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Pandora – Season 2 – Episode 6


Sai arrived at Rivendell, he tore off some parts of his clothes and made it look like he’s wearing rag, he also used knife to pierce some parts of his skin to look like he’s really suffering, He staggered his way into Pandora and Co’s Abode.
Hercules was the first to see him.

Hercules ran up to meet him

“Who are you?” Hercules asked

“I…. I…. “Sai said and pretendendly fell down and Hercules caught him, he acted unconscious and Hercules took him in.

I saw Hercules carrying a body and I followed him to the room, Hercules took him inside and I followed suit, he laid him down and sprinkled water on his face. Cunning Sai slowly opened his eyes and groaned

“Thank you for helping me” Sai said,expressing cunning discomfort

“Who are you, and where are you coming from all bruised up like this?” I asked ,wondering what might have happened to him.

“My name is Jason, I’m from Astoria, I luckily escaped death” Sai lied

“How? Who attempted to kill you?” Hercules asked to clear his mind

“King Royce asked his guards to kill me after I failed to make his juice like he wanted” Sai lied to them

“Royce bad absolutely gone mad” Pasiphae said

Roy walked in the room and saw Sai laying on the bed. He surprisingly moved closer to him super fast and started sniffing him.

“Wh… What are you doing?” I asked, puzzled and didn’t know what is on his mind.

“Leave him” Hercules said

“Who is this man?” Roy asked and then later returned his gaze at me.

“He said his name is Jason” Hercules replied

“I feel bad about this stranger!, He’s a bad person, I can feel it” Roy said

“Same way I feel about you” Pasiphae fired at Roy who smiled before replying.

“I’m a good person, what will make you understand!! ” Roy shouted at Pasiphae who waved him off

“You wouldn’t say you are bad even if you are! ” Pasiphae replied

“Keep quiet!!!” I shouted and the whole room shook, I’ve had enough of the both of them

“You guys are behaving like kids for crying out loud!!!, This man needs help and we’ll help him!” I said and walked out of the place, I went deep in the forest to have a time alone, unknown to me, Hercules was following me. I saw a rock and I sat down on it and buried my head down.

“Want to have a little time alone huh?” Hercules said and freaked me out, I was very scared.I almost wielded my sword at him.He sat down beside me and patted me slowly.

“What’s wrong with you?” Hercules asked

“I…. I… I’m afraid Hercules, I’m seriously afraid.” I said

“Afraid?, Afraid of what?” Hercules asked, looking straight in my eyes

“Royce!!!, I’m afraid of Royce, I’m afraid he’s going to defeat and kill me” I said and Hercules smiled, I almost felt like slapping him.

“What’s funny?” I asked

“Women will always be women. You behold the spirit of Waal and you’re still afraid of a mortal?” Hercules asked.

“What am I supposed to do?” I asked.

“You don’t worry, we got Everything!” Hercules assured me and I became relieved a bit. I rested my head on his shoulder and he continued patting me. We heard a rustling sound and out of nowhere, a white wolf with golden eye balls jumped out of the bushes. Hercules and I stood up quickly, The wolf stepped back and then transformed into a beautiful young girl,more beautiful than i am.

“My name is Shayla” She said and left me surprised.

“What are you?” Hercules asked

“Don’t act surprised, we’re in the world of supernaturals” Shayla replied.

“I came here to warn you!” Shayla said

“Warn us about what?” I asked

“Taong!!!, Taong whom you think is dead is now back and will soon come with his new army of Bearshifters ” Shayla said and my head sparked, I can’t forget the last ordeal we had, I remembered how it was so hard to defeat him, now he’s back?

“How did you know about this?” Hercules asked ,trying to interrogate Shyla to avoid falsified information.

“I’m a wolf!!! a climate wolf” Shayla replied

“Oh” Hercules said.

“I also want to help in the fight against him!, He has done a lot of bad things to my family ” Shayla said.

“Will you follow us home?” Hercules asked and I looked at Hercules

“Sure, if you’ll have me welcomed” Shayla said


Fletcher, dressed in black ninja attire and wearing a black mask which covers only his face made his way into the King’s chamber. He entered and bowed to the King

“Your majesty!!!, It’s been a while you send for me, what do you want me to do this time?” Fletcher asked

The King moved closer to him and raised Fletcher’s head up.

“Bring, Me, Their, Heads!!!” He said, taking a dramatic pause in between the words.

“Byron and Xena, Rivendell!!! ” The King said

“Your wish is my command your majesty!!!” Fletcher said, bowed and left “through the window”

Myself and Hercules alongside Shyla headed back to the castle.We got home and made towards our abode and from distance, I could hear some noises.We got inside only to see Roy and Pasiphae at loggerheads.I ignored them and hissed,drawing their attentions towards us.
“Who do we have here again?” Byron said,cleaning his sword.
“Is that how you welcome a stranger here?” I retorted and Byron looked at me and smiled.
“Are you going to beat me or tell Xena to do so?” I said jokingly,throwing him a friendly punch.
“I should have knew this was going to be happening on regular basis before I did it” Byron said and everyone looked at him.
“What are you to know and what do you mean by ‘happening on regular basis’ ” Hercules asked and Byron dropped his sword,facing him.
” I should have known Roy and Pasiphae are spiritual enemies before bringing them together” Byron said and everyone laughed except Xena and Shyla.
“Now everybody shut up and let’s hear from the new girl here” Pasiphae shouted and everywhere went calm.
“Okay guys.My name is Shyla and am a wolf” Shyla said and Pasiphae gave her a sarcastic look.She continued.
“I’ve come to warn you guys about Taong whom you all think is dead.He’s back and will soon attack you with his new army of Bearshifters” Shyla said and everyone began to make fun of her,except Myself and Hercules who already understood her.
“Who are you and where are you from to have known all these? How can you say Taong,who was killed is now back?” Byron asked,still laughing between his questions.
” If it may interest you to know, Taong is my father” Shyla shouted and everyone kept quiet.
“What!!! You told me he killed your family earlier” I said with a confused look.
“Yes I did that just to make you believe me.If I told you he’s my father there,the story won’t be same as now because I’ve got invisible demons assigned by my father to guard me always and they’re right with me that time” Shyla said and then suddenly,Hercules drew out his sword and pointed it at Shyla.
“You liar,you want to spy on us and give us out to your father??? You’ve failed” Hercules said and then immediately,his sword began to freeze,getting covered up with ice.He quickly put down the sword and the ice stopped.
” Weapons can’t kill a climate wolf.If am to spy on you all,I’d have acted just like someone in this castle” Shyla said and her comment put us all on pressure.
” What do you mean,Shyla?” I asked, my mind growing inquisitive.
“There’s someone in this castle who isn’t part of you and he’s bound to lure you all into destruction and defeat of agony” Shyla said and immediately,all eyes focused on Roy.
” What’s all this strange look supposed to mean? Remember she didn’t say am the spy here” Roy said and then got a reply from his worst nightmare,Pasiphae.
” I’ll be the one to kill you should I find out you’re the spy among us” Pasiphae said and I interrupted.
“Look,I’ve had enough of you two.Any more argument again,I’ll take a drastic action you both won’t like” I said and Byron clapped his hands.Just suddenly, Said who had been faking all sorts of cunning behaviours came out of the room he was kept.
“Jason,are you okay now?” Hercules asked,moving closer to him.
“Yes,I think I’ll be fine in few days time” Said said and found a place to sit down.
” Honestly I don’t get the system we use to harbour strangers here.This was how we lost Lancelot” Pasiphae said,close to tears.
” Now Pasiphae,shut your mouth right away.Did you even realise you’re making this people feel they’re not welcomed?” Xena retorted.
“We might want to start our objectives on dealing with the present situation,rather than exchanging Pseudo words.We have three enemies on our tail and we’re not doing anything about it” Hercules said.
“Who’s the third enemy supposed to be apart from Royce and Taong?” Xena asked .
” The spy that is among us is our third and most dangerous enemy because right now,we’re with the person” Hercules said and then suddenly,an arrow pierced the room window,heading towards Byron but Shyla caught it super fast.
” Now that’s the third enemy’s handiwork ” Hercules said and we all advanced outside.We got outside and saw the castle’s guards fighting a man dressed like a ninja…..
” Fletcher…. The shadow assassin??? ” Xena said…….😈
Taong sat on his throne in his kingdom. He had grown new and very powerful looks and mode of powers.His long white hair sparkled lightning ,alongside his pure white staff.His robe carried a clear image of two cobras and his mantle evolved white smokes.He looked more like a god but one was undone.His feet were on blue flames and as he lifted his feet from the ground,a little pool of larva was always seen on the spot his foot was before lifting it.Amongst all these came a man.He wore a white robe too but was ordinary at that time and was Dean by name.
“Your majesty,we’ve not heard from Princess Shyla since she left Olivia city” Dean said and Taong adjusted himself,changing back to his normal self.
” No harm shall come to my daughter.She’s an immortal just like me and possesses extraordinary powers.I guess she’s still spying on Pandora and her people” Taong said and took a pause between his words.He continued.
” Very soon,the spirit of Waal shall be mine and I’ll be chanced to rule the universe” Taong said ,letting out an evil laugh which shook the whole environment.
” Go and worry no more,Dean.My daughter will come back to me unharmed” Taong said,dismissing Dean from his presence.
* Dean was an hybrid created by Taong.Taong collected DNA’s from different supernatural to rebuild his empire,creating a new species of supernatural called Bearshifters.They are not wolves rather but a supernatural capable of controlling the atmosphere conditions of any place to an extremely cold habitat. Taong also created a new species of wolves called the Dark wolves,which are ten times stronger than a regular werewolf. Their bones are made of sediments from a Rhinoceros horn so they fight more like a Rhino and Wolf.They kill just by a single hit and are super faster than werewolves…….
Lexi and Lin made their plans to break into the museum as soon as possible to take the plant they needed but first,they headed to Lexi’s lab to make arrangements and rebuild some of their broken inventions.
“Wait,What? the museum has many artifacts apart from the plant we wanted” Lin said,checking the computer for more information about the museum.
” Yes I know but all we need now is the plant.We have somewhere to save first ” Lexi said while repairing some of his broken inventions.
” How tight is the museum’s security because I don’t think we’ll use the main door,judging what am seeing here” Lin said and Lexi kept mute for a while .
” We’re using the the air vent at the lobby.Auto guns and Lasers are programmed to kill immediately the museum closes at night” Lexi said
” But we can hack into the security system and disable all the guns and lasers” Lin said,looking at Lexi.
“Yes but if we do that,the door to what we need will also be affected” Lexi said,finishing his repairs…….


Fletcher was almost invisible, he was moving super fast.

“Who the hell is this?” I asked as I continued watching him move

“Fletcher!!!, A shadow assassin, he must be here for us!” Xena answered and faced Byron.

“I can take on this piece of shit!” Byron said and blew fire at Fletcher with his month just like a dragon.

Fletcher swiftly drew out his sword and used it to defend himself, his sword made the fire split leaving him unharmed, the fire caused a smoke that didn’t go for a while, after the smoke cleared, Fletcher is no where to be seen.

“Byron!, Turn back! ” Hercules said and Byron turned back but couldn’t defend himself from the super fast Fletcher who came outa no where and slashed Byron in the mid section with his sword.
Normally Byron wasn’t really supposed to feel it that much but the sword isn’t an ordinary one, Byron Fell down, hands on his stomach. I rushed to my brother who’s bleeding profusely on the ground, Fletcher is gone again, we didn’t know where he Is this time. This guy is playing serious games with us.

Hercules carried Byron to quickly take him to say safe place and Fletcher Appeared at his back.

“No one saves my target!” Fletcher said and made to stab Hercules, Hercules blew air with his mouth and it sent Fletcher flying few feet away, he used that opportunity to take Byron inside. Fletcher didn’t collapsed, he stopped at a distance and ran to meet Hercules again, Shyla turned to her wolf form and jumped on Fletcher.
Fletcher struggled and brought out a powder from his pocket and poured it on Shyla’s eyes, Shyla got off him and turned human back, crying out loud.

Roy ran super fast with his vampire speed to attack Fletcher but Fletcher didn’t slack and he Pulled out his arrow and shot at Roy, about half a centimeter to thrust Roy’s heart, Pasiphae stopped the arrow with her powers.

Fletcher attacked both Roy and Pasiphae and injured them, I didn’t know what happened to me, I stood still and watch an ordinary person beat almost all my team.

“Please take me and leave my friends” Xena pleaded

“I’ve been ordered by the King to bring your heads” Fletcher said and moved closer to Xena.

“Take my head too!” I said, finally acted

Fletcher turned to me

“No problem” Fletcher said and ran to me, I created a force field around us so that he won’t be able to get away from me. I have promised myself to Unleash all my anger for Royce on him. He moved close to stab me and I froze him, he broke free and moved closer again, I grabbed him on his neck, I didn’t know where this strength is coming from, I lifted him up and continued choking him. I threw him away, and moved closer, I was burning with rage, fire emitted from my palm and I threw it at him, he screamed, I was burning him alive, I continuously shot him with fire balls till his burnt to his bones.

“He better be grateful he died at your hands” Byron said as he walked outside, his wounds have completely healed.

“Who was that?” I asked facing Xena

“He’s the most dangerous shadow assassin in Avalon, he has assassinated about 7 Kings and more than twenty Commanders on behalf of the King!” Xena explained.

“Thank you for saving my life” Roy said to Pasiphae

“I guess you owe me one then” Pasiphae said and smiled

“You really look good when you smile you know” Roy said as he glared at her

“Uhmmn” Pasiphae said and shyly went inside.

I rushed to Shyla who’s still on the floor, rubbing her hands against her eyes, he eyes had turned red as a result of the powder Fletcher poured on her. I tried something new and covered her face with my palms and closed my eyes and focused. I removed my palms back with faith and to our relief, she’s healed.

“Thank You So Much Pandora!” Shyla said.

“By the way, I wanted to see you before the interruption, please can I see you in private?” She asked

“Sure” I said and we left for somewhere silent

“My father sent me here to spy on you” Shyla said

“Whaaaaaat?” I asked

“Yes, but I’m here to help you!”

“How are we supposed to believe you?” I said

“He killed my mother and siblings because they failed to join him in the dark side, I became his favorite because I acted like I love being evil, I didn’t wanna die. I will kill him, I swear. ” Shyla replied.

“Oh, so sorry about that” I said and sympathized with her

“Oh, about the invisible escorts I said I have!, They are lies!” She said and we both laughed

“And one more thing!!!” She said

“Jason is the spy!, He’s sent by Royce!!!” She added

“But how did you know?” I asked

“Infact his real name is Sai.He’s a hellhound supernatural.I’ve my ways that made me know. We’ve to tell others about it, we’ll turn the tables against him!!!” Shyla said and nodded


After about an hour, Lin and Lexi were finally able to hack the computers and turn off the lasers and security cameras. They made their way into the place the plant was specially kept and they turned on the light, and to their surprise, Brutal is there.

“Brutal!!!!??” Lexi and Lin chorused

“Surprise, Surprise” Brutal said as he moved super fast and tied Lexi and Lin against the wall.

“I’m the fastest on earth, you can’t stop me, I’m going to use this plant to destroy Royce and rule both the present and the past” Brutal said and laughed evilly.

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