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Pandora – Season 2 – Episode 4

“Your Majesty,Xena had succeeded in betraying the kingdom.She went after a stranger,a slave to be precise and never came back” Lukas explained to the king who had summoned him when he discovered Xena was nowhere to be found.
“What??? And you couldn’t tell me all this while?” The king said.Lukas actually knows Xena was in love with Byron but didn’t think towards it that she’ll abscond with Byron to an unknown land.
“Am sorry your Majesty.I promise I’ll find her and bring her at all cost.She betrayed the kingdom so she’s due to face the consequence of betrayal” Lukas said and the king stood up from his throne,pacing towards where Lukas was.He bent low to his ears and whispered into his ear.
“I need her alive” the king calmly said and stormed away,heading towards his inner chambers.Lukas stood up from where he was kneeling immediately.
“I swear on my father’s grave,I’ll deal with the so called Xena and Byron” Lukas said and exited the castle.
The kingdom shone brightly in the morning as everywhere was sort of rowdy.Noises could be heard emitting from every angle of the kingdom.It was Royce and Sai’s battle day so everyone strived to be around to witness the duel between the two powerful creatures.The arena was prepared by the Royal guards and spectators filled the arena,awaiting the duel to start.After a long period of waiting,Sai came out first,wearing a black battle armour and handled a very sharp and shiny legendary sword.Few moments after Sai was out,a mighty gate opened slowly,revealing Royce.He wore a pure red trouser and left his chest bare,wearing no top at all.In his hands were two battle chains,attached to two small mini swords which hung across his back.Spectators roared in suspense immediately Royce pulled out his weapon.Royce smiled at Sai on spot and spoke.
“Did you have a rethink about challenging me?” Royce said,lowering his mini swords first.
“I’ve got nothing to think about.In every revolution,there’s always a man with a Vision” Sai concluded and charged towards Royce……….
A small sect of people could be seen everywhere with a young man chained on a wall.Everywhere appears silent as it looks as if a verdict is being passed right there……
“For the unacceptable and compromising situation of your powers,the vampire sect discovered your hatred for blood drinking,which is one of the best and most important code of the vampires so therefore,you are being casted out of the vampire’s underworld” The elders present there said and the character who was in chains pleaded..
“No….you can’t do this to me.I helped the vampires a lot.You can’t cast me out of here please” he pleaded with the vampire elders.
“You are not a full fledged vampire.You had a little luck your mom was a faithful member,else you’ll have been killed immediately you were given birth to but we decided against it.There’s absolutely nothing you can do to change our minds” The elders concluded and the character kept on begging and pleading.They opened a portal into the human world and threw him in with the chains still on him……………..
Byron and Xena left the castle for a more remote and silent place to catch some privacy.They went towards a rocky place,beside a flowing river to sit down..
“So you didn’t miss me at all” Byron said to Xena who was relaxed on his shoulder.
“Honestly I don’t know how to say this but I do know I can’t do a day without seeing you” Xena said,soothing Byron’s face gently.
“There’s one more thing bothering me now and it’s making me feel as if we’re all not safe” Byron said,putting on a dejected look.
“What is it,Byron?” Xena asked standing up with him.
“It’s about my sister,Pandora.I know Royce will be after her at all cost.He’s more powerful than someone can ever imagine” Byron said,probably disturbed.Xena gave a heavy sigh and placed her hands on his shoulders
“No evil shall overcome any good,Byron.What you’re going through is called Emotional feelings and it was said that if you don’t overcome emotional feelings,you can never defeat your enemy,either strong or weak” Xena said and Byron sighed heavily.
“Yes,emotions can make you do the wrong things” a voice said behind them and they both looked in the direction.
After the long duel by Royce and Sai,Royce was somehow able to overpower Sai.The battle was catastrophic that everyone had to leave the scene….
“Sai,you don’t stand a chance against me” Royce said,pointing his mini sword at Sai who was on the ground…….

Byron and Xena faced back to see Lukas approaching them.
Xena stood up surprisingly and walked to him.
“Wh….Wh….. What are you doing here?” Xena asked, her
voice shivered.
“Don’t you wanna come back to Avalon?” Lukas asked
“I mean, you just left without any notice” Lukas added as he
hugged Xena, Byron felt a bit jealous.
“I…. I…. came to check on Byron” Xena said
“You mean, you came all the way from Avalon to rivendell to
check on him?, Since all these days? ” Lukas asked
“She’s owes you no explanation!, She has the freedom to go
anywhere she wants, doesn’t she?” Byron said, getting angry
with Lukas, questioning Xena.
“She’s a warrior of Avalon and she’s our property!, She can
never leave Avalon!” Lukas fired at Byron
“Then you’ve to go through me before you can take her!” Byron
fired back, Stepping close to Lukas, and starting at him, straight
in his eyes, they could feel each others breath.
“It’s a challenge then!” Lukas replied, and stepped backwards,
unsheathed his sword.
“I don’t need no sword coward!” Byron said
“That means you’ve a death wish! ” Lukas said and charged at
Byron, who just stood still. Byron didn’t moved an inch and
Lukas got close, raised his sword to cut Byron, When a magical
force suddenly stopped him, he couldn’t move at all, he just
froze on the spot. Byron gave him a punch on his belly and
sent him flying about 7ft off the ground and ended up
collapsing on a huge tree.
Lukas groaned as he managed to stand up, he ended up falling
down again, he’s very weak. Byron moved close to him and
drew his sword and made to kill him.
“Don’t!, Don’t kill me!, If you do, All the slaves in Avalon will be
killed for it if I don’t return to Avalon with Xena. Think about
that!, Do you want all those slaves to die for your selfish
reason?” Lukas lied. Byron calmed down and stared at Xena,
Xena stared back and went to Byron, kissed him.
“Let me go with him, I’ll be safe, don’t worry, they can’t harm
me!” Xena said.
“I’ll still come back for you!, I promise” Byron said and kissed
her deeply.
Lukas went away with Xena.
“Please don’t kill me!, As I promised, I’ll serve you, in fact I’ve
allies that will help you defeat Pandora!!!” Sai Cried out
“You know Pandora?” Royce asked
“Yes I do!, Please just spare me! ” Sai begged
“It’s okay, I will, But you’ve to show me these Allies of yours!”
Royce said and stretched his hand forward and Helped Sai up.
Royce ordered Sai to bring his Allies to him and and Sai
returned with Dean and BRUTAL, A very fast creature
(Speedster) Who can break time barrier with his speed.
“So, they are both your allies?” Royce Asked
“Yes they are, your majesty!” Sai replied.
“I’m Dean, I’m A Demon!” Dean said, showcasing his demonic
“And I’m Brutal, A speedster!” Brutal said.
“Brutal, You don’t seem to be from our world!” Royce said
“Yes, I am not, I’m from the future, I’m very fast that I can time
travel with my speed.” Brutal answered.
“It’s there any history of me in the future?” Royce asked
“The only history of you is the one you are defeated by
Pandora” Brutal answered and it angered Royce, Royce stood
up from his throne and grabbed Brutal by the neck, strangling
“Never say that!!!” Royce said
“You’ll not be defeated!, We will all help you!” Brutal managed
to say and Royce freed him.
LIN, a beautiful lady, she’s a personal investigator and very
good in using guns, from New York was fighting Brutal and
ended up following Brutal to the ancient times, she landed in
rivendell, fortunately she landed in front of Pandora’s place.
“Hello!!! ” LIN called out
Hercules heard her and he came out.
“Who are you, and what are you carrying!” Hercules asked LIN,
pointing at a guitar case on LIN’S hand
“I’m LIN from new York, please which country is this?” LIN
Hercules became confused and called The rest of the guys out.
“Answer me!, Which country is this?!” LIN asked again
“Oh wow, what do we have here, Another person from the elite
world?” Lexi said.
“What do you mean?” LIN asked.
“You must have mistakenly time travelled here” Lexi explained
“It must be when I was fighting with that scvm bag” LIN said
“Brutal?” Lexi asked
“Yes him!” LIN replied
“What’s going on here?” I asked, I was so confused and at the
same time curious, I didn’t know what they were talking about.
“I’ll explain later but first I’ve to take a look at this babies she’s
carrying” Lexi said and checked out the guitar case, it was
actually guns that LIN put there, different guns, Sniper, pistol
“Wow!, I love these! ” Lexi said

Lukas and Xena arrived at Avalon after a long journey from Rivendell.Immediately they stepped into the castle,two strong guards seized Xena and Lukas gave out a wicked smile.
“What’s the meaning of this Lukas?” Xena asked him sarcastically.She had suspected from the onset that Lukas was playing a tricky game on her and Byron.
“Well,your boyfriend was stupid enough to give in to my cock and bull story I composed” Lukas said and giggled at her.
“And now,let’s go and see what judgement the king will pronounce on you before I finally take what’s mine” Lukas said and ordered the guards holding Xena to drag her towards the kings chamber.They got there and met the king sitting,cross legged on his throne.Lukas went forward and bowed to the king.
“Your majesty,I have successfully brought her to you alive and sound” Lukas said,still bowing before the king.The king stood up and advanced towards Xena.He got close to her and seized her by the neck..
“You traitor…you betrayed the kingdom and went away with a stranger.You will surely regret this by the time am done with you” The king said and spat on Xena,ordering Lukas to tie and lock her up in the dungeon.Xena didn’t say a word as she was being dragged away by Lukas and two other guards.They headed towards the dungeon,tied her and locked her up.
“You’ll suffer the same fate as your lover did..I mean Byron” Lukas said and walked away from Xena’s cell.
“Alright Lexi,now you might want to explain what’s all this about” Hercules said after Lexi was done inspecting Lin’s weapons.
“Well what she’s trying to expatiate is that we need to be on alert.We have some Evilsters here in this age.They came from the future with a sole aim of defeating someone” Lexi said,trying to explain on behalf of Lin.
“And who’s the person they’re trying to defeat?” I asked,curious and taking interest in the discussion.
“They’re looking for a warrior princess who was said to have conquered many evil people in the future,so they are trying to stop her before the time comes.The name of the warrior princess is Pandora” Lin said and everyone took a glance at me.
“What??? This is unbelievable.How many of them came to this age?” I asked,curious to know more about them.
“Well they’re three now in collaboration with someone said to be living in this age.There’s possibility of more Evilsters coming” Lin said
“They have a partner from this age???” Hercules asked,surprised by the speech.
“Yes.Look,we are all not safe as long as they’re still here.What brought about all this was a very powerful king defeated by this Pandora am talking about…King Royce,The dark sided god” Lin said and I left them and headed inside.Hercules followed me immediately.
“This is absurd and complicated all round” i said,pacing up and down my chambers.Hercules stood in my front,stopping my pace.
“No it’s not.Am beginning to understand what’s going on around us” Hercules said with a calm tone.
“Oh really? If Royce should get wind of all this information that I defeated him in future,what do you think will happen? All of you around me aren’t safe at all. Astoria and Rivendell aren’t safe too…the people are in extreme danger.Royce will do anything to make sure I don’t defeat him or I don’t fulfill the prophecy,thereby changing the course of history” I said in a shaky tone.Hercules sighed heavily and placed a hand on my shoulders.
“I sense fear in you Pandora and it’s not going to help this present situation at all.We all have to face them squarely.If we succeed,fine but if we failed,then we know we died trying to save humanity” Hercules said,facing away.
“But..But if we fail,what will be the fate of the citizens of Astoria and Rivendell? Slavery and Torture? Hell no!!! That’s never going to happen” I said in a loud stern tone.
“Then if you don’t want that to happen,you have to put away your fears and face the situation bravely,either life or death” Hercules said,speaking like a warrior commander giving orders to his minions.They both headed back outside to meet others.
“Fine,Lin or whatever your name is,I am the Pandora you’re talking about but can we really trust you?” I asked before everyone.
“Are you being sarcastic? You’ve never met me before not to talk of knowing how I behave” Lin retorted,taking offence by Pandora’s comment.
“No you don’t have to take this too far Lin.Pandora said this due to the numerous comprising situation we’ve faced here lately” Lexi defended,calming Lin down.
“Fine,am a private investigator so you can trust me.I was sent to destroy Brutal before we accidentally travelled here” Lin said
“The only way out of this mess is to defeat the future image of King Royce.By so doing,even if he defeats you all here,you can still regenerate in our own age when the time corresponds while Royce won’t be changed to exist in our own time.When it’s due to our time,he will freeze and become a lifeless statue because he won’t have an existing soul that time” Lin explained further and suddenly,Byron approached us.
“What’s going on here and who’s this?” Byron asked,referring to Lin.
“Not necessary Byron.We have a more controversial issue now” I said and turned to go but Byron stopped me.
“Wait Pandora…..Whatever it is,you can handle it.I need to visit a city called Avalon to check on Xena.Something’s not alright about her and I can feel it” Byron said and headed to the weapons stack.He equipped himself with just a sword,grabbed a horse and left for Avalon.
“So Lin,what’s next?” I asked and others gave attention
“Well,we need to build a time machine that will take us all to the future” Lin said and Lexi interrupted
“Excuse me……we don’t have necessary equipments and facilities to build that” Lexi said and Lin walked majestically towards him,smiling.
“Well,what about that wrecked aircraft over there? It’s a tranquilizer craft so it’s engine can build a portal.We just need the A.D transmitter to link it to the engine’s panel and boom,we have a time machine.We can travel 65million years back and into the future if we wanted” Lin said and Lexi’s face brightened up.
“But what about the A.D transmitter?” Lexi asked,frowning at Lin.
“So you expect me not to have one,considering my job?” Lin said sarcastically.
“Well so what’s the conclusion?” I asked,meddling into their discussion.
“We’ll start the project tomorrow before anyone makes any stupid move” Lexi said and they all headed inside to prepare for the next day’s job.
Lukas headed towards Xena’s cell and opened the door.Xena looked up from where she was chained.
“Well well Xena ,am back to take what’s mine” Lukas said,approaching Xena’s position
“What do you want from me?” Xena asked angrily
“Am here to forcefully have s£x with you” Lukas said and began to undress.
“You’ll live to regret this Lukas” Xena said angrily.Lukas was about to begin when suddenly,the cell’s wall broke into shatters and a figure came in……………….


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