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Pandora – Season 2 – Episode 3

After the scenario caused by Dean,everyone present rushed to where Lancelot was lying and Lexi put two of his fingers on his neck.Although,none of us understands what he was doing but he gave a dejected look after his action….

“What’s the meaning of what you just did?” Hercules asked,trying to know the reason

“Feeling his pulse.This guy is dead” Lexi said,sounding like a bomb to everyone’s hearing.

“What!!! it can’t be” I yelled and hijacked Hercules who remained silent all through my actions .We had Lost Lancelot just after the battle and the pain of loosing a great warrior grabbed me.Everyone was quiet as if arrows were being pointed to their heads,excluding me.I sobbed on spot,feeling the pains of loosing a great warrior.Minutes Later,some group of guards came in with a bamboo stretcher to carry Lancelot’s body.I told them to drop his body in the kingdom potion of fantasy….


Evelyn and Louisa were placed in an hell cage which can never be opened without the blood of a vampire.Pandora knew this but decided to take the risk,having the thought of caging them forever.Royce on his own side kept on growing in powers and each day,planning his evil and critical mindset.The remaining citizens of the Licans got wind of what happened to their leaders and are hell bent on taking vengeance but little did they know that the game of the powerful and fearless had just began…..


I sat in my chambers ,with my face buried in my palms.I kept on thinking of how best to deal with the current situations.I knew that sooner or later,Royce will come hunting for me and my allies.I was still contemplating on all these when suddenly,a strange breeze hit me where I was sitting.Prepared for fight,I turned around and saw Krohn,standing behind me.He wasn’t wearing any clothes,except for his white trousers.His muscular body was revealed to me for the first time since I had known him.I sprang up,obviously surprised at the sudden appearance of the demigod and Luckily that moment,others rushed in.Judging the way they rushed in,one would know something was wrong but on seeing Krohn,they calmed down,with Hercules soothing his chest downwards.

“We thought you’ve gone missing,Krohn” Xena said with a calm tone.Krohn had been conscious for the past four days but he decided not to reveal it so as to check the capability of the upcoming team of heroes.He knew they had lots of battle ahead of them.Apparently,he had discovered and confirmed Byron dead without the knowledge of others but Krohn had decided to sacrifice his own soul for Byron…

“Byron’s not yet awake?” I asked in a curious filled tone.It was oblivious I had missed my brother so much but my mood changed internally when Krohn gave a deep and heavy sigh which also moved others.

“Byron can never wake up again unless……..” Krohn was still talking when I chipped in

“Are you trying to tell me my brother is dead?” I said with an upcoming aggressive tone.

“You might want to calm down let me explain in details” Krohn said sarcastically.
“Byron can only be back to life if someone sacrifices his/her soul for him” Krohn said,not realising the effect his speech had on everyone.

“We just lost Lancelot and now it’s Byron,under a condition?” Hercules said,knowing well that no one will sacrifice his for Byron.

“You can never lost Byron and its because he’s one of the keys that can defeat the upcoming evil empire.If Byron dies, there’s no possibility that you’ll win the Last battle if you are able to maneuver through others.An evil supernatural being is coming forth and it will take a whole sunny time to defeat him” Krohn explained and I calmed down in an halved manner.

“So you’ve said Byron can’t die and am sure everyone here wants to take part in the battles so how is he going to get one?” I asked turninf away from others.I knew the upcoming evil supernatural will surely be Royce in company of other evilsters which I don’t know yet but I wasn’t bothered on a part because he’s not my blood.I can’t feel a stupid sympathy for an evil human.

“If that’s the case,we can capture a slave and use his soul for Byron’s redemption” said Lexi who had been quiet since the beginning of the discussion and I slowly turned back,facing them again.

“Everyone,either slave or human got their own usefulness.It unlawful if we do that.They are humans just like you are so please that won’t work” I said,turning down the idea.

“I’ll sacrifice my own soul for him” Krohn said and everyone fixed a crazy gaze at him,obviously flabbergasted at his sudden conclusion .



The battle between Sai and Royce drew closer.Apparently,for the past few months,Royce had changed the situation of Astorians as he shut down slavery and grew the economy of the kingdom so for these,everyone hoped he wins the duel….except for one person…….

“Do you realise the risk you’re trying to take Krohn?” Hercules asked,astonished by Krohn’s sudden decision.
“Am not a useful element in this has been prophesized that Byron must take part in the battle.He’s the only one that had a blood connection with Pandora so she alone cannot face the empire of evilsters” Krohn said and I slowly stood up from where I was sitting,pacing towards Byron’s unconscious body.I placed a hand on his chest,trying to feel his heartbeat.I hadn’t recovered from the shock of the recent happenings but Byron’s situation had vehemently obsessed my mind.When I couldn’t feel any impact of a living being in Byron’s body,I left him and stormed out of the castle,heading towards the weapon’s stack.I equipped myself with a sword,a bow and some arrows and grabbed a horse.Before anyone could stop me, I had travelled a great distance,heading towards Astoria. While riding on the horse,I went absent minded and started meditating.I saw Royce trying to kill me but the sudden shock made me come back to reality,hoping what I just saw was a mere superstitious vision.I had not travelled very long when suddenly,my horse halted to a stop by itself,leaving me surprised because I hadn’t made any attempts to stop the animal from moving.I angrily kicked the animal by the ribs,hoping it moves again but what I got was a no action reply from the horse.I was too obtuse to realise the horse was seeing something not yet visible to me but few moments after all the machismo behaviour towards the horse,I suddenly saw a figure standing in front of the horse and I.At first,I was so sedate towards the figure but I reacted when the figure began to move towards me.
“Halt right there…..who are you and what do you want from me?” I asked,pointing my sword at the incoming figure which refused to stop moving towards me.
“You have no cause to panic human.Am here to help you and not harm you.I am the spirit in you…the Waal legendary spirit” The bright figure said and I involuntarily lowered my sword.
“The decision you are taking is a very wrong one.I know the pains they caused you,most especially Royce but for now,if you insist on confronting him,you’ll only loose all the empires and good deeds you’ve built because Royce probably has more powers than you do” The spirit said,trying to discourage my mind from the decision I took.
“But I can’t watch things go bonkers like this.Royce had bitten more than he can chew.He’s causing chaos everywhere.He’s behind what caused the death of my only brother Byron and now I know he’s probably planning on taking me too” I said,hot tears streaming down my face.My mind went filled with hatred and anger.For the first time,I felt like grabbing Royce and strangle life out of him but I knew all these were mere illusions.
“Currently,I have no visuals on Royce planning anything.He’s basically focused on a stranger that came to challenge him to a throne duel and there’s probability that Royce will win this stranger and if he does,the stranger works for him immediately” The spirit said…” Royce is gradually becoming unstoppable and something must be done about that but not in this manner you’re plannin.Royce isn’t someone you can confront for now” The spirit added and an idea jumped into my head.
” But what of you?’re the strongest spirit ever lived and indestructible at whole.You can stop Byron ” I said and sheathed back my sword.
“Confronting Royce through you might be a disaster.You’re strong in spirit with my help but not strong physically.You are kind of Fragile,compared to Royce’s unbeatable strength” The spirit said.I became speechless as I don’t know what else to suggest.I felt weary about my life adventure and I wished for the first time I wasn’t in this type of situation.
“But there’s one way out of this,although it’s dangerous.Byron can stop Royce through me.I’ll possess him if you give your consent.” The spirit said and my face brightened up….
“Anyone knows where Pandora’s headed to?” Hercules asked as he stormed into where others were waiting.
“She just left the castle without anyone’s idea but I think she’s headed for Astoria” Pasiphae said and Hercules heart almost skipped a beat.
“What!!!…we need to stop her as soon as possible.Delay may be dangerous” Hercules said,knowing fully about Royce new and mysterious powers.
“Pandora’s going nowhere.The spirit in her won’t allow that” Krohn said as he came in through the window,floating in the air.He had apparently decided to give his soul for Byron’s consciousness.
“Krohn,what’s the meaning of this you’re doing?” Lexi asked but got no reply from him.Krohn headed towards where Byron body was and before anyone could stop him,he transferred his soul orb into Byron’s body and Krohn became powerless on spot. Others watched in awe as Krohn fell down and stopped breathing.At first, Byron didn’t show signs of waking up.They had almost giving up hope,thinking what Krohn did was useless when suddenly,Byron coughed up,opening his eyes.His eyes emitted white light, signifying Krohn’s powers in him…..

“But I’m the Chosen one, is Byron more powerful than I am?” I asked

“No he is not and yes he is” The spirit replied and I was confused

“How?” I asked

“Byron undergone suffering and hardship and it brought the beast out of him, it triggered his powers and made him really powerful and strong, Royce knew how to handle his powers very well, he went else where and seek for more powers, he took the powers of many and he’s currently unstoppable. According to prophecy, you’re supposed to stop him but you can’t in this way, you’re too emotional and you let your feelings get the best of you, You’re the most powerful of all. I, Spirit of Waal, I’m part of you forever, they can’t get me out of you, But they can destroy you if you don’t get rid of your emotions!.” The spirit said and vanished.

I stood still, placing my head on my horse. I started thinking about what the spirit said, he wasn’t wrong, I’m a woman and I’m emotional, I’m too weak and I don’t want that to get the best of me.

“I think I know where to start from” I said to myself and mounted my horse and went back to Rivendell. I reached there and met the guys waiting for me.

“Where have you been?” Hercules asked me

“No where, exactly, I just needed time to think straight” I said and angrily walking towards the place we kept Louisa and Evelyn.

“Don’t you miss me?” Byron voice came and I stopped halfway and turned back to see my handsome brother smiling at me, I ran to him and hugged him very tightly, I didn’t wanna leave him, I just wanted to continue feeling his warmth. He pulled out and held my shoulders.

“I’m back, and I’ll never leave you again!” Byron said and kissed my forehead.

“Where’s Krohn?” I asked and everyone went silent

“He sacrificed his life for Byron” Hercules finally spoke and broke the dead silence

“He did what??” I asked

“Yes he did it” Byron replied.

I quickly remembered what I had to do before Byron called me.

“Byron, I’m sorry, but I’ve to do this” I said and unsheathed my sword and went to the place we hid Louisa and Evelyn, Byron watched me as I walked, I entered the place, used my powers in bring them out, making them float in the air, still trapped in the magical cage. Although it’s said that only a Vampire blood can open it but I used my powers in opening the cage, I didn’t know how I did it but I just did, my anger was driving me.

“What are you doing Pandora?” Hercules asked.

“Getting rid of any emotions in me!” I replied and plunged my sword through Evelyn’s heart, she fell down dead, I pulled the same sword in Louisa’s heart also and she also died, in my hands. Byron couldn’t say anything, he just stood there, and watched in horror.
I felt no remorse, I cleaned my sword with their clothes and pulled it back in its case. I walked to Byron.

“I’m so sorry” I said and walked out of everyone, they watched me as I go, they couldn’t believe what their eyes just witnessed. Hercules smiled.



Sirus sneaked in the royal castle, killed the guards that noticed him and slowly pulled their dead bodies aside. He wanted revenge for the death of his father, he wanted to kill Royce. He killed the guards staying by the King’s chamber’s door with his powers and slowly opened the door, he met Royce sleeping, he laid on his back and crossed both his hands around his mid section. Sirus took his dagger and raised it up high and was bringing it down for Royce’s chest, the dagger stopped moving suddenly, Sirus wasn’t able to bring it down, Royce opened his eyes and with just that, he sent sirus flying, collapsing against the shelf of golden cups.

“How dare a minion like you try to kill me” Royce said and got up from bed.

“You killed my father, I’ll avenge him!” Sirus said and stood up to stab Royce again, Royce simply stretched his palm forward and started taking his powers, he took Sirus’ powers and then stabbed him, sirus fell down dead immediately.

“Your powers didn’t please me!” Royce said

**Royce is getting more and more stronger…..What will be Byron’s fate if he eventually meets with Royce?
**Do you think Royce will win the throne duel with Sai?

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