingdom’s gate.
“Yes am the royal king of Avalon,Hercules made it possible” Byron said and all bowed in respect except me as I was still confused about the whole thing.
“Did you bring this amount of warriors to help us?” Lexi said after being quiet all through.
“Yes and I will……….” Byron was saying but got interrupted by a portal which opened suddenly.Hercules grabbed his axe,ready to face anything coming out……….Soon,figures dressed in black with a gas mask and guns started coming out.They were about fifty of them.Lexi quickly recognised them as his teammates and signalled others not to attack them.
“They are not our enemies” Lexi said and soon,one of them removed his gas mask.
“Agent Brox!!!What the hell are you doing here?” Lexi asked but the agents looked around,skeptical about the number of warriors they’re seeing.
“Did you lay an ambush for us?” Brox asked,obviously surprised seeing thousands of armies around.Lexi walked up to him.
“No I didn’t ,this was for another purpose but what brought you guys here if I may ask sir?” Lexi asked,demanding to know the reason behind the impromptu visit.
“Did you remember Lyna Taylor?” Brox said,hoping he remembers.
“What is going on here?” I interrupted,seems Lexi had forgotten we have a deal to face.
“Am sorry,i was carried away,friends,meet my agent from the future,we work together over there as agents” Lexi said but Lin kept looking at Agent Brox as though she knew him from Somewhere.
“Hello,am Brox Stevens and with me here are my team mates” Brox said,stepping forward towards Pandora but Hercules stopped him.
“You’re not permitted to move closer” Hercules said jokingly and we all laughed,including Brox.
“Brox,isn’t Lyna Taylor the snake girl?” Lexi said and I wondered who snake girl is again.
“Yes……..She’s in this dimension,Avalon to be precise” Brox said.
“What!!! Did you say Avalon or I misinterpreted you?” Byron asked and Brox looked at him.
“Yes Avalon…..Did you know the place?” Brox asked.
“Well it sounds so Timing, Am the king of Avalon” Byron said and then suddenly,they heard a far noise,obviously very far away.
“Oh no…..Royce and his warriors incoming” I said,jolting in fear.
“How many are his armies?” Byron said,pulling out his axe.He wasn’t dressed like a king there at least.I closed my eyes,like someone meditating and suddenly opened them.
“No…No his armies are one and half million” I said,my voice seems strong.
“Brox,I think you came at the right time..Actually it was going to be only my bullets and this cute girl’s bullet but now,it’s gonna be a fifty two persons bullet” Lexi said and he led the agents to a tall wall where they can see the battle ground,all ready to shoot.
“Alright,Royce is here already, let’s mess this guy up alongside his stupid army” Byron said and he pulled out his axe.Hercules pulled out his axes too.Pasiphae summoned a long Trident which she never summoned before so it was strange to others,her outfit magically changed to a pure golden one.Xena was with her sword and shield while Lin ran to join Lexi and the other agents.Roy pulled his clothes, leaving only his trousers.
“That’s the real vampire” I complimented and soon,a bright light radiated around my body and my clothes changed to a pure white outfit,more like the dressing the spirit of waal is usually on.On my right hand was a sword and my left hand empty but I knew I could throw plasma balls and create force fields with them….
Royce’s army stopped a reasonable distance away from our army and we both stared at each other from distance.It’s been a while we saw each other and suddenly,he commanded his army to attack and I also did same as I was now in control of warriors brought down to Rivendell by Hercules and Byron.The battle began extensively but the midst of the warriors wasn’t a good place for Myself and Royce to fight.I tamed him away from the place till we came to a fairly open field with grasses.
The agents began to shoot at the Astorian army,taking them out slowly as Rivendell warriors were of no match to them.Even with the bullets at work,Astorian armies seems not to be reducing as they battled Rivendell and Avalon army with full might.Byron and others were not fighting yet,wanting the decrease of of the warriors as they all stood at a reasonable height,viewing the battle ground but seems to them the army wasn’t reducing.
Suddenly,what they saw next was the sky clouds turning a bit black and thunder sounds heard amongst the clouds.What followed these were two white figures that dropped from the sky,dragging a huge amount of lightening with them.They landed in the midst of Royce’s side,with the lightening taking out thousands of them just by a single strike.
“Who the hell are those white figures that dropped just now?” Lin asked but no one spoke at first.
“For how long this is going to last I don’t know but seems this is getting interesting” Byron said and others agreed to his theory.That time to them was a good time to join the battle.Lexi grabbed the gases made from the vaccines and threw them in the midst of Royce’s side.The gas,on touching the ground broke and immediately they inhaled it,they began to get weak,making Pandora’s warrior take full control of the battle……Meanwhile,the two unknown white figures continued to kill Royce’s army and then,Byron jumped down alongside others,joining the battle.
“Your mere presence annoys me Royce,I’m going to kill you today”I said,burning with severe rage.Royce giggled evilly at me.
” It will take a lifetime before your powers take effect on me” Royce retorted as he began to evolve red plasma balls from his hands.
“Bring it on” I said and he threw a plasma ball at me but surprisingly,my outfit absorbed it,taking Royce by surprise………


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