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Pandora – Season 2 – Episode 8


Royce had been turned on since the failure of the mission assigned to Sai.He decided to wage a last war against Pandora to finish it all,He was tired of her sabotaging his plans and so,he gathered a whole lot of warriors with himself and Sai as the leader,they would strike Astoria after the arrival of a full moon

Taong grew extensively his army of bear shifters and wolves everyday as the time passed on.They kept multiplying and getting ready to attack Rivendell.According to some certain researches made by Pandora,the city of Rivendell now stood admist three powerful enemies,Royce,Taong and the kingdom of Avalon.The most surprising part is that the three opponents planned on attacking the same day,a day after the arrival of a full moon.
“It’s been a while I left the supernaturals world but now,I have to go back and save my friends and people” Krohn’s spirit Said,requesting their overall realm god Zeus to reincarnate him on the supernaturals world.
“But you do remember you can’t go back to your body,it’s now forbidden for your spirit” Zeus said,reminding Krohn of their agreement.Zeus actually told him to sacrifice his soul for Byron when he died so as to save the citizens of Rivendell.
“But you have to help me,the number of enemy is too much for Pandora and her team,Even if they’re able to defeat others,am sure Taong and Dean must be an exception,they are too powerful even than the spirit of Waal itself” Krohn lamented.Zeus kept mute for some moments while other present demi gods,especially the Phoenix God by name Asgard who escaped the dimension of destruction when Dean was created boiled with rage towards the abnormal and casual violence going on in the world of the supernaturals.
The night seems so silent in Rivendell,as everywhere was shut like the interior part of a rigid desert.Only the chipping of birds and night insects solely manned the night.Pasiphae stood outside the castle in the second chambers corridors.She was on a sleeveless top and long trouser,probably thinking about something.While she was still there,Roy joined here there.
“There is nothing outside here Pasiphae,I wonder what you’re looking at” Roy said and Pasiphae was brought back to reality as she was already deep in thought.
“Yes I was thinking about my son” Pasiphae said as Roy came closer.He wasn’t wearing any top as a clear image tattoo of a scorpion stood out on his neck.
“You mean your son Dean?” Roy said and Pasiphae quickly looked at him,she knew Roy wasn’t there the day Dean,her son killed Lancelot
“How did you know his name?” Pasiphae asked,thinking blank about them both.
“Well,it’s a long story and it’s not what I should be telling you but” Roy said and suddenly stopped.
“But what…….Tell me” Pasiphae said calmly,her mind growing inquisitive.Roy held her hand and spoke.
“Never mind Pasiphae,if I tell you this,there’s tendency you might loose control of yourself which am not sure I’ll like” Roy said and Pasiphae heaved a sigh of relief.
“One more thing Pasiphae……See,I don’t know how it all started over the past few days I had all the time and opportunity to tell you this but I felt it’s not the best time then,we may never be changed to express this towards each other but I found myself loving you…and nothing that I’ve ever think of could stop this phenomenon,no matter the condition” Roy said and then took a dramatic pause.He continued
“I really can’t say but I have a feeling about something unusual about the battles we have ahead of us but I want to just tell you this because if I don’t,I may never even have the chance to forgive myself anymore” Roy said and turned to go but Pasiphae held his hands…..
“But Roy,you speak as if you won’t survive this battle,it’s all going to be under control,I love you too and I can’t help it but to love you continuously” Pasiphae said and Roy smiled.
“I ain’t afraid about the battle Pasiphae,I’m afraid my people could pull out a sneaky move,they wanted me dead already and if they found out am alive,I’m afraid we’re all not safe” Roy said……
The day cleared fast in Olivia and Taong’s army grew to more than a million legions of bearshifters and werewolves.He had made a bitch of the Rivendell King captured by his sidekick Dean,torturing him unnecessarily as the day passed.Soon,he got pissed off by the mere sight of the innocent King Felhimns.He planned to publicize his execution the following day and this was because he tried to lure Pandora and her team to his realm by capturing the king of their kingdom but when it seems they wouldn’t show up,he will kill the king and send his head home as a message for them to prepare for battle…….
Myself and my teammates met the following day to deliberate on how best to tackle the comprising situation and battle ahead of us.
“I got some kind of vision that Avalon warriors,Tanog and Royce are all attacking us the same day” I said trying to know who’ve seen the vision apart from me but seems no one as they only grew surprised.
“What!!!…….is that a plan or a mere coincidence?” Hercules said and Lexi Interrupted.
“Whether it’s a coincidence or not doesn’t matter now,the only problem we have now is how we are gonna battle a million of armies of supernaturals” Lexi said and continued.
“We already have the vaccine that could dampen any powers but what about the legion?” Lin asked,trying to tell them the vaccine isn’t much enough to use for a million of Bear shifters and werewolves.
“I guess it’s only Taong’s army that are the supernaturals,warriors from Avalon and Astoria are mere mortals.We need a plan guys” Lexi said solidly.
“And we also need help and I know just where to go for that” Byron said and everyone looked at him……
“Where are you going to get help?” I inquisitively asked,thinking he was joking.
“There’s a tribe I met when I was first banished from Astoria when King Edward was in power,I helped them defeat a troll then and they said they’ll heed to me when I need them,and now is the right time I think” Byron said,smiling mischievously…………

“So how are we going to get there soon?We have just two days before the full moon appears” i said,wondering if we could make it half way there in a day.
“Yes I know we have limited time but we’ll make it if we can set out as soon as we can,it’s getting late already” Byron said as he picked up his two axes.
“And where do you think you’re going by this time of the day?it’s getting late already and we have to wait till the next day I think” Pasiphae said,trying to stop Byron but he wouldn’t budge.
“I need to set out now,it will be a little tedious convincing them out of their island down to this place” Byron said as he attempted to head outside but was halted when he heard someone’s voice.
“I’m coming with you too” Hercules said and took his axes also.
“Must you two be so selfish not to carry a lady along?” Lin said as she stood up too,carrying her long gun which hung across her shoulder.
“Guess we are to man the castle while you guys are away” I said,smiling at Byron.
“Okay we need to move now,it’s getting dark already” Hercules said,he was anxious to set out on the journey.
Byron,Hercules and Lin grabbed a horse,each at the Royal stables and began ttheir journey with Byron taking the lead.While they rode away,Others stood outside the castle watching them till they were out of sight…….
Royce was seriously prepared to launch his final attack in due time that was said but unknowingly to Royce,Sai was planning another attack against Pandora’s team to prove to Royce that he was capable of taking them down.He had already sent an undercover to spy Pandora and he’s already aware that Byron and two others were on their way to somewhere unknown to him.He made his plans to attack them and called for a little army of his own people,the hellhounds.He then stole back his powers from Royce’s soul pot and set out to lay ambush for Byron,Hercules and Lin who were already on their way to look for help before it was too late.
🐺OLIVIA CITY (🐺The wolves realm🐺)🐺
The day for king Felhimns execution came and Taong ordered some of his men to crucify him in the midst of a battle arena.He was going to carry out the execution himself as Dean,his sidekick stood on a very tall place,inspecting the crowd.Possessing his real human mode,his muscular body reflected through his white robe.Taong ordered his Men once again to unchain Felhimns and hand him a sword to battle him.At first,he wasn’t going to budge but later did when Taong brought forth a deal of him leaving his people if he wins the duel.Remembering his old warrior days,Felhimns took the sword and faced Taong whose eyes had completely turned yellow……
Byron,Hercules and Lin rode very fast on their horses,heading towards the unknown location Byron led them towards…They continuously rode very fast till they came to a place where there was countless numbers of tall trees.Byron became suspicious of the place and suggested they rode slowly.Hercules and Lin wondered what he saw but decided to follow his orders……And truly,misfortune did came their way as numerous sounds of tiger-like animals was heard.They halted to a stop and soon,the creatures began to come out numerously.Byron wielded his axe.
“Holy Christ!!! What the hell are these things?” Lin asked as she got her gun ready.
“Hellhounds…..I think one bastard out of our enemies stalked us here” Hercules said as he also wielded his axes,getting ready to attack the slowly incoming creatures and they all came down from their horses.
“I don’t know who the hell is here but they picked the wrong guys to mess with” Byron said and his eyes turned yellow.Lin was the first to open the attack as she started releasing sporadic bullets at the creatures…….Hercules and Byron charged at them and possessing their axes,they began to fight the creatures massively and without mercy.Lin was focused on a direction as one tried to attack her from behind but Byron was quick enough and he threw an axe at it,decapitating the creature.They fought without mercy as the night cried of bloody battle going on there.While all these lasted,Sai watched from the top of a tall tree.He watched as the three warriors killed his own people massively and for close to twenty minutes,they fought bravely to an extent that even one creature wasn’t able to come near their horses staying at the epicentre of the battle.When it occurred to the creatures that they were of no match to the three guys,they retreated the battle and changed back into humans as they opened a portal and escaped the scene….But one was actually undone as Sai won’t give up
He jumped down from the tree and landed behind the enraged Byron.Byron turned back and threw an axe at him but he quickly grabbed it on motion.
“It’s this bastard again? I thought he was killed by Roy” Hercules said,surprised seeing Sai again.
“Remember me? You thought I was dead right? Now let’s start the party all over again” Sai said and his face turned to an hellhound’s face.Lin made to shoot at him but was stopped by Byron.
“Stay put while I take care of this piece of shit” Byron said and got ready for Sai who charged at him with a supersonic speed.
I couldn’t think straight about being a princess anymore,as the day moved,I realised how I came to develop an hatred of passion for Royce.The burden of saving two kingdoms from destruction was too much for me.I wanted revenge for my father’s death,I wanted justice to prevail but each time I tried to make a decision,I was being stopped by my guidance spirit who said I was looking for nothing but pure defeat for now.The day was fading away and a new day taking over.The thought of seeing Royce and Taong alongside The stubborn kingdom of Avalon warriors enslave and defeat my people filled my mind.I wouldn’t say I was afraid but I had to do the needful.I rose from my seat and fell on my knees to seek my ancestors help…….
The battle between Taong and Felhimns appeared to be strong as Taong never expected the King would be too complex for him to defeat even after involving part of his powers.The pure truth about King Felhimns was that,long before he became a king,he was a Ghost Recon hunter……When Taong couldn’t defeat the king in his Alpha mode,he possessed his Condar mode and changed into a strange being.As he attempted to kill Felhimns,a huge thunder from the sky struck him,hitting and smashing him against the arena wall.Dean,who was watching everything also possessed his power mode,wondering who it was and then suddenly,a young teenager not less than sixteen years of age dropped down from the sky and landed on a spot which broke into cracks.Dean jumped down with the sole aim of attacking the boy with a punch but the boy grabbed his fists and hit him on the ground twice before projecting and smashing him against a strong wall too.The boy raised up his face at Felhimns and removed his mask.Felhimns became scared and surprised..
“Zygar???” Felhimns exclaimed and passed out on spot…….
Byron and Sai had destroyed half of the vegetation and still battling.It was a strong battle for survival while Hercules and Lin stood.Somehow,Sai got behind Byron and made to stab him with his claws but suddenly,an unknown bullet from the other dark side of the forest pierced through Sam’s heart and he fell down immediately,changing back into a human………Hercules and Lin took few steps backward,wondering who it was…….

“You should always watch your back!” Lexi said as he outback his pistol inside the case

“Thank you but what are you doing here?” Byron asked

“Yeah, you should stay with the girls” Hercules supported

“Don’t worry, Roy is with them, I’m sure he can take care of anything!” Lexi replied and bent to check Sai’s pulse.

“He is dead” He concluded.

“Shall we continue?” Lin asked

“Alright let’s move” Hercules said and they started moving again

“How long till we reach there?” Lexi asked after they walked few minutes

“I think we are already there” Byron said as they heard strange rustling of Leaves. The next thing they heard was a roar, they’re being attacked.
Hercules placed his hands on his sword, very ready to defend any attack.

“It’s okay, we’re friends!” Byron yelled and they attackers stopped and the voice of Byron, they weren’t dressed in clothes, they wore leaves around their body and had bruises all over.

“Oh oh, if it’s not our long time friend!!” Ilyam, the only man dressed in real clothes said, obviously their leader.

“Long time pal” Byron said as they both shook hands

“Wow, you’ve changed, from rags to noble clothes!!!” Ilyam said sarcastically and they both laughed

“I told you I’m a prince you didn’t believe me. Well I came here because I need your help and it’s really urgent.” Byron said

“And how can I help you young pal” Ilyam asked

“War!!!! We need your help in bringing down our enemies.” Hercules interrupted as he stepped a foot closer to Ilyam
Ilyam faced the rest of his tribe and they gave him a saddening and unsatisfying look.

“What’s wrong?” Byron asked

“I’m afraid we can’t help with this young pal, few months ago we were attacked a long foe of our tribe and they weekened my little army, we’re all devasted and can’t go on any battle” Ilyam said and buried down his head in disappointment.

“I understand Old friend” Byron replied, patted ilyam and smiled at him

“We wasted our journey then” Lexi said and walked away, they all headed back to their ‘base’.


“Seize the boy!!!!!!!!!!” Taong roared, fired up, his guards of bearshifters and Rhino-men made to attack the boy but he merely clapped his hands and it released a kind of force which blasted the guards about twenty meters away.

Dean stepped closer to fight the boy

” You can kill a mortal but you can’t kill a spirit!!!” Zygar, the young boy spoke and Dean stopped, very puzzled as well as Taong.
That sentence bought Zygar the time he needed, he held King Felhimns Hand and disappeared away from the scene.

“I’ll never, Never forgive you for this!” Taong said, his eyes turned totally black.

Zygar and King Felhimns appeared inside the Kings Court in Rivendell.

“Why did you help me, I killed you!!!!” King Felhimns said

“I didn’t do this for you, I did it for pandora!!!” Zygar said just when Me and others entered the castle after having strange feelings.

“What?, What just happened, who are you?” I asked

“I am Zygar, the spirit of Kindness” Zygar said

“I was sent here by the spirit world to save King Felhimns even though he was the one who killed me when I was alive. I was sent here because the spirit world knew Pandora will attempt to save King Felhimns and that would surely be suicide” Zygar added

“He’s right, I was planning on going alone” I revealed

“Thank you zygar” I said

“You don’t need to tell me” zygar replied and disappeared.


Hercules walked around alone, enjoying the breeze of the forest. He sat down, rested his back against a rock and thought. He’d been disappointed with himself for a while. He thought he wasn’t able to really help the team in the past few challenges they’d faced.
He stood up suddenly and chanted

“Dius Herisma Poulashin Karrs” He said and the breeze around him increased profusely, the dried leaves on the ground rose up and started rolling. Zeus appeared to him

“Why did you invoke me my son?” Zeus asked

“Why didn’t you choose to make me a god father, I want to be a god!!!, I want to stop the enemies!!!” Hercules said

“So, the reason I chose not to make you like me is because I want you to live a perfect life, I don’t want worldly troubles for you, you don’t want to know how it feels to be a god, it’s pleasurable and at the same time it’s a tragedy” Zeus replied

“But I feel I’m not useful anymore” Hercules replied

“Oh you are, in fact you’re one of they most useful” Zeus replied

“Then tell me what to do!” Hercules cried out

“Avalon are planning a attack, attack them tomorrow and kill the King, Take over Avalon and Make Byron the King. The army will be loyal to Byron, they’ll love him!, it’ll strengthen your power!, When Dean and Taong attacks, you have numbers of armies at your disposal already, it should be easier. And as for Royce, I’ll create an illusion for him in his dream, he plans to attack you the same day Taong and Dean does, I’ll make him postpone the date, never disagree with his dreams, I wish you good luck son! ” Zeus said and disappeared.

” Thank you father, THANK YOU!!! ” Hercules said and hurried back home.


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